This Year’s Cancelled Shows

With this year almost over, a variety of television shows have been cancelled this year, with several hanging on by a thread. So what shows were cancelled and which are hanging in the balance? Well, if you keep up with television news, you likely already know about the cancellations of Bad Judge, A to Z and Manhattan Love Story. While several of these will continue airing until they run through their remaining episodes, others, such as the reality show from Fox, Utopa, has been cancelled immediately.


Bad Judge – Let’s face it. Nobody saw this as a surprise. Sadly, the show just wasn’t funny, despite being billed as a comedy. Even Will Ferrell couldn’t save this sinking ship. This series, starring Kate Walsh, will air its full 13 episodes.

A to Z – This romantic comedy was never able to reach viewers in a comedic or touching way. This was obvious from the show’s major decline in viewers, after the first episode. Although this show will finish its 13 episode run, you will never Z this show again.

Manhattan Love Story – Play the trumpets for Manhattan Love Story, since it was the first cancelled show of the fall. This love story wasn’t able to gain traction and simply faded away into the night.

Longmire – Don’t forget about the shows that were cancelled earlier this year including Longmire. The A&E drama aired three seasons, before being cancelled in September. Fans of the series should still have hope. Amazon or Netflix just might pick up the series, if they’re lucky.

On the Verge of Cancellation

Constantine – With only two aired episodes, it is still a little too early to determine this series’ fate. However, the outlook is definitely bleak, as viewers have dropped significantly, after the first episode. NBC certainly doesn’t play around, so a Constantine cancellation could be a possibility.

Gracepoint – Why does American producers and networks continue insisting on remaking foreign hit shows? It seems they always fail. While there are little hope that this thing would ever see a second season in the first place, it is difficult to imagine one now, with the show’s poor viewership that continues to drop every week.

Mulaney – This show never really got started. It debuted with a lower viewer base, which has never grown. Fox has already cut the total number of episodes from 16 to 13. This is definitely a bad sign and I doubt anyone would be surprised, if this show got nixed within days.

Red Band Society – Another remake of a foreign show. Of course, the show is actually decent, but the viewership is poor. It seems Fox is willing to overlook this for now, as they’ve already ordered new scripts. However, if the ratings don’t improve, this show will definitely be in Code Blue status.

Selfie – ABC has already ordered three new scripts for this comedy series, however the show does’t hold its own, in terms of ratings. Each week, the show draws lower numbers than CW’s The Flash, which is definitely a bad sign. Don’t be shocked, if Selfie deletes its social media account and heads into Selfie rehab.

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