The Whispers Episode 2 Recap

The Whispers Sean Bennigan

The episode begins in the Sahara Desert three months earlier. We see a young boy playing with a toy truck, before a ball of fire crashes to the ground. The boy searches through the wreckage and discovers an identification tag for Sean Bennigan. Back at home, Claire (Lily Rabe) chats with Henry about his new friend. The electricity in the home goes bonkers and Claire answers the door to nobody. John Doe (Milo Ventimiglia) is free and he immediately recovers a bag full of his belongings.

The Whispers John Doe

Jessup (Derek Webster) and Claire setup a meeting at the hospital. Wes Lawrence (Barry Sloane) receives a call, but ignores it. He is told to speak with Minx (Kylie Rogers) and he does. They speak about Minx’s new friend, Drill. Wes speaks about his relationship with Lena (Kristen Connolly) and insists nothing will change. Once he leaves home, Claire follows him and stops his car. She immediately hounds him about Sean. She shows him the sketch of Sean and questions why he wouldn’t come home.

Meanwhile, John Doe visits a storage unit and looks at his cache of information relating to Drill. At the hospital, Harper Weil (Abby Ryder Fortson) speaks to the doctor about her mother, Amanda (Autumn Reeser). Dr. Benavidez (Catalina Denis) insists Amanda is fighting. John Doe collects everything, while Claire speaks to Harper, who refuses to say whether or not the sketch is Drill. Harper insists she has to win, in order to get her mother back. Claire attempts to convince Harper to give up information, but she refuses.

Whispers Minx

The doctor notices the sketch of John Doe and tells Claire about him running away. Wes visits the Pentagon and speaks to Secretary Frommer (David Andrews), who reveals Sean was tasked with testing out a new weapon. They pair conclude that Sean had help shutting down the transponder, before disappearing. Wes tasks his team with tracking down Sean. Brent (Hiro Kanagawa) asks about his wife, before Miguel questions whether they should tail Henry and Claire.

The Whispers Recap

Meanwhile, Minx plays a game with her friend and wins. Minx convinces her friend to play a new game. She introduces her friend to Drill, who she insists is magic. Claire and Jessup speaks to the doctor, before they watch John make his escape. Claire tells Jessup that she believes John is her husband. At the office, Wes watches footage of Sean walk away from the crash. When he returns home, the house is being searched by the FBI, because compromising files were downloaded from his account. He argues with Lena about his cheating.

Minx enters and admits to accessing her daddy’s computer. Claire encounters the doctor in the parking garbage. John has stolen her keys and enters the doctor’s home. John takes a shower in her home, before freaking out. Wes informs Alex Myers (Alan Ruck) about his daughter’s confession, but he doesn’t believe him. John wakes up in the shower and draws something on the floor, while Claire collects her weapon outside of the doctor’s home. John makes his escape, when she arrives. Wes arrives and attempts to help Claire chase him down.

Of course, he loses them in a crowd of people. When Wes arrives, she lies to him about seeing Sean. Harper attempts to wake her mother up, before asking Drill what to do next. Henry watches television. His grandma overhears him talking, but he insists it was the television. Minx walks the street alone and thanks Drill, since she doesn’t want to be home anymore. Meanwhile, John stalks the doctor, who is having her car fixed in the garage. Claire discover the Assassin’s Creed like logo on the ground and snaps a picture of it.

The Whispers Assassin's Creed

Minx studies over a wiring diagram. The doctor gets into her vehicle and discover John inside. He pulls a gun on her and insists she is going to help him do something.


Well, a decent episode, but it seems like we’ve seen all of this before. The big cheating scandal is nothing new. John quickly getting a new tattoo, although he is on the run, is somewhat silly. Some of the acting is a little shaky, but the mystery of the show is good. For that, a 5.5 out of 10 is deserved.

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