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The show starts, by introducing us to Camille Winship (India Ennenga). She is quickly grilled, by her teacher, before her school bus crashes over a cliff. Then, we’re transported to the present day. Camille climbs back up the cliff and emerges on the road. She is obviously distressed, as she stumbles down the road. The electricity goes out around the town, as Camille’s mom lights candles to commemorate her daughter.

Camille Bus Crash

Meanwhile, Jack argues with Kris, after he announces her pregnancy. The group argues over a memorial for the kids that died in the bus crash years ago. Camille returns home and shocks her mother, Claire Winship (Tandi Wright). Camille asks about her sister, Lena, who is away at a friends. Jack Winship (Mark Pellegrino) hangs out with Lucy McCabe (Leah Gibson), after they have sex. Lucy seemingly bums money and Jack gives it up, without a fight. Jack receives a call from Claire, who informs him he needs to come over immediately.

India Ennenga

Meanwhile, Hunter joins Lena and her friends, who get drunk at the bar. Jack arrives at Claire’s and is informed about Camille. Obviously, he doesn’t believe it at first. After he sees her for himself, the pair discuss the circumstances. Camille joins them outside and insists she feels fine. Meanwhile, Dr. Han goes shopping, before heading home. She witnesses a little boy at the bus stop and pulls over. When she gets out and approaches, the boy is gone. After she returns home, the boy, Victor (Dylan Kingwell), stands outside of her door.

Sandrine Holt

Dr. Julie Han (Sandrine Holt) approaches the boy and attempts to speak to him, before bringing him inside. When questioned by a neighbor, Julie gives the boy a name, Victor. Julie feeds the boy and attempts to get him to talk, but it is no good. Instead, she winds up calling 911, but insists it is a mistake, when the operator answers. She agrees to let the boy stay the night, but suggests taking him to the police in the morning.

Tandi Wright

Meanwhile, Peter returns home to discover Claire with Jack, which obviously upsets him. He is told about Camille, but doesn’t believe it, until he sees her for himself. Since Peter is a psychologist, Claire suggests he can offer help. Peter Lattimore (Jeremy Sisto) questions about the accident, but Camille has no recollection of it. Peter insists the memories should return, after she gets over the shock. He offers his support, when Camille is ready to talk. Jack attempts to get in contact with Lucy, before he speaks to Peter. Jack ridicules Peter’s therapy sessions with all of the parents, before exiting.

Jeremy Sisto

Next, Helen Goddard (Michelle Forbes, The Killing) returns home and gets into bed with George. Next, Simon Moran (Mat Vairo) enters the bar, Dog Star, and questions about Rowan and insists she works as a waitress there. Lena interrupts and insists she knows where Rowan lives. George calls Julie Han and attempts to tell her about Rowan’s return. Lena and Simon walk through Caldwell and discuss Rowan. Simon leaves her behind, once they reach Rowan’s (Elizabeth Winstead) townhouse. As Rowan tries on her bridal veil, she locks eyes with Simon.

Mat Vairo

She screams at Simon to go away, as he pounds on the door and calls her name. Meanwhile, George walks to a bridge and throws himself over. Afterwards, the sheriff and Rowan’s fiancé arrives at home to find his girlfriend in tears. She insists she thought the Simon stuff was over, but admits it isn’t. Meanwhile, Victor watches cartoons, before Julie puts him to sleep. When questioned his real name, the boy says Victor.

George Suicide

Jake returns to Lucy and insists her to ask Camille why she is here. Apparently, Lucy has been pretending to be a psychic for awhile and Jack has finally found out the truth. The pair argue, before Lucy smacks him and runs off. She is attacked in the tunnel, by a hooded figure, and killed. Next, Lena returns home and discovers Camille is back. Lena freaks out and cries for her mother, who rushes in and comforts a distraught Camille.

The Returned Lucy Murdered Killed

Next, the show flashes back four years and shows Camille complaining about going on a school field trip. She attempts to get out of it, by pretending to be sick, but it fails. After the family leaves, Lena invites her boyfriend in and the pair make out. Lena prevents her boyfriend from taking it any further, since she admits she and Camille both liked him. Camille is being given an assignment, by her treatment. Lena finally caves in and agrees to have intercourse, with her boyfriend. Camille gets up and attempts to get out of the bus, as the driver swerves in order to avoid hitting a boy, Victor, and the bus crashes over the cliff.


The American version of The Returned took awhile to get rolling, but it actually got pretty good during the middle of the episode. There is quite a bit to like about the remake. Michelle Forbes, India Ennenga and Mat Vairo really stood out. The show certainly didn’t have the same dramatic creepiness of the original, but it wasn’t bad. If you haven’t seen the original, the American remake is certainly worth checking out, so far. If you don’t mind reading subtitles, you should definitely give the original a chance.

Either way, it is nice to see Les Revenants receive attention in the states. The first episode had some good moments and deserves a 7 out of 10.

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