The Royals Episode 9 Recap

The Royals Season 2

When the episode starts, Prince Liam (William Moseley) listens to a news report regarding the DNA tests. It is confirmed that Liam and Eleanor (Alexandra Park) are not direct descendants of King Simon (Vincent Regan). Liam gets a message from Ophelia (Merritt Patterson), but he destroys his phone. Eleanor confronts Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) and blames her for setting everything up. Eleanor questions Helena, if she killed Robert. Helena denies everything and insists Robert killed himself.

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Next, Cyrus (Jake Maskall) speaks to Ted (Oliver Milburn) about the investigation into the King’s attack. Cyrus kisses the Archbishop’s book and announces himself the acting King. Ophelia complains to Marcus (Ukweli Roach), who has been removed from Liam’s security detail. Ophelia distracts Marcus and makes her escape. Meanwhile, Liam makes a fool of himself at the pub. When he stops, he imagines he sees Simon, who enters and chats with him about love. Cyrus pays a visit to Helena, who questions, if they’ve gone too far. Cyrus insists they had to do it.

Ted enters and tells them about Simon’s condition, before he shows them a picture of the man on CCTV. Helena begins making arrangements to bring Simon home. After Ted leaves, Cyrus insists everything will work out, but Helena seems to be having doubts. Princess Maribel and Princess Penelope speak about Liam and Eleanor’s statuses. They contemplate their chances of becoming the next Queen. Ophelia enters and finds Gemma (Sophie Colquhoun), who is there to speak to the Queen. Gemma says Liam has moved on and insists Ophelia had her chance.

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Ophelia insists she is worried about Liam and will find him, before Eleanor is shown speaking to Simon. Helena speaks to Marcus about his time with Liam. She questions him about the man on CCTV. After a little convincing, Marcus suggests the man is ex-military, has a weapon and is there to provoke a response. Helena tasks him with investigating the man. Rachel (Victoria Ekanoye) enters and is ordered to schedule a meeting with Nigel Moorefield (Simon Thomas). She also reveals she is a dominatrix in her spare time.

Marcus encounters Ophelia and tells her how to track Liam’s phone. Meanwhile, Ted interviews Cyrus. Cyrus finally tells Ted about his affair. Ted finally admits that he doesn’t like Cyrus. Ophelia is unable to track Liam’s phone, since he destroyed it. Liam continues drinking and speaking to imaginary Simon. The bartender (Spencer Wilding) interrupts. Helena meets with Nigel and insists changes to the succession plan must happen. The two Princesses enter and attempt to claim their places. Helena insists she should be placed in power and asks for Nigel’s support.

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Ophelia speaks to her father, who tells her she should be in New York City. She tells him she needs to find Liam. Eleanor attempts to visit Simon, but she is barred, because she isn’t family. She approaches Cyrus, but guards hold her back. Eleanor threatens Cyrus, before she leaves. Ted approaches everyone and tells them that the man is Brandon Boone (Thomas Christian), who was in Robert’s military platoon. The bartender approaches Liam and demands he pay the bar tab. When he cannot pay, he is attacked and Brandon Boone is shown in the corner.

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After Liam is beaten up, he is given a free pint. Meanwhile, Cyrus learns about Moorefield from his daughters. Marcus finally makes it to Liam and insists he needs to go back to the palace. Marcus gives him money and a phone, before he leaves. Gemma speaks to Helena, who insists she must be upset with her. Gemma insists she does love Liam. They pair speak about love and Gemma insists Helena should tell the people she loves the King. That night, Liam stumbles home in the rain, before he takes a break and speaks to imaginary Simon again.

Simon insists you have to fight sometimes, before a vehicle approaches. Eleanor sneaks in to find her father, but learns about him being moved to the palace. Helena tells Rachel she wants to do a television interview. Rachel insists people have secrets and desires. She insists people will understand and forgive those things. After she leaves, Cyrus enters and questions Helena about her meeting with Nigel. Helena confirms she knows where Cyrus went that night, before she leaves him frightened.

Helena speaks to imaginary Simon about Robert. Liam is pulled into the vehicle, while Eleanor gets into the elevator with Brandon. He grabs her and says she needs to listen to him. He insists she isn’t safe and gives her a meeting location, where she’ll learn about Robert’s murder. He confirms he is the one, who killed him, before the episode ends.


Another decent and much more serious episode of The Royals. It was certainly fun to see evil Cyrus take over and give out commands. The whole mystery regarding Robert’s death is coming together fairly well and should be interesting, as long as it doesn’t turn out to be totally predictable. A 6.5 out of 10 is deserved.

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