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The White Princess Episode 4 Recap

We’re transported to Burgundy, where the duchess grieves the loss of her loved one. Jasper Tudor (Vincent Regan) and his men head back home. The duchess forces herself out of bed. She enters the throne room and explains that they’ll eat and then plan their retaliation. Back at home, Princess Elizabeth (Jodie Comer) and Henry (Jacob Collins-Levy) have become much closer. Their romantic encounter is rudely interrupted when Margaret Beaufort (Michelle Fairley) storms into the storm. She announces that Jasper has returned from Burgundy. Jasper explains the situation. The King recognizes that they need to be prepared for the worst. Jasper confronts Margaret in the hallway. Jasper realizes that she is angry with him. Jasper explains that he was so close to obtaining peace. Margaret seems only concerned about Jasper’s relationship with the duchess.

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Lizzie speaks with Maggie (Rebecca Benson). She admits things are bad and Teddy will likely be locked up a little while longer. Francis Lovell (Anthony Flanagan) visits Burgundy with several English boys. After looking over the boys, the Duchess eventually selects Lambert Simnel (Max True) to become Teddy. Lizzie visits Cecily (Suki Waterhouse) and hears more about her upcoming marriage to John Welles. Margaret makes it clear the Henry plans to marry Arthur to the Spanish princess, Catherine. Then, Margaret and Lizzie spar over the right to choose Maggie’s husband. Lizzie also demands the Queen’s rooms. Margaret makes it clear the Maggie is set to marry Richard Pole (Andrew Whipp). She also has no intention of giving up her rooms. After the conversation ends, Lizzie takes her frustrations to her husband. Henry admits he has bigger problems to deal with, since Burgundy claims Teddy has escaped from the tower.

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They visit the tower and find that Teddy is still locked in his room. Maggie begs for Lizzie to help him. Lizzie comes up with a plan to allow Teddy to attend her sister’s wedding as a way to disprove Burgundy. She insists the action would show the world what type of man Henry really is. Henry reluctantly agrees to follow her advice. Margaret isn’t happy with her son’s decision. She teams up with the Bishop to disrupt Lizzie’s plan. During the march towards the wedding venue, the Bishop signals to a woman in the crowd. She begins to call out for King Warwick and the others quickly join in. John De La Pool Jnr (Oliver Hembrough) joins in and takes Teddy’s side. Teddy is quickly taken back to the tower. Once they are escorted to safety, Henry blames Lizzie for the situation. Lizzie promises that she only wanted Teddy free. Margaret uses the situation to pretend Queen Elizabeth wanted to use the distraction to snag the boy and take him to Burgundy.

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Lizzie doesn’t believe it. She explains that Elizabeth is watched day and night in Bermondsey. Margaret encourages Henry to silence Elizabeth for good. Lizzie joins the wedding ceremony. There, Maggie pleads with her once again. The women enjoy drinks and try to eliminate their concerns temporarily. Jasper speaks with Margaret about Lizzie wanted him to wed. He promises to be obedient to the king, as long as it would benefit Henry. However, he admits he would rather have his leave to stay at court. Margaret’s husband interrupts and asks for a dance. Later, Lizzie sneaks out of the castle to visit her mother. Meanwhile, Lambert is taught to use a sword. The Duchess of Burgundy gives him advice and reminds him to only answer to the name Edward. Lovell makes it clear the Lambert will lead an army into battle. Lizzie arrives and reunites with her family.

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Lizzie asks her mother about her interactions with Burgundy. Elizabeth (Essie Davis) denies everything. Even when threatened with death at Henry’s hands, Elizabeth remains mum. Lizzie explains that she could help her, if she only knew what was going on. Henry confronts Lizzie as she returns. Lizzie insists she wanted to find out if her mother was siding with Burgundy to help them. She admits her mother told her nothing, because she no longer trusts her. She also explains that Arthur aligns her with Henry forever. Meanwhile, the Duchess and Lambert sail towards battle. With Elizabeth’s help, Burgundy has also gotten assistance from Ireland. Henry learns about the move and plans to confront them on the battlefield. Once again, Jasper speaks with Margaret in private. He explains that he doesn’t regret giving his life to Henry. However, he does regret giving up almost everything.

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Jaspers implies that Margaret could get the Church to permit her an annulment. He explains that they should get something they both can cherish. He tells Margaret to think it over, while he is away. Lizzie visits Henry. She pleads with him to stay away from the battle. She asks him to return, so they can start their lives together. The two armies take to the battlefield. The Duchess of Burgundy gives Lambert a white rose, before he rides off into battle. While they’re away, Maggie is married to Richard Pole. The battle is over quickly. Lambert is captured, while Jasper is injured. Henry never enters the battle and instead watches from a distance. Lizzie receives a letter from her mother. In the letter, Elizabeth confirms she lied and has indeed been sending out letters. She also explains that Lizzie needs to change her allegiance, since she has seen that Arthur will never take the throne. Lizzie speaks it over with Cecily.

king henry white princess episode 4

Cecily explains that their mother will say whatever best serves her cause. They agree to check on Maggie, since she doesn’t have a mother either. That night, Maggie speaks with her new husband. He tells her about his battle injury. He also explains that he only wants her to be happy. Lizzie speaks with Margaret about Jasper. Margaret becomes defensive and denies having feelings for him. Next, Cecily announces that she and her husband will be leaving. As soon as Henry and Jasper return, they plan to punish the two traitors, Lambert and Elizabeth. Lambert is taken in front of the king. The crowd cheers and demands the boy’s execution. However, Richard Pole speaks up in his defense. Thanks to Richard’s words, Henry agrees to allow Lambert to work in the kitchen. Then, he turns his attention to Elizabeth. He makes a joke and tells Lizzie to tell her mother he is in good health the next time she visits.

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Afterwards, Jasper speaks with Margaret. She tells him that he is set to be married to Kate Woodville. She insists they’ll still see one another in court and continue working for Henry’s cause. Henry takes Lizzie to the Queen’s rooms. They’ve been cleared out and Margaret has been asked to move. Henry promises that they’ll be happy now. However, Lizzie is worried that her mother will not stop. At the end of the episode, the Duchess returns home. She gets a visit from a young man, who closely resembles the York Prince Richard.


The White Princess Review

The 4th episode of The White Princess was fairly good. We got a lot of scheming between Elizabeth, Margaret and the Duchess. Plus, we got a brief, but bloody, war. While the Duchess and Elizabeth were defeated this time, they now have more powerful ammunition against Henry. Is the young boy in Burgundy really Richard? If so, this would force Lizzie to choose a side. Will she stick with her family or will she side with Arthur and Henry?

Something tells me Henry should’ve executed Elizabeth when he had the opportunity. She isn’t going to stop. The episode scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with past recaps of The White Princess now!

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