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Top of the Lake Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

As the 3rd episode takes off, we see Robin Griffin (Elisabeth Moss) shopping for Mary (Alice Englert). She is interrupted by a phone call. Robin returns to the station and listens to a man confess to the murder. Throughout the confession, the man says nothing about a suitcase, leading the detectives to believe that he is lying. Afterwards, Stally (Christiaan Van Vuuren) lures Robin to the rooftop where they share a beer. Stally also does his best to seduce Robin. His attempts fail. Later, Robin wakes up in the middle of the night and hears Miranda (Gwendoline Christie) chatting loudly with someone. The following day, Robin chats with Adrian Butler (Clayton Jacobson) in his office. She tells him about the DNA from China girl.

top of the lake s2 e3 robin griffinRobin makes a comment about her brother Liam. This leads Adrian to believe Miranda has been hooking up with him. Miranda enters and Adrian doesn’t try to hide his jealousy. The trio heads outside, where Robin learns that Miranda and Adrian are in a relationship. Then, Robin expresses her intention to check out a local IVF clinic. Along the way, Miranda details her first hookup with Adrian. Once they arrive, Robin speaks with Brian Vincent (Christopher Stollery) and the doctor in charge. The doctor admits that there are some couples willing to do anything to have a baby. That includes getting involved with an illegal surrogate. Then, Robin returns to Miranda and reminds her to take notes in her notebook. Next, Pyke (Ewen Leslie), Julia (Nicole Kidman) and Isadore (Marg Downey) meet at a classy restaurant.

miranda top of the lake season 2 episode 3After a brief argument, Alexander (David Dencik) arrives. He sits down and the trio quickly tries to persuade him to drop his pursuit of Mary. Alexander is shown a document proving he is already married. He stands up and admits to marrying a wheelchair bound girl when he was a professor. After Puss leaves, Mary enters. She gets into a fight with her parents and tells them to never contact here again. That night, Robin gets a visit from Stally. She tells him about the surrogacy and the DNA, before getting a call and ending the conversation. Meanwhile, the prostitutes and Mary attempt to lure Puss out of his room. They’re worried that he might become suicidal. Mary receives a phone call from Robin and agrees to go out with her for a milkshake.

top of the lake maryThey return to Robin’s place with food. Robin gains more insight into Mary’s relationship, before asking Mary about her feelings about Puss being married. Mary becomes upset and lets out a scream. Miranda and Liam (Kirin J. Callinan) arrive to check out the chaos. Then, they all go to the beach for a night walk. Then, we see a woman running around a building looking for a baby. She finds it sitting on the ground. Seconds later, we see Felicity (Helen Thomson) walking through traffic. She is picked up by the police. At the station, Robin is introduced to Paul Chen (Bali Padda), who is going to counsel her for her upcoming meeting with Al Parker (David Wenham). Robin overhears nearby officers talking about Felicity and her baby. Robin decides to pay Felicity a visit. Felicity’s husband, Mike (Julian Garner), seems to be hiding something. He does his best to prevent Felicity from talking. Nevertheless, the woman eventually makes a comment about a surrogate and not knowing whether or not the woman can speak English.

helen thomson actress top of the lakeAt the station, Robin learns that Mike has been arrested several times. She interviews him. She tries to get the man to give a DNA sample. After a little back and forth, he eventually agrees to do so. Then, we see Al Parker get loaded into the back of a van. Robin arrives for the hearing, while Al rolls his wheelchair into the building. Al manages to trap Robin inside of a room alone. He takes off his belt and begins choking her. Chaos ensues. Robin starts a fire and begins fighting back. Eventually, cops rush in and put a stop to the fighting. At the end of the episode, Mary receives the gift from Robin.

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Top of the Lake Review

Boy oh boy, Top of the Lake’s second season just isn’t getting any better, is it? This episode was a complete waste of time. First, we spend 5-10 minutes speaking with a fake suspect giving a false confession. Then, we waste time trying to turn Elisabeth Moss into a sex vixen. And finally, we sit down with Pyke and the family to try and deter Puss from marrying Mary. Then, it happens. The glorious David Wenham returns to try and save this stinker.

At this point, Top of the Lake cannot be saved, but David Wenham certainly gave it a heck of a try. He was in the episode for probably 5 minutes and those 5 minutes were the only good ones this entire season. Why the writers didn’t stick with the original characters is beyond me. Wenham’s segment was great, but the rest of the episode was really pointless.

The episode wasn’t really worth watching. Save yourself the time and watch the last 5 minutes. A 5 out of 10 is awarded to episode 3. Catch up with previous recaps of Top of the Lake now!

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