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Tin Star Series 1 Episode 4 Recap

As the 4th episode begins, Pete’s body is prepared for his funeral. Meanwhile, Whitey (Oliver Coopersmith) punches a bag and acts like a total a-hole. He puts together a makeshift gun and prepares to shoot and kill Jim (Tim Roth) during the funeral. When it comes down to it, Whitey doesn’t have what it takes. He doesn’t kill Jim. Angela Genevieve O’Reilly) has a miraculous recovery and returns home. Jim blames himself for ducking and letting the gunman shoot his family. Anna (Abigail Lawrie) and Jim find out that North Stream sent them flowers. They agree to throw them in the trash.

little big bear tin star season 1 episode 4 recapNick (Ryan Kennedy) and Denise (Sarah Podemski) get into an argument outside. The family prepares to leave, but Angela refuses to go. That night, Angela encourages Jim to find them and kill them. Then, she changes her mind and admits she doesn’t know for sure. Jim and Denise head to the casino. They speak with Jaclyn (Michelle Thrush) once again. Jim learns that Jaclyn believes Suzy was murdered. They speak with the woman, but she doesn’t give them much in the beginning. Eventually, she insists the guy from North Stream came. She explains that the Quebecois came. She is hesitant to tell more, because she believes she will end up dead too. She refuses to give a sworn statement. Then, Anna finds that Angela has nearly passed out on the floor.

tin star series 1 episode 4 familyWhen asked why they’re not leaving, Angela explains that they do not run. That night, Whitey spies on the family, before receiving a call from Anna. She asks if she can see him again. He promises that she will. She also tells Whitey that Jim has put cameras everywhere. Whitey tells Frank (Ian Puleston-Davies) and Godswill (Tobi Bamtefa) that their friend has been silenced. Elizabeth (Christina Hendricks) meets with a journalist, Dermot (Craig Bierko). Dermot seems shocked by Elizabeth’s new line of work. Then, Elizabeth meets with Louis (Christopher Heyerdahl). They get into an argument. Louis tells Elizabeth to leak Jim’s prostitute story to the media. She doesn’t seem willing to do so.

louis gagnon tin starJim speaks with an officer about Danny Lyle. Jim explains that Danny is harmless. Outside, Angela ponders whether Petey was really killed by an oil company. Jim insists they’re guilty and that they killed Suzy too. Then, he is asked about his drinking. Angela promises to leave him, if he is. Jim meets with a flirty Denise and Nick. Louis listens in as Jim speaks with Denise in private. Whitey calls Louis, but says nothing before hanging up. Then, Whitey and Frank head to the bar. Whitey hears the bikers talking about an upcoming robbery. Later that night, Whitey comes up with another plan. In the morning, Anna asks her father what happened when he drank. He admits that is a bit of a blur. He eventually admits to waking up on the reserve.

anna tin star series 1 episode 4Jim promises that he wouldn’t lie. Then, Angela causes her stitches to plead. Jim tries to stop and comfort her. Elizabeth tells Louis that the media is about to drop a bad story about the oil company. She is told to put out the story about Jim. She doesn’t seem interested in ruining Jim’s family. Later, the family gets into an argument. Jim eventually agrees to do the press conference with Benoit. They speak with the media moments later. Later, Louis becomes furious that Jim has accused North Stream Oil. He belittles Elizabeth for not fixing the problem. Louis visits Lyle Sr. (Nicholas Campbell) and dopes him with some medication. Then, he forces him to sign the contract.

tin star series 1 episode 4Elizabeth receives the contract moments later. She calls Dermot and tells him that she has information about the police chief. Angela complains about Jim to Anna. She admits he is a good man, but cannot control himself. Angela asks Anna, if Jim has been drinking. Anna admits he has. Dermot arrives at the door and asks Angela about the prostitutes. Anna shuts it on him seconds later. Danny speaks at the alcohol meeting. Jim listens in. Danny says something about not hurting anyone. Jim seems to believe it. Nevertheless, the cops enter and arrest him anyway. Jim asks Benoit how he got Danny’s brother to withdraw his alibi. They argue briefly. Seconds later, Whitey prepares to rob a North Stream Oil truck.

jim tin starJim returns home and cannot get inside. Angela has locked the door. She packs her bags. She eventually answers and tells him to leave. Whitey dons biker gear and stops the truck driver. The truck is hauled away by Godswill and Frank. Jim heads to the biker pub and gets a whiskey. Jim drinks, while Whitey takes a position elsewhere. Denise arrives as Jim gets a radio call about the possible robbery. Denise heads to the scene on her own. Jim goes nuts and attacks a biker in the bathroom. Then, he drinks more.


Tin Star Review

Where in the world is this series going? I cannot keep up with the sheer insanity of it all. We’re running around in circles, but going nowhere. On top of that, the Whitey character is nowhere near interesting or realistic. Heck, even Christopher Heyerdahl is barely likeable in this series and that is saying something. I just cannot get into it. Tin Star could’ve been good, but it doesn’t even come close.

It is cliché and the writing is lazy. Suffice to say, it has been a major disappointment. The episode scores a 5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Tin Star now.

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