The Royals Recap Ep5

Ophelia Eleanor The Royals

The episode begins with Ophelia and Eleanor preparing for the upcoming ball. The pair discuss the possibility of Ophelia being interested in Liam and attempting to making him jealous, by bringing Nick.  Ophelia picks out a dress, but Eleanor insists she should wear it. Meanwhile, Helena uses a stunt double to meet with Alistair. Liam and Eleanor both hit the pipe, while discussing Helena’s cruel behavior. Jasper (Tom Austen) enters, after Liam leaves. He insists he should be off, since Eleanor isn’t leaving the palace, but she refuses to allow it.

Jasper The Royals

The pair head off to watch Helena’s grand entrance. Liam and his buddy, Ashok (Manpreet Bachu), watch Ophelia and her date arrive. Gemma insists they’re entirely fine with the arrangement. Ophelia attempts to apologize, but Nick stops her and insists he is just happy to spend the night together. Helena makes her entrance, before she sets up her next move with Cyrus. Afterwards, she meets back up with Alistair Lacey (Noah Huntley), while Cyrus gives coke to James Holloway (Scott Maslen).

The Royals Helena Ball Entrance

Back at the ball, Nick convinces Ophelia to take to the dance floor. Liam, Ashok and Gemma enjoy shots, while Eleanor and Jasper dance. As Jasper and Eleanor make their departure, Liam introduces himself to Nick, which gives Gemma and Ophelia a chance to chat. After a little foreplay, Jasper prevents things from going further and insists he is in control, before rushing off. He insists she should tell everyone about his blackmailing, if she really wishes to end it. She takes to the stage and grabs the microphone, but only insults a guest.

The Royals Eleanor Jasper

Meanwhile, Cyrus entices all of the men with women, in hopes of keeping the monarchy in tact. He instructs Prudence (Poppy Corby-Tuech) to go to his room and wait for him. Back at the ball, Gemma helps Liam get the chance to dance with Ophelia. During their dance, the pair discuss Nick and Ophelia insists Liam shouldn’t like him. They end up arguing, before Gemma returns and rubs it in. Helena speaks to Alistair and talks about what would’ve happened, if her father wouldn’t have pushed her into marrying Simon.

Prudence The Royals

Cyrus is told that the monarchy would be shutdown, if the bill hit the floor. He discusses his business partnership with Holloway, in order to keep things together. Liam speaks to Eleanor and asks if she is okay, but she rushes away. Gemma returns and forces Liam to dance with her. Gemma speaks about the potential troubles of Liam getting with Ophelia, before Ashok interrupts. Meanwhile, Prudence is shown in Cyrus’s bedroom drugging his drink.

The Royals Ophelia and Nick

Helena and Alistair dance, before he leaves. Jasper approaches Eleanor on the balcony and forces her to dance with him. He insists it hasn’t been about the video for awhile, before admitting there isn’t a video. He suggests she likes being controlled by him and wants him. She agrees and heads to her room to get nude and wait for him. Nick tells Ophelia that Liam is a nice guy, before Ophelia gets angry and insists a guy should fight for a girl. After she insists the prince should fight for her, Nick leaves.

Alistair Helena The Royals

Liam approaches Ophelia and insists she should come with him on his vacation. Helena’s dance is interrupted, before she prepares to end the ball with a bang. Cyrus returns to his room and speaks about royals being poisoned with Prudence, before she attempts to run out. Of course, he prevents it and asks for a favor. He insists Prudence should follow the King and find out where he goes, before he forces her into sex again.

Gemma Liam The Royals

When Jasper visits Eleanor’s room, another woman has taken her place. Eleanor is shown leaving outside. Ophelia joins Liam, as they head towards their vacation.


This episode of the Royals was actually quite interesting. There was plenty of scheming going around by Cyrus and Jasper. It could’ve used a little less of the awful drama of Ophelia and her attempt to force Nick and Liam to fight for her love. If the show could only eliminate her, it would be tremendously better. Otherwise, there was plenty of action and even an assassination attempt. The episode scores a 7 out of 10.

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