The Walking Dead Review: Consumed

We shall back to the point, when Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) forces Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) out of the group. She sits in her car, as a zombie tries to get in. She screams at him to go away and drives off. After living a silent, nice life in a house for awhile, she leaves, drives up to the prison and watches it burn.

Carol and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) drive off into the night talking about Beth. Despite the roads being completely desolate, they seem to know exactly where Beth’s kidnappers are going. Carol and Daryl stake out their targets, who miraculously don’t notice them, even when a zombie begins banging on their car window. And their car is out of gas. A little whispering back and forth and the pair leave the car.

Next, we magically appear at a house. 4 to 5 zombies, with lots of zombie sounds. The pair enters the building. Dead zombie on the ground, with the keys. Very convenient! They enter a room and slide a heavy desk out of the way. Was that thing on wheels?

Temporary housing. The pair decides to sleep on some bunk beds. A little needless chatter about change, before Carol admits she doesn’t believe they get to save people anymore. Perhaps a simple piece of foreshadowing?

When the pair attempts to sleep, they’re stirred by a noise, which turns out to be a zombie. Daryl refuses to let Carol kill the zombie. In the morning, Carol finds Daryl burning bodies. She thanks him. Next, Carol is burying bodies with Tyreese. Has she become a grave digger?

The pair run along the empty streets of Atlanta. Daryl starts a fire to lure all of the zombies away. MacGyver incoming! More empty streets and buildings. Zombies in sleeping bags. This time, Daryl doesn’t refuse to kill them, despite being obviously harmless.

More of nothing, until the pair squeeze through a chained door. They find a nice office and look out the window. How do they get there? The interstate perhaps? The pair continue talking about starting over, as Daryl refuses to listen to Carol talk about killing the girl. The pair play spot the white car and believe they’ve got a lead.

The pair stand around making fun of an abstract painting on the wall. Then, they return and squeeze through the door again. Chris Rock, aka Noah (Tyler James Williams), holds them up and apologizes. He rips open the tents to let the zombies escape. Now, the pair is left without any thing, but three bullets. Daryl is upset that Carol attempted to shoot Noah. They continue insisted that Beth is alive.

Carol suggests they’ve changed and admits to no longer believing in god. More burning bodies. Back to walking on empty roads. The pair discover a van hanging off the side of a bridge. That thing definitely doesn’t look stable. A few zombies coming, as Daryl stupidly climbs inside and Carol follows him, which is even dumber.  Now, more zombies are approaching. A stretcher in the back of the fan and Daryl has a break through! They could be holding up at the hospital!

Now, they’re stuck inside of the van. What was the point in getting in there anyway? They strap themselves in, as it begins to teeter forward. WOW! It’s like a roller coaster! Not much of an impact. Carol seems to have hurt her shoulder, but the pair wander off.

Carol and Daryl share a drink and admit to their stupidity. Now, they’re on to the hospital. Daryl suggests scoping it out from a distance. Afterwards, they enter a building, find a machete and kill a zombie. Next, they spot their targets. Talk about convenience. The pair has an abundance of food and drink. Carol dwells deep in the past and discusses her days of domestic abuse. Then, she mentions the prison and how she felt she belonged there.

Knocking from outside interrupts the pair. A zombie with an arrow. Carol has become awfully weak all of a sudden. Convenience again, as Daryl finds Noah and drops a bookcase on him. Now, Daryl and Carol switch roles. Daryl wants to be the tough guy and Carol wants to save Noah. Another flip flop.

Another flashback to Carol covered in blood. Where are the burning bodies this time? Carol and Daryl save Noah. The pair discover Beth’s whereabouts thanks to Noah. The police show up in a station wagon and run into Carol. Meanwhile Daryl and Noah make their escape. Once minute they’re climbing through a fence and the next they’re in a van.


We already knew how the episode was going to end, which already hurt. Of course, it could have been fun getting there. Instead, we were left with dimwitted choices, overly convenient placements and shallow flashbacks. This was nothing more than a filler episode. The only real significant event was Daryl, Carol and possibly the team meeting up with Noah, which will eventually lead back to Beth. However, this could have been achieve in 5 minutes. Instead, we got a half-hearted attempt to develop Carol and Daryl’s relationship, which failed miserably.

It seems the writers and producers are beginning to take their viewers for granted. How long will people continue to watch, if things don’t improve? This episode took two fan favorites and make them boring shells of their former selves. For that, the episode deserves a 6 out of 10.

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