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Three Girls Episode 1 Recap

As the series beings, we’re introduced to Holly (Molly Windsor) and her father, Jim Winshaw (Paul Kaye). The couple speak with the police regarding a crime committed by Holly at a local kebab shop. In a flashback, we see a Middle Eastern man slap Holly across the face. After a brief scuffle, she breaks a panel of glass and flees the restaurant. Holly refutes the shop owner’s claim that she stole cans of soda. Then, we jump back two months. Holly meets with Elliot Young (Brian Fletcher) at school. It appears the couple is in a relationship. Elliot invites Holly over to his place later that day. She is hesitant, but agrees to visit. At home, Holly complains to her mother, Julie (Jill Halfpenny), about her father’s strict rules.

actress molly windsor three girlsNevertheless, Holly goes against her parent’s wishes and visits Elliot anyway. Elliot introduces her to his brother and dad. Then, they head upstairs. She is introduced to his cousins, Amber (Ria Zmitrowicz) and Ruby (Liv Hill). Holly quickly kicks it off with the two girls. They decide to leave the house for food. Elliot is left behind. Zoe (Ellie Lightfoot) joins the girls outside. The girls head to the Speedy Kebab. Inside, Amber hangs out with her boyfriend, Tariq (Wasim Zakir). One man, Daddy (Simon Nagra), gives the girls food and drinks. Initially, Holly seems to think the situation is a bid awkward. Nevertheless, she goes along with it. They drink and dance, before Daddy brings in alcohol. Daddy happily supplies the girl with vodka, but he doesn’t drink. When Holly returns home, she argues with her mother. Then, she follows it up with a brief argument with her father.

three girls tv series hollyThe following day, the boys and girls head to the local clinic to get condoms. There, Holly is introduced to Sara Rowbotham (Maxine Peake). Sara seems to know something strange is going on. She asks Amber about her boyfriend Tariq. Ruby also makes a comment about Daddy having vodka at the Top Curry. Once the girls leave, Sara asks Yvonne (Naomi Radcliffe) whether or not they know Daddy. Yvonne reminds her about Zoe’s previous conversations about Saj and Bilal. The girls return to Daddy and quickly down vodka. They wind up having plenty of fun, before Holly again returns home and argues with her parents. This time, Jim becomes angry and tells Holly to move in with her mates. She agrees, before rushing off. Holly joins the girls again. They all head to one of the shops. An older Middle Eastern man asks Amber if she is heading up. She leaves with the man. Seconds later, Daddy arrives and invites Holly to another room. She is hesitant, but eventually goes.

Maxine Peake Three Girls episode 1Daddy rapes Holly shortly thereafter. He gives her a little money and tells her that she now belongs to him. Holly takes a bath. She receives a visit from Amber, who admits the sex has been going on for a long time. Amber offers advice. The following day, Daddy picks up Amber and Holly. He uses a forceful tone to get them into his vehicle. He drives the girls to a carpark and forces Amber out. It appears he sleeps with Holly once again. When they return to the restaurant, the other man tries to force himself on Holly. This is when the scuffle breaks out, she busts the glass and flees the store. Back at the station, the interview is concluded. Holly finally opens up and admits she has been raped. She tells the detective about the rapes and also admit she still has the clothing she was wearing at the time. However, she confirms she got into the man’s car willingly.

actor paul kaye three girlsAt home, Jim and Julie discuss the situation. Jim seems baffled that Holly would go back for more. Holly emerges with the clothing the police wanted. Holly speaks with the police once again. She admits the sex hurt and that she had only done it a couple of times before. The delivery man, Shabir Ahmed, is arrested for the crimes. Later, Amber gets in contact with Holly. She reveals that Daddy has been released and is threatening to harm Holly and her family. Holly returns to Elliot’s place to hide from him. Amber urges her to recant. Once they arrive at the house, Daddy shows up. Amber calls Tariq and he sends Daddy away. The two girls travel with Tariq. They also pick up Zoe and Ruby. Tariq takes the girls to a party and assigns them to older men. Holly tries to refuse, but Amber pushes her into it.

holly and amber three girlsTariq gives Amber money the following day. Amber gives Holly her share. Julie and Jim visit Elliot’s house and try to speak with Holly. They leave without speaking to her. The following day, the girls return to the sex center. They speak with Sara. Ruby tells Sara that she danced for her boyfriend and the video was uploaded to the Internet. Now, she is famous in Pakistan. When the girls leave, Sara scours through her paperwork of similar incidents. She explains that older Asian men have been abusing local girls for quite some time. Yvonne admits police and social services continue to do nothing. Sara takes the evidence to the authorities. The others seems uninterested to help. Back at home, Elliot’s little sister reminds Holly of her sisters. She returns home to get her school uniform.

actress jill halfpenny three girlsHolly dances provocatively for her father. This leaves him stunned. After school one day, Tariq picks up the girls. He gives them alcohol and drives throughout the night. They’re dropped off with another Middle Eastern looking man. Amber tries to get more money from the man. He throws her to the ground and sends her on her way. He catches up with them seconds later and threatens to kill them, if they speak with the cops. At this point, the girls learn that they’re in Bradford. Later, Holly meets with Sara. Holly explains that she has gotten pregnant. Sara arranges to tell the family with a colleague. The colleague arrives before Sara and tells Holly’s family that she has been working as a prostitute. Holly denies it. Holly finds Sara outside and asks why she would say such a thing. Holly rushes off seconds later. Sara apologizes and speaks with Holly’s parents inside. Sara explains that young girls cannot be prostitutes.

sara and jim three girls episode 1Afterwards, Sara visits her colleague and ridicules her. She explains that they need to look after Holly and the baby not just the baby. Sara gets another opportunity to speak with Holly. She encourages her to tell the police and stop it together. Holly admits she has already told the police, but they did nothing. She agrees to tell Sara everything and signs each page of the testimony. Amber becomes suspicious and asks Holly where she has been. She also pressures Holly into going out that night. Otherwise, Tariq will beat her. Jim arrives outside again. This time, Holly leaves with him. Jim promises that the men will do nothing to her or the family.


Three Girls Review

Wow. The opener for Three Girls was very, very raw. It certainly didn’t hold anything back. The episode showcased how incredibly easy it is for older men to take advantage of society’s most vulnerable. In this case, those scumbags were Pakistani and Middle Eastern and it appears they’ve been getting away with their hideous crimes for a long, long time. While it is true that society is filled with rapists and child abusers of all races and classes, Three Girls should make us cautious to bring any more in.

Doesn’t the UK have its fair share of problems already? America sure as heck does. We should deal with those problems, before inviting more in. It appears Rochdale is an asylum seeker’s safe haven. Call it racist or xenophobic, but it is what it is. Most refugees appear to be middle-aged and older men. The women and children are frequently left behind. Is it any wonder such crimes occur? Kudos to BBC for shedding a light on a problem that is often swept under the rug for political purposes. The episode was great, but very disturbing. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved.

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