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Transparent Recap S2 E3 and E4

When the third episode opens, Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) awakes in Davina’s (Alexandra Billings) home. The pair shares a short conversation and coffee, before they’re joined by another friend, who has gone through the entire sex change. Maura seems taken aback, by the thought. Next, Sarah (Amy Landecker) takes the children to school, while wearing a disguise. She approaches a table and offers her assistance to Barb (Tig Notaro). Unfortunately, Barb refuses to accept her help. Next, Colton (Alex MacNicoll) officially moves into Josh (Jay Duplass) and Raquel’s (Kathryn Hahn) place. During the move in, Colton asks, if it would be okay for him to call Josh dad. Without hesitation, Josh agrees.

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Next, they pay a visit to Josh’s old school and get Colton signed up. Meanwhile, Maura and Ali (Gaby Hoffmann) have lunch. They meet Leslie (Cherry Jones), who is familiar with Maura from his time at the university. Leslie alludesĀ to the fact that Maura and his colleagues used to refuse to publish her works, because she was a female. Maura denies it and admits he cannot hardly remember those times. Ali seems invigorated by her stories though. Next, Sarah pays a surprise visit to Len (Rob Huebel) and her old home. Len tells her to never sneak into the home again, but she insists she was only trying to get her yoga mat. She discovers Barb outside and quickly attempts to escape inside.

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Len offers to tell his girlfriend, Melanie, to get some more grouper, but Sarah refuses to hangout and quickly retreats inside. She heads upstairs and goes through Melanie’s belongings. She finds some makeup and winds up making a terrible mess all over the floor. Before anyone can notice, she sneaks out of the home. Next, Maura attends a support group and speaks about his earlier meeting with Leslie. He admits that they did indeed hold Leslie and her group back. Afterwards, Raquel and Josh speaks about Colton. Raquel admits she has a list and going to temple to teach is currently at the top. She also reminds him that he has yet to propose. He suggest he has the situation handled and will take care of it promptly.

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Later that day, Josh and Colton listen to the band perform in the studio. After the session is over, Josh brainstorms ways to propose with the others. Bianca (Kiersey Clemons) incites an answer from Colton, who admits he would propose on a horse and carriage ride. The idea seems to spark something within Josh. Meanwhile, Ali and Syd (Carrier Brownstein) go bowling together. Ali recalls Leslie’s writings and flirts with Syd consistently. Also, Sarah enjoy a fantasy all by her lonesome. Ali finally makes her move and beings making out with Syd, who doesn’t try to stop her. When Josh returns home, he is stunned to find that Raquel has setup a proposal.

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Josh stops her and the situation quickly sours. Raquel admits he just wanted to hurry up and get it off of her list, while Josh takes it as a sign of mistrust. Afterwards, we see Ali and Syd naked together in bed. They kiss and flirt with one another, as the episode comes to an end. When the fourth episode opens, Maura wakes up at Shelly’s (Judith Light) house. Maura admits he doesn’t have plans for the day. Shelly attempts to convince Maura to head out in public together a little more frequently. When asked, Maura admits Shelly makes him happy. Next, Sarah takes the children to school for crazy hair day. Unfortunately, the children convinced her it wasn’t crazy hair day, so they’re forced to wear silly ears and hats instead. After the kids depart, Sarah confronts Poppy (Annie Mumolo) about crazy hair day.

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Poppy pulls her aside and attempts to comfort her. After they speak about the upcoming gala, we jump to Josh’s house. Josh catches Colton praying and immediately brags to Raquel about the sight. Josh admits he may be the black sheep of the family now. Before they depart, Colton admits he is worried about Rita (Brett Paesel). Next, Maura visits the doctor and is prescribed a testosterone blocker. The doctor asks a handful of questions about Maura’s sexual activity and his desire to go through the entire gender reassignment surgery. He admits he isn’t presently sure. Next, Ali and Syd pay a visit to Grandma Rose (Shannon Welles). Rose seems oblivious to Ali and isn’t sure who she is. Afterwards, Josh and Colton enjoy a day at the beach. Once they emerge from the water, Josh agrees to invite Rita over to dinner.

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Afterwards, Sarah confesses her depression to Raquel. Of course, the tables quickly turn and Raquel expresses her concerns about Rita. She admits they want Colton, but not Rita. Meanwhile, Maura hits up the bar by himself. During his drink, he is interrupted by a lawyer, Cynthia (Sonya Walger), who is complaining about her day. They speak for a period of time, before Cynthia manages to offend Maura, who heads on her way. Afterwards, Sarah attends the gala and sees Melanie (Angelique Cabral) and Len. She is also tasked with selling tickets, by Poppy. Eventually, she is confronted by Melanie and Len about the stain on the rug. Sarah learns how expensive the makeup really was, but denies ever seeing the stain.

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After the conversation, Rita joins Josh and Raquel for dinners. Unfortunately, Rita is overly annoying and quickly gets on everyone’s nerves. When they escape to privacy, Josh admits she will never be invited over again. Afterwards, Ali and Syd head to the library and catch up on their history. We flashback and witness young Rose (Emily Robinson) enters a sexual institute and encountering her brother, who is dressed in drag. Rose attempts to get money from her brother, so her and her mother can travel to America to search for their father. We jump back to the present and see Syd and Ali flirting with one another. Back at the gala, Sarah returns to Poppy, with disappointing sales. She agrees to go ahead and buy a bunch more, so she can quit selling.

transparent season 2 emily robinson

Moments later, Sarah is confronted by Tammy (Malora Hardin). Meanwhile, Shelly and Maura share the night together. They watch television, while Shelly continues flipping channels and asking Maura, if she liked the program. Eventually, Maura lashes out and tells Shelly to just choose something she likes and not worry about him. We switch back to the gala. Sarah follows Tammy to a private classroom and is bombarded with kisses. Sarah attempts to put a stop to it and eventually does, when her name is called as the winner of the raffle. She winds up winning a big screen television, which is simply too big for her apartment, and 6 sessions with a life coach.


Transparent Season 2 E3 and E4 Review

Episode 3 and 4 were definitely better than the first, but this season has been somewhat disappointing. At times, it is tremendously difficult to follow the show and the new flashbacks haven’t helped. Who knew the flashbacks focused on Young Rose, until this episode? You likely still wouldn’t know it, unless you checked IMDB or read a recap. At the same time, the flip flopping with Ali and Sarah is awkward and somewhat of a bore.

However, the segments with Josh, Raquel and Colton have been great. And, as always, Maura’s scenes are wonderful and keep the show interesting. Still, this season hasn’t impressed. A 7 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with other Transparent recaps right now!

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