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The White Princess Finale Recap

As the episode begins, Queen Elizabeth (Jodie Comer) has a terrible nightmare. She imagines her brother has taken the crown, while Henry (Jacob Collins-Levy) and her children have been slaughtered. Maggie (Rebecca Benson) and Cathy Gordon (Amy Manson) flee the castle. They meet with the Duchess of Burgundy and explain that Richard has been locked in the Tower. They agree to contact Scotland and ask for their army’s assistance right away. Cathy asks the Duchess to use her spies to find out where her son is being held. When Cathy is escorted out of the room, it is revealed that her child is already dead. Maggie expresses confidence that Lizzie will not allow Henry to kill Richard. In the morning, Lizzie finds Margaret laying the blame at Henry’s feet. She insists Henry’s indecisiveness led to the fire.

jodie comer white princess finaleLizzie explains that the Spanish ambassador has arrived at the castle. Henry finally realizes that the marriage will not be granted as long as Teddy and Richard remain alive. Eventually, Lizzie confesses to starting the fire. Henry clears the room, so she can explain her actions. Lizzie tells her husband about the curse. She admits she is afraid that killing Richard will lead to the deaths of their own children. She begs Henry to find another way. Next, Lizzie watches as her children practice with the bow and arrow. She tells Richard Pole (Andrew Whipp) that she wants her boys to remain busy. De Puebla arrives and speaks with Lizzie in private. He admits her inability to kill the two pretenders has convinced the Queen that she is not serious. She promises it will be taken care of soon.

duchess of burgundy white princessHenry orders his men to move Richard to Teddy’s cell. Lizzie travels to Newgate Prison in hopes of finding a lookalike for Richard. She finds a man named Noah Luff. He looks somewhat similar. Henry calls Margaret to his room. Margaret explains that Henry must now finish it and get rid of Richard. Henry finally admits he is aware that Margaret was responsible for the death of the princes. He attacks his mother and throws her out of his room. He tells the guards to not obey her orders. Maggie visits Richard and Teddy (Albert de Jongh). Richard seems upbeat about his future. Teddy is happy about the prospect of getting a dog or two. When Lizzie returns, Henry tells her about his mother’s crimes. She admits she doesn’t know the specifics of the cruse. Lizzie takes Henry to see Noah Luff. She explains that they can execute Noah in Richard’s place.

the white princess finale lizzleHenry doesn’t like the plan. He explains that he will face the incoming army. Margaret wakes up in the morning only to discover her power has been stripped away. Lizzie visits Richard. Richard explains that the army will soon arrive to set him free. He promises that Elizabeth and her children will be treated well under his rule. Margaret tries to visit Henry. She finds the door locked and is kept out. Henry begins to go senile, as he rethinks the past king’s brutal death. Maggie takes this information to the Duchess of Burgundy. Lizzie speaks with Margaret. Margaret explains that she did what she had to go to protect her son. She insists Lizzie will eventually do the same, if forced to do so. Lizzie finds Henry in the burned area of the castle. He tells her about her uncle Richard’s death on the battlefield.

jacob collins levy white princessHe explains that Richard was beaten and buried alive. He contemplates whether or not he will suffer a similar fate. He also admits he just wants to protect Lizzie and his children. Lizzie tells her husband about her brother’s promise. She insists they need to tell the world they’ve killed the boy. She explains that the crown is not given, it is taken. Richard Pole warns his wife about her treasonous behavior. He pleads with her to stop taking letters to the enemy. Next, the fake Richard is executed. The Duchess watches and explains that he is a fake. Later, Lizzie and Henry agree that the Spanish ambassador seems to believe it was Richard that died. Maggie leaves the Duchess. She is watched closely. She passes a letter to the Spanish ambassador and betrays Lizzie’s trust. De Puebla immediately demands that Lizzie take care of the boys. Lizzie’s spy tells her about the betrayal and the location of the Duchess.

spanish white princessThat night, Lizzie and Henry discuss their future. It seems pretty bleak. During their chat, Maggie is taken into custody. The Duchess and her comrades are also arrested. In the morning, Lizzie forces Teddy to sign a confession. The Bishop comes for Teddy and Richard shortly thereafter. Both are executed. Then, Lizzie confronts Maggie. Lizzie tells her about the executions. Lizzie returns to Henry and promises to always remain by his side. Henry forgives his mother. Henry tells Lizzie’s spy, Wolsey, that he plans to reward him for his troubles.

wosley white princess recapMaggie is allowed in the court with her husband. Henry announces a new allegiance with Spain. Margaret leans over and tells Lizzie that the day has been triumphant. She also explains that they’re more alike than she could ever imagine. Lizzie gets angry with Margaret and tells her to step back immediately.


The White Princess Review

The finale of The White Princess was a little slow in the beginning. Things didn’t pick up until it was already halfway over. Nevertheless, it ended fairly well. Elizabeth ultimately stepped into Margaret’s shoes and emulated her actions. Her motives were definitely different, but she proved she was more than capable of protecting her family. Maggie was caught betraying England. She was partially responsible for the death of Teddy and Richard.

While the finale was pretty good, it was somewhat open ended. It feels like there is more ahead. Wolsey doesn’t feel right to me. Unless the character was haphazardly written, it seems he is up to something sinister. The finale deserves a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with past recaps of The White Princess today!

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