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Transparent Recap S2 E7 and E8

When the 7th episode begins, Sarah (Amy Landecker) meets with Tammy (Melora Hardin). Sarah complains about her poor parenting. Unfortunately, her excuse doesn’t hold up and the conversation ends angrily. Next, Ali (Gaby Hoffmann) and Syd (Carrie Brownstein) argue about Ali’s potential attraction to Leslie (Cherry Jones). Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) receives an air conditioner from Sal (Ray Abruzzo). Their conversation quickly turns to Maura’s hormones, before Sal unwittingly ridicules Maura’s facial appearance. While their conversation worsen, Shelly (Judith Light) and Josh (Kay Duplass) attend mass.

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While Shelly finds a new friend in Buzz (Richard Masur), Josh is blown off by Raquel (Kathryn Hahn). Raquel insists Josh should tell his family whatever he desires about their current situation. Next, Dr. Steve (Jason Mantzoukas) hangs out with Sarah. Their conversation quickly turns sexual, but Sarah’s bizarre fantasies turn him off and send him out of the door. Meanwhile, Syd and Abi prepare food and attempt to get over their squabble. Moments later, family members begin to arrive. Next, Maura speaks with Davina (Alexandra Billings). Davina gets angry, when Maura insists she could do better than Sal. Maura is told that if she doesn’t like Sal, she can find a new place to stay.

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At the church, Josh seems to on the verge of losing it. During the prayer session, he escapes the church. Next, he arrives at Syd’s place and joins the others. Buzz and Shelly are right behind him. On their way inside, Shelly tells Buzz that Ali is now a lesbian. They’re joined in the elevator, by Maura. Once the dinner begins, Ali makes a rambling speech about Yom Kippur. The family keeps bringing up Raquel, so Josh finally breaks the news that they’ve split and the baby was miscarried. Maura attempts to comfort his son, but Josh remains angry and refuses his help. That night, Josh heads to the grocery store and crams his face with ham and bread.

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When the 8th episode begins, we see young Rose (Emily Robinson) and her brother, Gittel (Hari Nef), pay a visit to their mother. Rose breaks the news that she has decided to stay with Gittel. Despite her mother’s pleas, Rose is ushered away by her brother. Later, Gittel gives Rose her necklace and paints her face. Eventually, the mother arrives at the club and watches Gittel perform. After the performance has ended, the mother reveals that she has obtained the visas and is ready to travel to America. Although Rose seems ready to go, Gittel has no intentions of leaving. Afterwards, Josh heads to the gym, works out furiously and vomits on the floor.

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Next, Syd and Ali go on a stroll through the park. Their conversation sours, when Ali insists she cannot plan too far in the future. Syd angrily lashes out and rushes ahead. Maura visits an LGBT yoga clinic and attempts to signup, so she can make things up to Davina. Unfortunately, Davina isn’t impressed with her actions and leaves angrily. Meanwhile, Ali pays a visit to Leslie and is let down, when she finds out that Leslie is hanging out with her other, super younger girlfriend. When Leslie steps outside, Ali comments on the girl’s age and is told that by Leslie’s friend that Leslie hates an aging body. Meanwhile, Josh heads to a car lot with his band. The group winds up buying a vehicle and plan on going on a trip.

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Next, Ali and Sarah chat about Ali’s obsession with Leslie. Ali admits she is attracted to her, despite her age. Eventually, they arrive at Shelly’s place and find out she is hanging out with Buzz. Meanwhile, Maura chats with Shea (Trace Lysette), who admits she sometimes feels it would be better, if she wasn’t here. She reveals she is still depressed. Maura offers support and insists Shea should give her a call, if she begins having bad thoughts. Next, Ali and Sarah scour through Shelly’s bathroom and discover she is falling for Buzz. Moments later, Ali learns that Shelly has sold all of their old belongings. Shelly also admits to selling her old paintings, since they didn’t give her joy.

Transparent Season 2 Shea

Ali and Sarah head to the thrift store and try and get their items back, but fail. Next, Josh cruises down the road. He gets road rage, pulls beside of the road and loses it. Maura visits Sarah and Ali, who are putting together a tent. He learns that they’re heading to Idyllwild Wimmin’s Music Festival and he decides to join them. The episode ends with the group singing and heading towards the festival.


Transparent Review

These two episodes were likely the most frustrating and annoying of the entire season. The attempts to be funny failed horribly and each of the characters is becoming increasingly unlikeable. Unfortunately, nothing significant at all has happened this season. It fails to raise to the level of the previous season and has yet to even come close.

The show is trying to be outlandish just to be outlandish. Sadly, I have been thoroughly disappointed with this season and will likely make it my last. I get the fact that the show is trying to be controversial and original, but those two elements alone cannot make up for the unparalleled mess this season has been. A 5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous Transparent recaps right now.

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