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Three Girls Episode 2 Recap

At the very beginning of the 2nd episode, Holly Winshaw (Molly Windsor) gives another interview. She starts from the beginning and walks the police officer through her entire ordeal. She admits she doesn’t know what Amber (Ria Zmitrowicz) knew. Seconds later, the police knock on the door and Elliot Young (Brian Fletcher) answers. Amber is ushered downstairs and placed under arrest. During her interrogation, Amber continually refuses to answer questions. Amber’s mother, Lorna (Lisa Riley), argues with the receptionist, while waiting for her daughter. Amber is allowed to leave with her mother moments later. As they head home, Lorna pleads with Amber to tell her whether or not Ruby is involved. Amber refuses to speak. She leaves with Tariq (Wasim Zakir) seconds later.

holly interview three girlsWhen confronted by her mother, Ruby (Liv Hill), admits she sits on the settee and gets paid by the Paki men. Seconds later, Lorna and Ruby discover that Ruby is pregnant. Sara (Maxine Peake) speaks with Ruby and is only given the name Billy. However, Ruby agrees to show her where the man lives. Ruby is transported home immediately afterwards. Sara contacts Rochdale police and tells about the man. She confesses she has his address and license plate. They’re also told about Ruby’s upcoming abortion. After the abortion, the police collect the fetus as evidence. We jump forward to May of 2009. At this time, Holly is visibly pregnant. Jim (Paul Kaye) helps his daughter prepare for a quiz. After giving birth, Holly heads to the school and learns that she passed all of her classes.

actress liv hill three girlsMeanwhile, Jim prepares to take the dog for a walk. He finds a letter at the front door. The letter confirms that the police have decided not to pursue charges against the perpetrators. Holly arrives home with good news, but it is quickly ruined when the contents of the letter are revealed. Holly’s mother, Julie (Jill Halfpenny), admits the police didn’t think the jury would believe her. We jump to the Greater Manchester Police station. DC Margaret Oliver (Lesley Sharp) enters her boss’s office. Sandy Guthrie (Jason Hughes) tells Maggie about the case and shows her the stack of files they’ve collected over the years. Sandy admits they need Ruby’s permission to test the fetus. He intends to use Maggie to persuade the victims to speak with the police. Sandy briefs his team and shows them pictures of the suspects. One man has already been put away for 15 years for sex crimes.

actor paul kaye three girls episode 2The suspects are arrested almost immediately. DC Nina Prentiss (Kerrie Hayes) and a colleague visit the Winshaw house. Jim gives them a mouthful and blames the police for their troubles. He also reveals that Holly has been staying in a single mother’s shelter. Maggie visits the Bowen family. Lorna refuses to let them in. Things only get worse when Maggie visits Sara at the sex clinic. Nina tracks down Holly. Holly makes it clear she doesn’t trust the authorities. She is still upset that the police labeled as a liar. Despite the previous argument, Sara sends her massive stash of paperwork to Maggie. Margaret is stunned by the detailed paperwork and the fact that Rochdale did nothing. The story hits the news. Now, we see that Amber has also given birth to a child. The staff at the facility search Holly’s room for alcohol and drugs.

actress lesley sharp three girlsShe is reminded that she will be kicked out, if she is caught with either. Back at the station, Maggie suggests taking a new approach to the families. She admits they need to apologize for the past mistakes to gain trust from the girls. Maggie calls Lorna and apologizes. She also manages to arrange another call. The newspapers quickly blame the police and accuse them of being afraid of upsetting racial sensitivities. Now, they’re worried that failing to charge the suspects will cause riots. Lorna meets with Maggie. She tells her that Amber might be willing to talk. However, Ruby still doesn’t think anything wrong happened. They visit Amber seconds later. Lorna gives her motherly advice. Amber makes it clear she doesn’t want to go to the station. She also admits she is afraid they’ll kill her, if she talks. Maggie admits it is a shame that they go free, while Amber remains locked up in a homeless hostel.

amber three girls tv seriesNext, Sara meets with Holly. Holly admits she moved out, because her father is angry and argues with everyone. Sara tries to convince Holly to chat with the authorities. Nina meets with Sandy and confirms that Holly is on board. She also gives the credit to Sara. Maggie meets with Amber again. During the same time, Nina interviews Holly. Amber is shown a list of names she once gave to a social worker. The list includes names and professions for each man. The following day, Amber spots Tariq in town. She turns around and rushes in the other direction. During her next conversation with Maggie, Amber changes her story. This time, she ridicules Holly and insists the men never touched her, unless she wanted it. Meanwhile, Holly drinks in her room. She gets caught and is promptly kicked out.

holly and sara three girls episode 2The baby is also taken. Next, Maggie shows Amber pictures of the suspects. She identifies Daddy. However, she loses her cool when Tariq’s picture appears on the television screen. Maggie does her best to comfort her. She insists that Amber’s actions could help others avoid the same abuse she experienced. At home, Holly cuts her wrist. Sandy realizes they have a problem on their hands. He pulls Maggie into his office and instructs her to go after Ruby. She meets with Lorna and Ruby. Ruby denies that anything bad happened. In fact, she explains that those were some of the best times of her life. Sara visits the Winshaw family. She admits she egged Holly on. However, she explains that she did so, because she thought it might help Holly. Lorna speaks with Ruby at home. They talk about the fetus.

actor jason hughes three girlsRuby eventually agrees to let the authorities test the fetus. Jim speaks with Holly. He offers to become a guardian of Holly’s daughter. He also promises to stand by Holly, if she decides to continue working with the police. Ruby speaks with Maggie and tells her about being passed around from man to man. The Chief Prosecutor Nazir Afzal (Ace Bhatti) watches Holly’s testimony. He speaks with his colleagues and admits he believes her. He also expresses his belief that the jury would do the same. At the station, Maggie learns that Holly and Ruby will be given the opportunity to testify. She is not happy that Amber has been left out. As the episode ends, a news broadcast details the charges. Sandy also questions whether or not the girls are ready to be cross examined.


Three Girls Review

The 2nd episode of Three Girls was equally good as the first. However, I am a little baffled as to why the series continues to refer to the suspects as Asian. It appears to me from the appearances and names that the suspects are of Middle Eastern descent. Nevertheless, the series is gripping and grueling. The ongoing impact of the rapes is very authentic and a little difficult to watch. I am very curious to see how it all ends. Three Girls is without a doubt one of the best series I have watched in quite some time.

The second episode deserves an 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Three Girls right now!

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