The Walking Dead: Forget Review

TWD Michonne

When the show opens, Sasha is allowed to go out hunting. Instead, she shoots some family pictures. Afterwards, she leans against a tree stump and waits for the zombies to come and get her. Rick has a meeting with Daryl and Carol outside of the camp, while contemplating their options. The group finds a zombie, with an M craved in its head. Afterwards, Michonne checks out her new police attire.

TWD Jessie and Rick

Daryl runs into Aaron (Ross Marquand) out in the woods. Aaron joins Daryl’s hunt. Meanwhile, Deanna Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh) gives Michonne and Rick their duties for watching the camp. Deanna talks nonsense about the group setting up a government and police force. Surprisingly, Rick and crew agree. Afterwards, Rick helps her by providing ideas for improving the compound’s security. Sasha arrives and volunteers to lookout in one of the clock towers. Deanna insists there isn’t anyone in those towers, which causes trouble, as everyone agrees Sasha should take one of the spots. Deanna puts Spencer in one of the towers, before inviting everyone to a party.

Aaron and Daryl TWD

Carol and Rick slip away and plan their escape. Meanwhile, Aaron and Daryl track down a horse named Buttons. Daryl fails to wrangle the horse, after walkers intervene. Next, Carol receives an offer to learn how to shoot from Tobin. Of course, she is busy unlocking the window. Aaron and Daryl continue their journey, after killing the zombies. Afterwards, Rick, Carl and Carol join the party, where Rick is introduced to Deanna’s husband, Reg. Aaron and Daryl kill a few zombies, before finding the horse being killed by zombies.

The Walking Dead Buttons

The pair kill the zombies, before Aaron puts down the horse. Back at the compound, Darly and Aaron decide to stay away from the party. Instead, they hang out at Aaron’s house and eat. At the same time, Rick and the others hang out at the party and Rick is introduced to Jessie’s family. Afterwards, Spencer and Sasha are introduced. Sasha makes her escape, while Daryl eats with Eric and Aaron. Afterwards, Aaron shows Daryl his garage, which is full of bike parts. He invites Daryl to be another recruiter for Alexandria. Aaron insists Daryl knows the difference between a good person and a bad person, before Daryl agrees to help.

The Walking Dead Zombie W

Carol attempts to steal the guns, but it caught a boy, Sam, who insists he must tell his mom. Of course, Carol scares him and convinces him that wouldn’t be a good idea. Meanwhile, Rick gives the married woman, Jessie, a kiss on the cheek, while Deanna attempts to convince Sasha to join their conversations. After a few minutes, she causes a scene and runs out. Afterwards, Sasha attempts to leave, but Deanna stops her. Eventually, she lets her go. At the same time, Rick, Carol and Daryl collect their guns outside, but Daryl insists he doesn’t need it. Still, Rick takes his gun.

Carol Sam

Meanwhile, Michonne mounts her sword on the wall, before Rick and company return. Rick stops Jessie and her husband, before heading on down the street. Rick heads to the barrier and listens to the zombie on the other side.

TWD Review

Overall, the past few episodes have felt really stale. Obviously, we’re building up to something, but the build up is completely unnecessary. There isn’t anybody on this planet that believes these characters are going to find peace and serenity at Alexandria, so what it is the point? At some point in the future, something is going to go terribly wrong and its becoming a slow, painful waiting game. Many of the scenes were overly cheesy and just unrealistic. Sadly, the group needs to bust out of Alexandria immediately. The episode deserves a 5.0 out of 10.

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