whitey and jim tin star episode 6

Tin Star Series 1 Episode 6

As the episode begins, we see Gagnon (Christopher Heyerdahl) getting ready for the day. He gets dressed and eats, before heading into the garage. Once he gets into his vehicle, he is nearly strangled to death by Jim (Tim Roth). Then, we jump back in time and see Whitey (Oliver Coopersmith) visit the family home. Whitey becomes fascinated with the bloody cloth. Then, he is nearly shot to death by Angela (Genevieve O’Reilly). Anna (Angela Laurie) enters and everything calms down. Once Whitey steps outside, Anna and Angela chat about Jim. Anna steps outside and Whitey sticks around on the porch. He follows her, while keeping a hand near his gun. Jim wakes up cursing.

whitey tin star series 1 episode 6 recapMeanwhile, Anna asks Whitey why he cares what happens to her. He admits that he likes her. She quickly returns home. He follows after her. Jim gets a visit from Denise (Sarah Podemski). She explains that she got shot by a biker gang member. Denise spots the liquor on Jim’s table. Whitey chops wood for the family. Inside, Angela wants to know why Anna likes Whitey. Angela eventually admits to kicking out Jim. The argument continues. Anna demands to know the truth. Then, Angela prepares to clean up Jim’s bloody clothing. Next, Elizabeth (Christina Hendricks) visits Gagnon. She quickly invites herself inside. They chat about Gagnon’s policy on drugs and alcohol. She wants to know why he is watching Jim and not the employees. Moments later, Jim tells Denise he is thinking about rounding up the girls and fleeing.

whitey and anna tin starDenise tries to talk him out of it. They return to the station moments later. Nick (Ryan Kennedy) is told to book some tickets to London. Gagnon listens in. Jim and Denise try to leave town, but they’re stopped by fights in the street. Frank (Ian Puleston-Davies) calls Whitey and tells him to get out of there. He tells Frank that he is in charge. Anna finds Angela with a fire in the woods. Whitey plays with his hair in the mirror. Anna calls his name. He finds Angela having another spasm. He stays with her, while Anna goes for help. Whitey comforts her, until she comes back to her sense. Back at home, Whitey is thanked for his assistance. Randy (Lynda Boyd) calls Frank and tells him that a bunch of strippers have arrived to audition.

christina hendricks series 1 tin starFrank watches a police car pass by his location. Elizabeth meets with a supervisor and explains she is thinking about filing a complaint against one of their employees for sexist comment. She asks the woman for background information. Jim arrives at home. He tells the family to pack their bags and prepare to leave. Whitey enters and is nearly shot and killed again. After learning about Whitey, Jim puts his gun down. Elizabeth speaks with the woman again. She learns that Gagnon had a run in with a small First Nations police service in Reverie. The family enjoys dinner with Whitey. Whitey insists the food is delicious, but Anna doesn’t. Jim gives Whitey the rest of his. Then, Whitey is forced to leave. Anna follows him.

whitey and jim tin star episode 6This leads to an argument between Angela and Jim. Outside, Anna kisses Whitey. Later that night, Angela visits Jim at the motel. Angela drinks in front of Jim and then removes her coat. Then, they drink together. Angela says Hello Jack, before returning Godswill’s license. Meanwhile, Elizabeth performs research of her own. She finds a story about unexplained deaths in Reverie. Then, we jump back to the beginning and see Jim attack Gagnon in the vehicle. Gagnon escapes and beats Jim to death. The two old, out of shape men fight for awhile. Gagnon is nearly drowned in blood. Then, Jim lets him go and shows him the license. Jim wonders whether the guy took a job with North Stream as a cover. Jim is given a coffee and the conversation continues. We learn that Jim did time uncover and apparently messed over a low of people.

louis gagnon tin starThen, Whitey and Frank discuss Anna. Frank admits he doesn’t want any part of it. However, Whitey isn’t willing to let him leave. Frank explains that he loved Whitey and his mother. He tells Whitey that he is on his own.


Tin Star Review

As you likely already know, I despise Tin Star. It isn’t getting any better. In fact, I turned it off about 10 minutes in. The character development is pitiful. One minute, Jim becomes a tough guy. Then, he is a drunk again. The Whitey character does the same. The story is aimless. It is painfully obvious that the writing team was inefficient at best. The series is going nowhere very quickly. I don’t see how anyone could enjoy it, but to each their own.

To me, this episode scores a low 4 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Tin Star now.

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