The Royals Recap Episode 7

The Royals Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) is shown admiring her own oil painting. She blocks her old friend’s number, before contacting Jasper (Tom Austen). Ophelia (Merrit Patterson) and Prince Liam (William Moseley) wake up together and make plans. Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) is shown in gold paint and being pampered, before she receives urgent news. Liam shows Ophelia some tabloids about her. Rachel (Victoria Ekanoye) works to rectify the problem, while Helena grows angry.

The Royals Episode 7

Ted (Oliver Milburn) speaks to Ophelia alone. Eleanor is introduced to her new bodyguard. Ophelia is ridiculed by her father, but she stands her ground fairly well. After she exits, she speaks to Eleanor, who attempts to cheer her up. She is next seen in the limo with Ophelia and she recognizes the severity of the situation. Eleanor speaks to Ted and attempts to get Jasper returned. Ted insists Jasper said Eleanor said things that put him in an awkward position, before she learns about his reassignment.

Eleanor's Bodyguard The Royals

Helena speaks to Cyrus (Jake Maskall) about Ophelia’s scandal. She tells him about King Simon (Vincent Regan) speaking to the Prime Minister. She suggests Cyrus speak to his brother. Eleanor confronts Helena, before the Grand Duchess of Oxford (Joan Collins) enters and ridicules her interior design. Liam and Ophelia are hounded by the media. Cyrus confronts Simon, at Robert’s memorial. Cyrus speaks about Simon’s strength, but he insists he’ll know his place, when the monarchy ends. After a little arguing back and forth, Cyrus suggests they’ll keep the monarchy and abolish Simon.

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Liam watches and cheers for Ophelia, as she dances. Marcus (Ukweli Roach) informs Liam about the Dragon King’s anger about the bow and arrow. He also insists Liam needs to return to the palace immediately. Back at the palace, Helena is ridiculed by her mother. She tells Helena to give Simon the strength to maintain the monarchy. Ophelia learns about some openings in a dance company. She tells Marcus that the company is in New York and also convinces him to remain quiet. Helena questions Ted about the King’s location, but he remains loyal to Simon.

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They argue about Ophelia’s actions. Ted is ridiculed, before Helena tells Rachel to get her in touch with a tabloid rat. The journalist learns some information and confronts Ophelia on the street about her mother, before the scene turns into chaos. Liam and Eleanor hang out with the Duchess. The Duchess gives Eleanor some diamonds, which makes Helena jealous. Liam informs his mother that he has settled the Dragon King problem, before Cyrus enters and kisses the Duchess’s ring.

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The group discovers King Simon on television. He calls for the abolishment of the monarchy. Prudence (Poppy Corby-Tuech) is shown watching the telecast from home. Simon belittles his family and calls them zoo animals. He reveals that the Prime Minister has agreed and a bill will be presented to Parliament the following the day. Liam blames himself, while speaking to Eleanor. Eleanor promises to speak to her father and change his mind. Simon speaks to the staff and tells them he’ll take care of them. He asks about Prudence and learns that they were forced to let her go.

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Simon confronts Cyrus and Helena regarding Prudence. He tells them both that they’re out, before he breaks bad on Helena. He threatens the end of his marriage and the end of the monarchy. Eleanor attempts to speak some sense into her father. Of course, he questions her about the repetitive drug use and admits he is disappointed in her. She pleads with Simon to give Liam a chance, before she leaves and Ted enters. Simon suggests the family might be able to find happiness outside of the castle walls, before Liam interrupts and ends the conversation.

Liam is instructed to meet his fathers in the tunnels at night, so he can see what he sees. Helena attempts to hide from her mother, by ducking into Eleanor’s room. She asks for drugs, but Eleanor refuses. Liam informs Marcus about his meeting, before Marcus shows him the confrontation with the paparazzi. Liam confronts Helena and demands Ophelia receive her own security detail, but Helena suggests it doesn’t matter now anyway. Liam visits and attempts to comfort Ophelia. Afterwards, Eleanor destroys the oil painting, while the Duchess tells Helena that the war isn’t over.

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Eleanor continues her destruction, while Ted watches the paparazzi confrontation. Ophelia insists he should be happy that she has found someone. Cyrus and Helena contemplate their options, before Ophelia watches Cyrus exit the castle. Liam attempts to find his father, but he’s already gone. Simon is shown walking the streets alone. Helena calls someone and says it is nearly over, before Eleanor heads to her room and gives her some medications. Simon stubbles to the gates, after being attacked.


Undoubtedly, this was the best episode of The Royals yet. The romanticism was largely ignored and the scheming took center stage. Simon finally made his move to abolish the monarchy, but will it cost him his life? While that is doubtful, the episode was still very emotional and much less silly and crazy. The Royals could very well be a hit, if it maintained this level of quality. This episode deserves an 8 out of 10.

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