The Story of Luke Review

The Story Of Luke is a comedy, drama film that was first released in 2012, at the San Diego Film Festival. It was later released in America in 2013. 

The story revolves around the very eccentric, but highly intelligent, twenty-five year old, Luke (Lou Taylor Pucci). Luke is suddenly uprooted from his grandparent’s home, due to the death of his grandmother and the debilitating health of his grandpa Jonas (Kenneth Welsh), who was admitted to a skilled care facility. 

His grandparents worked diligently trying to make Luke as independent as possible, which was a difficult task for them being older and Luke being diagnosed with autism. Luke is now forced to go live with his Uncle Paul (Cary Elwes), aunt Cindy (Kristin Bauer Van Straten, True Blood), cousins Brad (Tyler Stentiford), and Megan (Mackenzie Muro). 

Although Luke felt like a fish out of water in his new living environment, he was going to make the best of it. Before his departure to the nursing home, grandpa Jonas gave Luke a good word of advice, “Get a job, find a girl, live your own life, and be a man”. Luke is bound and determined to follow his grandpa’s advice, in the precise order that it was given. 

Luke is very lucky to find a job. However he must face the difficulties of trying to overcome the bullying and pressure from none other than Zack (Seth Green). Zack’s father had placed him in a position to where he would have little contact with others because of his antisocial disorder. Over time, Zack began to look at Luke differently and learned a lot from him. 

With the first task completed, it was time to move to the next. Luke met a young lady that he thought would be his potential match, but we will soon see where that goes. All the while, his new found family begins to change their way of living and thinking for the better. Luke becomes an inspiration for everyone around him.


I love this film and would advise anyone and everyone to watch it. I commend the writer, Alonso Mayo, for his amazing work. This movie will make you laugh and cry, then laugh and cry again. Luke, can show the world a thing or two in his motivation, dedication, and commitment to follow his grandfather’s advice. 

Lou Taylor Pucci was absolutely astonishing and mesmerizing as the autistic Luke. The film deserves 8.5 out of 10.

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