The Royals Finale Recap

The Royals Domino

The episode begins with Ophelia (Merritt Patterson) waking up Prince Liam (William Moseley). Liam offers to run away somewhere with Ophelia, but she insists they cannot. She eventually agrees, before we switch to Cyrus (Jake Maskall), who learns that the blood was never even tested. He attempts to send Dr. Michael Cohen (Peter Vollebregt) away. Liam pays a visit to King Simon (Vincent Regan), before Lucius (Andrew Bicknell) enters and attempts to send him away.

Lucius The Royals

Princess Eleanor picks up Jasper (Tom Austen) at the jail. She quickly updates Jasper, before asking for his assistance. Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) finishes writing her letter, before she is interrupted by Cyrus. Cyrus insists the pair need to work together, before they bring up Alistair Lacey (Noah Huntley). After Cyrus departs, Helena receives a weird letter. Next, Liam confronts Cyrus about barring him from his father. Liam offers to leave forever, if Cyrus gives him the plane and he agrees.

Eleanor Jasper The Royals

Jasper and Eleanor contemplate meeting Brandon Boone (Thomas Christian). Ted catches Ophelia packing and she lies about going to New York. Lucius approaches Helena and is tasked with delivering Helena’s letter. Eleanor returns to her room and receives instructions from Jasper. She finds his gun, before finding another and a bag. Before she can leave, Liam enters and tells her that he is leaving. He offers to bring her along, but she isn’t ready yet.

Cyrus tells Ted to bring him the suspect’s head. Cyrus visits Simon and discovers his mother (Irene Sutcliffe). She speaks to Cyrus, as if he is Simon and tells him to be careful of Cyrus. Cyrus insists he loves his mother, before he exits. Liam and Ophelia run into Marcus (Ukweli Roach) on their way out. Gemma (Sophie Colquhoun) exits and speaks to Marcus, after they depart. She insists Ophelia is giving up her dreams and will regret it in the future.

Mom The Royals

On the plane, Liam notices his necklace, which has the same symbol that was on Helena’s letter. He learns he was found in the park, before he gets a phone call. Meanwhile, Helena sits down with an interviewer (Tania Bryer). Liam finds the doctor’s phone on the plane. Helena speaks about her first love, before she found Simon. Helena lies about her lover’s name and suggests he died in battle.

Back on the plane, Liam insists he has been selfish, before Ophelia learns that they’re in New York. He tells her she cannot give up her dreams yet. He tells Ophelia about the pendant and reveals it isn’t his. He tells her he has to go back and fight Simon’s battle. Despite Ophelia’s doubt, Liam insists they’ll find one another again. Lucius is shown delivering the letter to Alistair. Lucius burns the letter, before Alistair can read it. Agents enter and kill Alistair, as Lucius leaves.

That night, Jasper and Eleanor wait for Brandon. Jasper explains why he slept with Helena, before Brandon arrives. Brandon admits to killing Robert for money, but insists he wouldn’t have done it, if he had known who he has. He reveals that he operated drones and used one to kill Robert. Brandon reveals his major used to get calls from the palace. He suggests he came forward, because they tried to blame Robert’s death on a suicide.

The Royals Brandon

Lucius returns and tells Helena he finished the task. After she leaves, Lucius confirms he completed Cyrus’s task, as well. Ophelia is shown preparing to dance, before Eleanor and Jasper run into Liam. Gemma texts with one of the talent agents and demands he sign her and keep her in New York. Liam approaches Cyrus. Liam locks the door and begins attacking Cyrus. Meanwhile, Lucius nearly kills Simon, before Ted interrupts. While Liam continues pounding on Cyrus, Simon’s heart stops. Marcus enters and stops Liam.

Liam visits his father and insists he’ll avenge him. Helena receives a call and learns about Simon’s death. Cyrus approaches Simon and takes his ring. Liam comforts Eleanor, while crowds begin to gather outside of the palace gates. Helena greets everyone outside, before a Domino flag, which features the same symbol as the letter and Liam’s pendant, appears behind her. Prudence (Poppy Corby-Tuech) is shown. She is pregnant and insists daddy has just become king. Meanwhile, Cyrus sits on the throne and puts on Simon’s ring.


A surprisingly good finale for The Royals. No, nothing was solved, but Cyrus did become King. It was definitely nice to see Jasper and Prudence back in the picture. It is a good thing this show got a second season! I’ll certainly watch the next. A 7 out of 10.

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