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Tin Star Series 1 Episode 7 Recap

As the episode begins, we see Jim (Tim Roth) start a fire at North Stream and stroll right into the facility. Then, we jump back in time and see Elizabeth (Christina Hendricks) enter a strip club. She sits with Jim and discusses Gagnon. Jim tells Elizabeth that he is a murderer and she should be careful. He believes that there is a witness out there someone. Jim leaves seconds later. Back at the hotel, Jim gets a call from Anna (Abigail Lawrie). He is forced to hide two strippers, before she arrives. Nevertheless, she finds them anyway and helps them leave. Next, Jim works the Godswill murder scene. He does very little besides staring at the burnt corpse. Denise (Sarah Podemski) tells him that the police need to speak with him.

tin star series 1 episode 7 jimJim is questioned by Denise and Nick (Ryan Kennedy). They do not get anything interested from him. Elizabeth travels to the small town to investigate Gagnon. She speaks with the police officer in charge, but gets nothing of interest. Next, Angela (Genevieve O’Reilly) is questioned by Nick and Denise. She rambles on about her night with Jim. She is shown a picture of Roger Crouch. Angela insists she doesn’t know him. Angela chats with Jim, before she leaves the station. He insists he will think of a way to get out of his current problem. Whitey (Oliver Coopersmith) and Anna visit Peter’s grave. They hold hands on the way back. Whitey tells Anna that the bullet wasn’t meant for him. He tells Anna that she might be better off without Jim. She admits she has nowhere to go without him. Whitey encourages her to come with him. Louis Gagnon (Christopher Heyerdahl) heads to the strip club. There, he speaks with Frank (Ian Puleston-Davies).

godswill tin starGagnon talks to Frank about weapons that he needs. He explains that Frank will encounter an informant during the weapons transactions. Then, he asks Frank if he has what it takes to finish what he started. Elizabeth speaks with a woman. It seems that she knows Louis. Whitey and Anna continue their make out session. Then, it moves one step further. Jim continues contemplating Godswill. He calls and learns that there is a DNA match. Denise follows him to his vehicle. She shows him evidence linking the man’s murder to him. She admits nobody else is aware of the evidence yet. Jim takes her for a ride. Then, Jim explains that the man is actually Roger Godswill. Denise gives Jim his badge back. She seems willing to overlook the murder. Jim visits North Stream.

gagnon tin star series 1Jim enters the fence and begins asking the workers about Roger. Louis emerges. Jim is taken down easily. He tells Jim that he is making too many enemies. When Denise returns to the station, she is bombarded by Nick. Frank meets with McMoney (Mike Kovac) and requests to purchase a gun. He eventually makes his purchase. The police officer informs Louis that Elizabeth is snooping around. Elizabeth speaks with the woman. She tells Elizabeth about a man entering their house and killing almost everyone. She admits that some of the locals took money to keep their mouths shut. She learns that Louis paid them. Whitey and Anna finish sleeping together. He tells her to get dress, so he can take her home. She seems startled by the change. Whitey ridicules her performance. Meanwhile, Jim chats with Angela.

godswill tin starHe admits something he did in the past might have caused Peter to get shot. Angela is not happy. Anna tells Whitey that nothing he could do would ever hurt her. She insists he was a mistake. Angela and Jim drink alcohol. Anna returns home and Jim confronts Whitey. Jim asks if he was gentle and then pretends to shoot him with a gun. Next, Jim visits North Stream. He sneaks inside and starts a fire. He speaks with Denise and they wonder whether or not the North Stream robbery was a setup. Jim heads to the bar and asks the bartender about the three Brits that have come to kill him. She reports back to Frank. He admits the man’s name is Jack. She tries to help Frank make his escape. Jim soon learns that Frank is hiding in the back. He goes after him, but he is already gone. They nearly encounter one another as the episode ends.


Tin Star Review

I am not a big fan of Tin Star. There is really nothing the show could do to change my opinion at this point. I don’t like the idea that Jim becomes a super hero with special abilities when he chugs whiskey. I also think the Whitey character is beyond ridiculous. Half of the time, I turn it off early and watch again for these recaps. I suppose I could see how people enjoy it, but I cannot force myself to do so.

That is a shame honestly. The episode scores a 5 out of 10 for me. Catch up with previous recaps of Tin Star now!

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