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Tin Star Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

As the 2nd episode begins, Jim (Tim Roth) hangs with Angela (Genevieve O’Reilly) at the hospital. After the intro, Frank (Ian Puleston-Davies) and Johnny (Stephen Walters) discuss their next move. They also blame Whitey (Oliver Coopersmith) for shooting the kid and ruining their plan. Whitey insists that everything is fine and that they’re just getting started. Godswill (Tobi Bamtefa) agrees that they’ll finish what they started. Then, we see a commercial for North Stream Oil. Anna (Abigail Lawrie) finally showers and removes the blood from her body. Then, she is comforted by Jim. Moments later, Jim is offered Xanax and other medications. He turns them down.

tim roth tin star episode 2He is greeted by Inspector Benoit Lehane (Roark Critchlow). Lehane promises that justice will be done. Once Lehane leaves, Nick (Ryan Kennedy) and Denise (Sarah Podemski) enter. They confirm that the road has not been closed. They’re told to close the road immediately. The road is closed and North Stream Oil trucks are prevented from reaching the refinery. Louis Gagnon (Christopher Heyerdahl) consults with Elizabeth (Christina Hendricks) about the current situation. He shows no interest in Pete’s murder. Moments later, Whitey and his comrades get jobs at North Stream. They arrive at the refinery. Gagnon listens as Anna tells Jim she wants to go home. Elizabeth visits Jim and offers to put up a reward for information about the murders. He refuses.

louis gagnon tin starThen, Jim learns that there is very little evidence from the shooting scene. When Nick steps aside, Jim makes it clear that he doesn’t trust him. Meanwhile, Whitey sits around acting like a retard. Jim contemplates what would’ve happened had he not ducked. He is given some pills, which he does not want. Jim tells Anna that she needs to remain in his sight at all times. Jim heads to North Stream’s offices. Whitey spots him and reports back to his friends. Whitey’s friends get into an argument with a few locals. Jim speaks with Gagnon. He chats with Elizabeth about Suzy’s murder. Elizabeth denies knowing anything about Suzy’s medical report. The cops are forced to leave when they hear about the fight on the radio.

tin star episode 2 whiteyWhitey takes to the stage and gets involved in karaoke to settle things down. Johnny joins him and they play and sing together. Anna watches, before Jim enters and hauls her away. Then, they go check out baby caskets. That night, Whitey sneaks into the family’s house. Meanwhile, Jim and Anna speak about Jim’s alcohol problem. In the morning, they return home. Whitey is still inside. He watches them. Eventually, he notices the cigarette butt on Anna’s dresser. The cops arrive outside and Whitey is forced to hide. Anna takes the cigarette, before leaving. Whitey returns and attacks Johnny for leaving behind evidence. Johnny suggests that they’ll just kill Anna. Whitey isn’t going to let that happen.

stephen walters tin starJim and Anna check into a motel. Nick is given a chair and forced to remain outside of the door. Jim calls Reverend Greg (Kevin Hanchard), but doesn’t get an answer. Jim leaves moments later. Whitey and his friends plan something from inside of the building. Jim heads to a pub and orders a whiskey. He doesn’t drink it. He learns that Angela has woken from the coma. He visits her, but she isn’t herself. Anna becomes bored and begins drinking alcohol. She leaves the motel moments later through a hidden door of sorts. She runs through the woods and gets into the truck with Whitey. Meanwhile, Jim hits a liquor store and drinks liquor.


Tin Star Review

Welp, this show went downhill in a hurry, didn’t it? The first episode was fairly decent. The pacing was alright and the story was fairly intriguing. This episode was much, much worse. It was painfully slow and very little happened. The story is becoming very cheesy and cliché. The Whitey character is beyond horrendous. It is almost laughable.

The acting isn’t bad, but the characters are lifeless. Does anyone really care about Jim, Anna, Angela or Pete? I couldn’t force myself to, if I tried. The episode was a major disappointment. Jim wants to drink, but doesn’t. Then, he does. Now, Anna finds a hidden door and escapes into the rabbit hole that is Whitey’s white truck.

Who came up with this drivel? A 4.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Tin Star now.

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