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Top Of The Lake Season 2 Finale

As the finale begins, Pyke (Ewen Leslie) and Robin (Elisabeth Moss) continue sleeping together. Soon, they learn about the disturbance at Silk 41. Miranda (Gwendoline Christie) calls and gives Robin an update. Then, Pyke and Robin rush to the scene. Robin checks a body, which is being hauled into an ambulance it isn’t Mary. Stally (Christiaan Van Vuuren) and the other detectives speak with the girls at the brothel. The detectives finally manage to pull their heads out of their tails long enough to get the surveillance system to work. They watch as Brett (Lincoln Vickery) enters and shoots a guy. Puss (David Dencik) is shown fleeing the building with two cats. A man is found deceased outside. Robin heads to the morgue and chats with Ray (Geoff Morrell). Then, she goes to sleep on his floor.

robin and ray top of the lakePyke visits Julia (Nicole Kidman) and tells her about Mary. Robin finally wakes up and heads to the station with Miranda. The group is given an update regarding Brett and Mary. Robin spots a box on the beach through surveillance video. Then, the officer, who was previously barely able to work the camera system, miraculously hacks into Alexander’s camera. The girls watch the surrogates eat in a room. Adrian’s panda is shown on the floor. Julia visits the school and speaks with the students. She pleads with them for information about Mary. One of the girls follows them outside and tells them about a café that Mary visited frequently. Robin tells Miranda about sleeping with Pyke. Robin and Miranda head to the beach. They speak with Robin’s brother briefly.

pyke top of the lake finaleThe detectives continue investigating the box on the beach. Miranda and Robin are sent in to check it out. The area is cleared. Brett is found buried in the sand. Brett is taken into custody. Meanwhile, Mary (Alice Englert) wakes up in a strange room. She simply walks free and returns to Julia. Mary leaves again shortly afterwards. Miranda was shot on the beach. Robin visits her at the hospital. Things do not look good for Miranda. Robin cries in the bathroom. Mary heads to the airport. Julia finds out that her passport is missing. Robin meets with Pyke at the Stasi Café. They chat briefly, before Pyke learns about Mary. Robin heads behind the kitchen and finds Puss. She attacks him with a knife. Then, she learns that Cinnamon hung herself. Robin holds Puss at gunpoint and gets keys to the surrogate apartment, before leaving.

brett top of the lakeRobin and Adrian visit the apartment. All of the would-be parents arrive as well. They search the room, but everyone is already gone. All of the prostitutes board the airplane, but Mary and Puss get into a fight. Mary doesn’t get on the plane. Robin and the parents watch a psychotic video Puss made. He explains that they’re taking their money to make a good life for people in a third world country. Robin rushes to the airport, but everyone is already gone. She gets a phone call and learns that Mary has arrived home. She visits Mary and learns that Julia and Pyke are going to give their relationship another chance. Before she leaves, she gets the childhood video of Mary. Pyke agrees to pick it up later.

robin and julia top of the lakeRobin returns home and watches the video. Then, she gets a knock at the door and the episode ends.


Top of the Lake Review

I was really hoping Top of the Lake would at least deliver a good finale. It didn’t even come close. On the contrary, the finale was probably the worst episode yet. Robin’s drunk stupidity wasted half of the episode. Then, the detectives fumbled around with the surveillance video like idiots. The episode felt like a jigsaw puzzle. I will admit that I skipped a great deal, but struggled through it again for this brief recap.

What happened to Miranda? Where was Mary staying? What the heck was Brett doing in the sand? Top of the Lake’s first season was great, but the second was a major disappointment. I sincerely hope it ends here. I never want to watch anything with Elisabeth Moss or Nicole Kidman ever again. It was really that horrible.

Half of the season struggled desperately to make Elisabeth Moss a sex vixen. The rest of the time was spent making everyone else look stupid, sexist or perverted. There was no real investigation. It never once felt like the characters were even trying to uncover the truth about Cinnamon’s death.

The season was lackluster at best. The segment with David Wenham was probably the only 5 minutes of the season worth watching. I’ve seen better acting and storylines in pornographic films. Don’t waste your time with this stinker. Just watch the first season again. A 2 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Top of the Lake now.

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