The Royals: Infants of the Spring Review

Tom Austen The Royals

At the beginning of the episode, Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) attempts to snag Jasper’s (Tom Austen) phone and delete her incriminating video. Jasper informs her that he has it backed up to several hard drives, which deflates Eleanor. Jasper manipulates Eleanor into grabbing him some food, but Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) interrupts. As it turns out, Eleanor is in trouble, due to some social media postings. Eleanor is given a social media advisor, Rachel (Victoria Ekanoye). They end up having a little fun with Eleanor, before Jasper starts again and sends her after food and coffee.

Queen Helena The Royals

Ophelia (Merritt Patterson) and Liam (William Moseley) enjoy tea, before we’re shown a news report regarding a celebration for the troops. Ted (Oliver Milburn) speaks to the Queen and reveals they’ve received a series of threats. Helena insists Ophelia is more of a threat. Cyrus (Jake Maskall) arrives and Helena insists the party is important for the status of the royals. Afterwards, Marcus (Ukweli Roach) is forced to prevent Gemma (Sophie Colquhoun) from being tossed out by the guards. He tells her that she has been removed from the list. Ophelia and Liam enter, before Gemma gives Liam a hug.

Ukweli Roach

King Simon (Vincent Regan) and Helena disagree over Ted and Ophelia, as well as the celebration for the troops. Simon insists the move is an attempt to stop him from abolishing the monarchy. Gemma insists she’ll fight Ophelia for Liam. Gemma reassures Liam that she isn’t trying to get back with him, since he is in line for the throne. Meanwhile, Liam’s friend, Ashok (Manpreet Bachu), hangs out with Ophelia and insists Liam likes her. Liam arrives and tells the pair about the garden party. He leaves with Ophelia, in order to get her a hat.

Princess Penelope The Royals

Before the event, everyone arrives including Princess Maribel (Hatty Preston) and Princess Penelope (Lydia Rose Bewley). Helena informs Liam she invited Gemma. Everyone greets the citizens, but Eleanor makes a fool of herself and Liam goes stage diving. Liam emerges from the crowd, before his actions are ridiculed by Ted, but Cyrus stops the abuse. Cyrus insists Liam is throwing his chance at the throne away for school boy crushes. Jasper and Eleanor stroll through the crowd, while Eleanor threatens him with jail, when he slips up.

Cyrus The Royals

Gemma speaks to Ophelia and instantly belittles her. She tells Ophelia of her first meeting with Liam. Gemma insists she can be her, but insists Ophelia can’t be her. Cyrus speaks to James Holloway (Scott Maslen). James attempts to apologize for his earlier absence, before they agree to get drunk. Meanwhile, Helena speaks to all of the heroes. She chats with Winston Moody (Geoffrey McGivern) and contemplates the destruction of the monarchy and the potential of moving Liam’s wedding to America. She insists the monarchy brings in a ton of money to the people.

Noah Huntley The Royals

Ophelia speaks to Gemma and tells her she’s been to Kentucky, before they share bourbon. Jasper and Eleanor speak to the olympic hero, Andy Sinclair, before Jasper pulls Eleanor aside and attempts to stop her from seducing the swimmer. Simon asks Prudence (Poppy Croby-Tuech) what she thinks about the monarchy. She insists some of his household members are terrible. Simon agrees and says the whole thing is intolerable, before he helps her prepare dishes. Gemma and Ophelia continue their drinking contest. Ophelia walks off and ends up making a fool of herself, before she passes out in the garden. Liam carries her back to her room, before she questions how he could date Gemma. She winds up throwing up everywhere, before running off in shame.

Jasper The Royals

King Simon continues helping Prudence and speaking about playing cards and the suicide king. Liam comforts Ophelia, before he reveals his feelings of Robert potential being king. Ophelia insists Liam was only supposed to become a story, before she admits she was jealous, when he invited Gemma. Liam tells her the truth. Meanwhile, Eleanor takes Andy Sinclair (Jack Derges) back to her room, with Jasper following. Before Andy enters, Jasper grabs a photo with him. Eleanor returns back outside and discovers Jasper has knocked out Andy. Maribel and Penelope arrive and drag Andy’s body away.

Jasper The Royals Tom Austen

Ophelia tells Liam she isn’t posh and that he will be an amazing king, before he leaves. Helena speaks to Ted and continues insisting Ophelia is a problem. When she returns to her room, she discovers Alistair Lacey (Noah Huntley) waiting for her. They wind up kissing, before Helena sends him away. However, they confess their love to one another. Meanwhile, Cyrus and James finish having intercourse, before Cyrus attempt to blackmail James.

Poppy Croby-Tuech The Royals Prudence

Eleanor’s tweets continue to be changed, before Jasper enters and tells her he’ll release the video, if they have another day like today. She insists he won’t, because she’ll go away, if he does. He takes the wine and leaves. Eleanor visits Ophelia and asks for her help. Meanwhile, Prudence pulls out a gun. Liam speaks to Simon regarding his disappearance from the party. Liam asks for a little time, before he goes to parliament. Simon agrees to give him a chance.


At first glance, one would think this show would be horrible, but it is turning out to be fairly interesting. Sure, it is bogged down in silly sex and childish antics, but there are some fine moments hidden underneath. The British Prince falling for the American girl is overly cliche, but easily ignored. The conniving and scheming are enough to keep one watching. The show might not blow your mind, but it is certainly more than watchable and somewhat likable. The episode deserves a 6.5 out of 10.

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