The Red Road: Intruders Review

Harold Jensen

Harold (Martin Henderson) and Jean Jensen (Julianne Nicholson) chat about the death of Captain Warren, with Jean’s parents, while Rachel (Allie Gonino) grabs some foods and supplies. At his place, Phillip Kopus (Jason Momoa) listens to depressing music, eats and scratches under his ankle bracelet. Sonya (Kara Michele Wilder) pays him a visit and offers to sell drugs for him, before thanking him for the baby seat. The pair wind up going back inside for a little intercourse. Back at the tribe headquarters, Marie (Tamara Tunie) attempts to come up with ways to get money for the tribe.

Phillip Kopus The Red Road

They discuss opening a museum and craft shop, before the casino option is brought up. Charlie Meer (Timothy Douglas Perez) insists Mac was trying to change the tribe. When she attempts to leave, Frank Morgan (Nick Gomez) offers to transport her, but she refuses. Sky Van Der Even (Lisa Bonet) argues with Marie over her decisions. During their conversation, two masked men enter and attempt to rob the women. One of the masked men insists Marie’s son stole money from them. The women end up locked in the closet.

The Red Road Season 2

Meanwhile, David (Mike Farrell) and Sylvia (Irene Ziegler) attempt to convince the Jensens to leave the area with them. Norman Reed (Hayes Mercure) visits Harold and tells him about the availability of counseling, before they receive the stress call from the tribal chief, Marie. At the chief’s house, a shootout ensues with Frank and the robbers, when Phillip arrives outside. Phillip ends up saving Frank, but receives no thanks and a slap from Marie. Rachel finally makes her way to Junior’s (Kiowa Gordon) place. She rummages through his belongings, but he’s nowhere to be found.

Kara Michele Wilder

Frank and Harold team up, although reluctantly, to track down the intruders. Meanwhile, Jean seems to trip out with Kate (Annalise Basso) and Sylvia. Frank attempts to impress Harold, by speaking about his tour of duty. The pair debate Jean’s wreck from the previous season. David and Jean end up alone and David speaks about his decision to move out. They discuss Jean’s brother, Bryan, who died. David encourages her to give moving a little thought. Next, Junior is shown hunting in the woods. He comes across the two intruders and gives them directions.

Kate Red Road

Phillip enters Junior’s camp and tells Rachel it isn’t safe, but she only argues. After a question from Phillip, Rachel insists her mother will never get any better. Despite questions from Kate, Jean crushes some of her old belongings and believes she sees blood come out of the trash truck. Frank and Harold continue their hunt. After a little arguing, the pair end up trading punches, before continuing their search.

Kiowa Gordon

Junior finally returns and is confronted by Phillip. Junior insists he saw the intruders, before he accuses Phillip. Rachel and Junior are finally left alone. Rachel insists he is acting crazy, by camping out. Frank tells Harold that his son still has one of the items that Jean gave him. The pair stop near a man, who is fixing his tire. The man opens fire, when he pretends to get his license and another emerges from the woods firing. The car gets away, but Frank chases it in Harold’s truck. Harold stays with the shooting victim, Nootah (Nelson Bonilla), who dies.

The Red Road Show

Back at the station, Harold blames Lieutenant Aschell (Griff Furst) for botching their chances of capturing the suspects. Phillip returns to Sonya and insists they should stay clear of one another, since he doesn’t think it is right. Back at home, Jean calls Rachel and learns about her location, but agrees to let her stay. Harold speaks to Jean about killing the intruder. He begins contemplating his career, actions and life, in general. He contemplates taking Jean’s dad up on his offer. Jean tells Harold about Warren confessing to killing his wife.

The Red Road Tribe


Intruders was a little faster paced than the others, but we still got a little craziness from Jean. Harold and Frank’s ride along was definitely entertaining and fun. At the same time, Jean’s scenes are becoming more and more bizarre. It was definitely nice to see Kate back. After all, she was the most likable Jensen daughter. Overall, it seems like this season is setting us up for some massive disaster or showdown. The episode did a good job of building tension. For that, is deserves a 7 out of 10.

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