The Red Road: The Hatching Recap

Jean Red Road Birds Nest

At the beginning of the episode, Jean Jensen (Julianne Nicholson) is shown tossing out all of her medications. She goes into the outbuilding and turns on the timer. Junior (Kiowa Gordon) is shown arriving at Chief Levi’s home. Harold Jensen (Martin Henderson) breaks through the concrete, which is preventing access to the mines. Sludge begins pouring out. Jean is shown with a bag over her head, before a neighbor opens the door and checks on her.

Martin Henderson

The neighbor provides her with a package, which belongs to her father. The package drops sludge on the ground. She opens it up and sees a bird’s nest, before the timer wakes her up. When she steps outside, she notices her neighbor blowing off his driveway. Harold returns home and tells Jean to stick with bottled water. He also admits that her father might’ve had something to do with it. She tells him about her visions and the dead birds. She admits to giving her father the box, but hiding the black egg in her room. Her mother told her that it was her imagination.

David Red Road

Harold returns to the station and alerts everyone to the situation. Lieutenant Aschell (Griff Furst) questions Harold about the lead in the water. Meanwhile, Phillip Kopus (Jason Momoa) returns to Junior’s campground, but finds it abandoned. Phillip recruits Harold to prevent Junior from killing his old man. However, Harold insists he cannot fix the situation for him. Rachel Jensen (Allie Gonino) receives a call from Junior, who admits he is in Connecticut. After they hang up, Junior arms himself, but is interrupted by two young girls.

Red Road Rachel

At the station, David Rogers (Mike Farrell) blames the Indians for dumping the sludge. Harold doesn’t believe him and the pair argue, before David departs. Rachel calls Harold and warns him about Junior behaving strangely. Chief Levi shows Junior some Indian artifacts. Levi insists the Lenape Indians are mixed and don’t have any Indian heritage. Meanwhile, Jean rummages through the house, with Rachel and Kate Jensen (Annalise Basso) nearby. Kate and Rachel argue, while Kate cuts into a package.

Junior The Red Road

She discovers a book, Communicating with your Schizophrenic Child. Jean admits she is an idiot, before findings a hollow spot in the wall. She discovers an old vent. Meanwhile, Phillip drinks at the bar. He convinces the bartender to allow him to drink, until he passes out. Levi and Junior continue exploring Levi’s museum. Junior stabs him in the back, before he is hauled away by guards. Harold arrives at Levi’s house and speaks to a bodyguard, who suggests the chief has already left. Instead, he is pushed out.

Red Road Harold and Phillip

Jean speaks through the vent and confirms she was right all along. Sylvia (Irene Ziegler) and David enter. Jean begins hearing voices, which tell her to stab her parents. She finally confirms that the voices she hears are that of her parents. The police arrive and speak to Harold. He is arrested. Junior is taken to a secluded cabin. Jean attempts to make contact with Harold to no avail. While he waits for his father’s arrival, Hassun (G-Rod) speaks to Junior. As the police arrive outside, Hassun greets them and inspects something in the trunk, before returning. Junior watches, as the police car pulls up to another cabin.

Jean Schizophrenic The Red Road

Jean pays a visit to Phillip and wakes him up, before urging him to find Harold. Of course, Phillip isn’t allowed to leave the state. After a brief argument, Phillip shuts her out. Junior is awoken, by screams on the television and attempts to make his escape. He escapes the cabin and approaches the police car. He hears someone inside of the trunk, before breaking him out. Together, the pair attempt to escape.

Blair Redford

Phillip confronts the chief and questions him about Junior. Phillip is told to leave the chief’s reservation. He meets up with Harold, as soon as he is released. The pair decide to team up and find Junior together. Harold calls home and speaks to Jean. After the call ends, the pair drive out into the woods and Phillip reveals he has the chief’s bodyguard, Rowtag (Cooper Andrews), in the back. Phillip gives Harold a gun, while they approach the cabin.

Phillip and Harold Red Road

They discover the police car, with an abundance of blood in the trunk. They pair begin following the blood trail. Junior is shown dragging Cody (Blair Redford) through the woods. The pair stop and chat about their crimes. Cody admits he messed up a job, with his uncle, who has been killed by one of the cops. Cody speaks about Levi attempting to convince another tribe to build casinos. Cody tells about his uncle being shot. He also admits to killing Mac. Cody insists he didn’t mean to kill Mac, before Junior leaves him with a knife and threatens to come back and kill him.

Cody Killed The Red Road

Next, Phillip and Harold continue trekking through the woods. Harold insists nobody can die, but Phillip says it is up to them. Junior turns around and attempts to return to Cody, but he watches the cops kill him. The episode ends with Junior running through the woods.


Hands down, this was by far the best episode of the season. A lot of revelations were made and Junior finally made his move on his father. Jean’s discoveries at home were definitely startling. Was her parents messing with her all along? This episode perfectly built a tremendous amount of tense and certainly set up the next episode very well. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved.

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