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The White Princess Episode 7 Recap

As the 7th episode begins, Queen Elizabeth (Jodie Comer) watches Margaret arrive with Prince Richard. After the sack is removed from the boy’s head, Henry (Jacob Collins-Levy) explains that he looks nothing like a York. Soon, the boy is paraded in front of the King and Queen. Margaret (Michelle Fairley) reminds the king that the boy (Patrick Gibson) is the source of England’s troubles. Despite his current predicament, Richard refuses to deny his identity. He remains firm that he is indeed Prince Richard of York. He speaks directly to Elizabeth. Henry asks the Queen whether or not the boy is her brother. She insists that both of her brothers are now dead. Henry explains that the boy will become a servant, until he can decide a proper punishment. Margaret isn’t happy with the decision. She pleads with Henry to kill the boy.

patrick gibson white princessInstead, Henry plans to parade the boy through the streets to humiliate him. Margaret and the Bishop put a plan in place to lure Cathy Gordon (Amy Manson) to the castle. Before the street parade begins, Maggie (Rebecca Benson) asks Lizzie if she has spoken with Richard. Lizzie admits she has not and says the boy looks nothing like her brother. Richard is harassed as he walks the streets. However, he soon speaks to the people and manages to calm their anger. Afterwards, the boy is led to the royal wardrobe and locked inside. Lizzie and Maggie watch as Cathy Gordon arrives at the castle. She brings her son along. She immediately speaks with Margaret and inquires about her husband. We see that Richard is forced to clean up horse dung in the streets. Cathy’s child is taken away and put into the tower.

actress amy manson white princess episode 7Cathy is eventually given permission to see her husband. They plan their next move as Henry and Margaret eavesdrop on their conversation. Henry seems stunned by the accusation that a Tudor killed the boy in the tower. That night, Henry tells Elizabeth that they need to break the link between Scotland and Richard. Henry asks Elizabeth about her brother. She admits it was a long time ago. Then, Henry asks about the day of Elizabeth’s capture by his army. In the morning, Henry and his comrades go hunting. The boy is forced to carry their weapons. Richard is sent into the bushes to scare the birds. Henry fires arrows dangerously close to the boy. During the chaos, Maggie tells Cathy to get her son and escape. She is fearful that they’ll be locked in the tower. Richard makes comments about his past. Then, he tells Elizabeth that she knows he is her brother. This angers Henry. He eventually charges the boy on horseback. His crown falls to the ground. Richard picks it up.

the boy white princess episode 7Henry encourages Richard to hand it over. He does so. After returning to the castle, Lizzie questions Maggie about her conversation with Cathy. Lizzie asks Maggie to serve as one of her ladies. Maggie admits she wants to return home soon. Lizzie doesn’t give her an option. Later that night, Richard gets another opportunity to speak with his sister. He relates Lizzie dining alone to his mother’s similar situation. Lizzie storms off. She makes a rude comment to Maggie and then visits her children. Maggie visits the Duchess of Burgundy, who has managed to sneak into London. She pleads with Maggie to help Richard and the child escape. Lizzie and Cathy speaks. Lizzie seems jealous about Cathy’s relationship with Henry. Lizzie asks Cathy if Henry touched her. Cathy insists he didn’t. She makes a mess and forces Cathy to clean it up. However, Henry uses his relationship with Cathy to try and weaken Richard.

henry and elizabeth white princessLizzie questions her husband’s motives. He admits he intends to take away the boy’s strength. That night, Henry asks Cathy to dance for him. She obliges. Margaret asks her son what he wishes to achieve from this. They are not in agreement with the strategy. Again, Richard tries to approach his sister, but she storms off. Then, Maggie tells Richard that they’re planning his escape. He isn’t ready to leave. He insists he is king and he is winning. The next day, Lizzie asks her husband if he has slept with Cathy. Lizzie insists Richard is her burden and Cathy is her husband’s burden. Lizzie visits the couple’s child. She tells Margaret that they named the boy Edward just like her murdered brother. In the morning, Lizzie and Henry encourage Richard to confesses that he is not a noble. Richard refuses. Afterwards, Henry confronts Margaret and asks her what she has done with the boy’s child. Henry seems to imply that he is onto his mother’s tricks.

actress michelle fairley white princessLizzie visits Cathy. Maggie scolds her for allowing the King’s mother to take their child. To protect his family, Richard finally reads the statement and pretends he is a boatman’s son. Maggie tells her husband she is tired of playing the trembling flower. She now knows her brother Teddy will never be released. During supper, Margaret tries to convince Henry to try Richard with treason. He admits he cannot now. Maggie confronts Lizzie and reminds her of the curse. She also insists Margaret is the one responsible for killing her brother. Henry freaks out and claims Richard has poisoned his clothing. The boy is taken away and beaten by Henry. Lizzie pleads with Henry not to kill Richard. Later, she visits Maggie and gives her the key so Richard can escape. Maggie visits Richard and takes him to Cathy’s room. Lizzie visits the wardrobe and starts a fire.

white princess maggie episode 7Then, Lizzie visits Cathy and Richard. She tells them to flee the city and start a new life elsewhere. She insists they can be safe away from London. Lizzie returns to the wardrobe and claims that Richard must’ve died in the fire. He emerges seconds later. He insists he is the Prince of York and the rightful heir. He also claims to have lived through battle and walked through fire. He remains adamant that he will take the throne of England.


The White Princess Review

The 7th episode of The White Princess was pretty good and it did a great job of setting up the finale. Lizzie attempted to play both sides and it ended up strengthening her brother and weakening her husband. Maggie finally stepped out of the shadows and took decisive action. Henry has become unstable and paranoid. However, he seems to be slowly unraveling his mother’s lies. Will Margaret finally receive justice in the finale?

Which side will Lizzie choose? Will the curse be fulfilled and will it lead to the death of Henry? I am eager to find out what happens. The episode deserves a 7.5 out of 10. Check out our previous recaps of The White Princess.

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