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Tin Star Series 1 Episode 8 Recap

As the episode begins, Jim (Tim Roth) has a standoff with Frank (Ian Puleston-Davies). After a little back and forth, Frank manages to escape unscathed. However, he leaves a distraught Randy (Lynda Boyd) behind. Jim goes after him, but he is stopped by the motorcycle gang. He curls up into a ball on the ground and is beaten by the crowd. Angela (Genevieve O’Reilly) discovers that Anna (Abigail Lawrie) has fled home. Anna strolls down the road on her own. Elizabeth (Christina Hendricks) drives Jaclyn (Michelle Thrush) back into town. She wants the woman to give a disposition against Louis Gagnon (Christopher Heyerdahl). Angela goes on the hunt for her daughter.

tin star series 1 frank episode 8Despite being beaten for a lengthy period of time, Jim seems to be in good shape. Angela arrives at his room seconds later. Jaclyn learns that they’re going to Calgary. Elizabeth is forced to turn around to get pills for her withdrawal. Anna runs into McMoney (Mike Kovac). She is offered a ride, but she immediately turns it down. Jim loads his handgun while speaking with Angela. McMoney harasses Anna, before finally driving onward. Elizabeth gets a call from Gagnon, who admits he knows all about her family. Angela meets up with Whitey (Oliver Coopersmith). They agree to hunt for Anna together. Elizabeth calls her husband and gives him a cryptic warning.

anna tin star series 1 episode 8 recapAnna spots McMoney’s truck ahead of her. She becomes frightened, but walks forward anyway. Whitey tells Angela that Anna is not upset with her. She is upset with her father. McMoney springs up behind Anna and begins harassing her again. Randy gets in touch with Frank and asks if he killed Jim’s son. Frank promises that he did not. Frank promises that everything will be over soon enough. Whitey and Angela arrive just in time to save Anna. Angela jabs McMoney with the gun and leaves him on the ground. Elizabeth follows Gagnon’s orders. She drives to the bar. However, she stays in the car. When Gagnon shows up, Jaclyn puts on her seatbelt and they cruise away.

elizabeth tin star series 1 episode 8Angela takes Anna home. Once they arrive, Anna wants to know more about the night Jim came home with blood all over him. Whitey speaks with Anna in her bedroom. Jim visits the home and is confront by Whitey. Whitey asks him how he deals with what he has done without any remorse. Eventually, Jim attacks Whitey. He hits Anna in the process. Anna and Whitey decide to leave together. Angela tells Jim not to go after them. Gagnon goes on the hunt for Elizabeth and Jaclyn. Meanwhile, Jaclyn contemplates going on the run. They decide to visit Angela. Jaclyn tells Angela about Suzy, while Gagnon prepares his gun and approaches the house. Jaclyn explains that she told Suzy what Gagnon had done.

louis gagnon tin starInside, Angela prepares her rifle. Gagnon shoots a transformer to shut off the power. Angela searches the house with the rifle in her hands. Gagnon easily disarms her. Jaclyn shoots his finger off. He corners Elizabeth and insults her. Angela shoots him down. Anna and Whitey hang out at a cabin. She admits that Whitey might be the only one that she can trust. She admits to trusting him with her life. Whitey shows her a picture of Jim with another family. Jim hangs out at the cemetery and drinks. Frank shows up and tries to shoot him. Jim fires back and shoots him in the arm. Frank goes on the run. Eventually, Frank is cornered. Frank tells him that it is payback, as the episode ends.


Tin Star Review

What can I say? I cannot get into Tin Star. I generally appreciate Tim Roth, Genevieve O’Reilly and Christopher Heyerdahl. However, I am not sure the writing does the cast justice. The believability of the show is nonexistent. Jim gets bashed by a motorcycle gang, drinks whiskey and is completely normal a few seconds later. Whitey has had numerous opportunities to take out Jim. He is supposed to be a psychopath, but he continually refuses to pull the trigger.

I am not a fan, but it seems that some people are. It has gotten a second season after all. I’d give it a 5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Tin Star now!

  1. James Elkay says:

    Excellent review – I can’t believe I watched the entire first season – I definitely won’t watch season 2. The biggest saving grace for me was the fantastic photography/scenery. There was an effort to make the characters three-dimensional, but the effort fell short and you are left with cartoonish personalities.

  2. Chesterton says:

    I agree fully. Tried so hard to get into this. McMoney is the only profressional, and they make him out to be the bad guy ? Jim/Jack lies and cheats and drinks and drugs…and his wife, no matter how many times she says “no more,” runs back to him? The brat daughter disobeys every week. The Indian lady cop protects the drunken, murderous chief ? Who are we supposed to root for in this series?

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