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Tin Star Series 1 Episode 3 Recap

As the episode begins, we see Whitey (Oliver Coopersmith) bludgeoning something. Blood splatters everywhere. Then, we jump back to 2 AM or so. Jim (Tim Roth) sits at the bar. He returns to the motel and finds that Nick (Ryan Kennedy) has allowed Anna to leave. He attacks him seconds later. We jump to 6 AM or so and see Anna (Abigail Lawrie) running through the woods. She eventually gets into Whitey’s truck. Whitey pretends that something is after her. Anna requests to be dropped off at the bar. He doesn’t listen and continues driving away from the town. Nick returns to Denise (Sarah Podemski) and gets patched up. Eventually, Jim finds the hidden doorway.

tin star nick and jim episode 3Whitey eventually turns around and heads in the opposite direction. He tells Anna his name and strikes up a conversation with her. They laugh and chat. Jim sits with Angela (Genevieve O’Reilly) at the hospital. Another time warp. This time, Whitey and Anna arrive at the pub. Anna heads inside to find her daddy. Before she does, she thanks Whitey for the ride. Whitey reports back to Frank (Ian Puleston-Davies). Anna spots Jim drinking at the pub. She leaves without him noticing. At the hospital, Jim is asked about his whereabouts. He recalls getting drunk and sleeping with a woman. Another time warp. Jim wakes up with his female friend. He has lost his gun. He eventually gets a ride with the natives. Anna leaves the pub and reunites with Whitey.

tin star series 1 episode 3They discuss Jim’s alcohol problem. Whitey looks at Anna’s purse. He is obviously thinking about getting the cigarette. They decide to go for a ride. Whitey tells Frank and the others to follow them. Jim is grilled at the station. He tries to hide his whereabouts. Eventually, her gets another gun and also arms Denise. Anna drinks while Whitey drives. Jim heads to the biker bar and takes the microphone. He tells them about his son’s murder and his daughter’s disappearance. Denise passes out flyers. Eventually, the bartenders offers him some advice. Then, Denise receives a call about trespassers near the dam. Elizabeth (Christina Hendricks) tells Louis (Christopher Heyerdahl) that they’re assembling volunteers for a search party. Louis doesn’t give a hoot.

louis gagnon tin starElizabeth suggests that one of their employees might be responsible. Another time warp. Anna drinks and Whitey drives. Eventually, they come to a stop. Anna gets out and crosses a barrier. She walks past a sign that says “Extreme Danger”. Whitey and Anna eventually come to the dam and sneak through the gate. Frank and the others arrive at Whitey’s truck. They follow the couple. Anna continues higher. Whitey tells her that he is afraid of heights. Jim and the police arrive at the dam. Jim is told he will be shot, if he crosses the bridge. Denise speaks with a native man. The natives do not want them to cross. Jim encounters his female friend from the night before. Denise tries to convince the native to let them across.

tin star s01e03The Chief speaks with Jim directly. Despite the warnings, Jim strolls across the bridge. Jim’s lady friend, Jaclyn (Michelle Thrush), jabs him in the stomach. He finally tells Denise that he doesn’t have a clue what happened last night. He pleads with Denise for help and she pleads with her dad to help. Whitey’s friends prepare to shoot Anna. Anna discusses the murder with Whitey. Eventually, Whitey knocks Anna’s bag into the dam. Whitey’s friends do not shoot her and Whitey stops her from jumping over the ledge. The cops arrive and Whitey and Anna walk towards them. Whitey is praised as a hero in the local paper. Then, we see that Whitey has bashed Johnny’s (Stephen Walters) head in.

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Tin Star Review

Welp, Tin Star just continues to deteriorate. The opener was good, but the last two episodes have been horrible. This episode was difficult to follow with all of the unnecessary time warps. Throw in the Whitey character and you’ve got a certified disaster on your hands. Tim Roth’s character hasn’t been much better. He hasn’t done anything besides sitting around and moping about. The series is going down the drain fast. Hopefully, they can savage it in the upcoming episodes, but the future isn’t looking good.

A 4 out of 10 is awarded to episode 3. Catch up with previous recaps of Tin Star right now.

  1. Intercept says:

    Besides it other problems, the characters don’t even offer us the respect of decent elocution. We can’t understand a word the slovenly lout is saying

  2. ReelMockery says:

    Agreed. The audio seems to be very low for me too. Anyone else having that problem? Might be different from platform to platform though. Thnx for comment.

  3. Marini says:

    What really pissed me off in Episode 3 was the initial shot of Whitey rocking someone’s head, but we SEE the RED PURSE. So, naturally, we are led to believe he killed the girl. But, nooooo. Later we see the purse tossed off into the river. How did it get unblemished and shiny, back to the river’s edge? So WTF? I hate it when the writers manipulate by teasing us into thinking Character A is dead, a bummer, but then when they return to the shot of the killing, the identifying prop is gone. Singer Songwriter gets killed, instead. Hate that. Don’t be lazy. Don’t manipulate. MAYBE there will be a tie-in where the Red Purse and its disappearance make sense, but until then, I’m thinking of bagging it. Those of you who have seen more of this, does it ever make sense? Or just a mind****?

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