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The Principal Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

In the second episode of The Principal, Matt Bashir (Alex Dimitriades) is forced to deal with the aftermath of Karim Ahmad’s (Tyler De Nawi) death on school grounds. He quickly enlists the help of Kellie Norton (Mirrah Foulkes) and attempts to shield the other kids from the scene. Unfortunately, the news gets spread around through the kid’s smartphones. Tarek (Rahel Romahn) discovers his father, Mohammad (Michael Denkha), at the school, chases after him and discovers the truth about his brother.

The Principal Recap

Matt is forced to tell the kids about the event. He does so by the school’s intercom. Detective Adam Bilic (Aden Young) is brought into the school to investigate the murder. Matt also brings all of the parents into the school and updates them to the situation. He tells them they can take the kids home for the day, but he insists they should return the next. Adam interviews Tarek and his father in their home, before searching through Karim’s room. He discovers an expensive watch.

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Afterwards, Adam questions Kellie about Sisi Parata (Alika Matangi) and his brother’s murder. Next, the pair interview Sisi and his cousin, Pig (JR Laveta). Throughout the conversation, Sisi maintains his innocence. George (George Harrison Xanthis) discovers that a knife is missing. He insists that he passed it along to Alma Bivas (Neveen Hanna), at the canteen. Adam learns about the butcher’s window and ridicules Kellie for not telling him about the incident. Next, they speak to Alma, who complains about Karim’s drug dealing.

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She also confirms that he was her son, Sami (Narek Arman), who ratted out Karim. Next, Adam meets up with Matt and Ursula (Di Adams). The trio check out the CCTV cameras and discover the homeless kid, Kenny Movondo (Thuso Lekwape), sneaking into the school at night. The trio search Kenny’s locker. Inside, they discover the knife and some drugs. Kenny is interviewed, but claims he is innocent. He also insists he needed the knife for protection. Other than that, he says very little. While he chows down on snacks, Kellie tells Matt that he still a suspect, but cannot be questioned further, until they discover more incriminating information.

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She also informs Matt that Kenny insisted Karim was using his locker to stash the drugs. Matt speaks with Kenny and tells him he can no longer sleep at the school. He makes him an offer and promises to bring him breakfast, if he gets to school early. Matt visits the Ahmad household and brings them food. In the morning, Matt completely forgets about breakfast and is forced to rush to the store, before heading to the school. Val (Deborah Kennedy) interrupts breakfast and informs Matt that Bilic is looking for him.

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He discovers Bilic and his men scouring through trash bins near the murder scene. Matt is questioned about Karim’s drug dealing. He requests that Bilic hurry up and release Karim’s body, but Bilic doesn’t seem to care. Adam brings his team together and attempts to figure out who Karim was dealing for. They switch on the television and see Matt giving an interview about moving the school forward. Next, Matt converses with Dino Abbadelli (Robert Mammone) and attempts to buy more time.

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Karim’s friends visit him and drag him to school, so they can get revenge. In the morning, Pig confronts Matt and informs him that he is responsible for Sisi. Tarek arrives and confirms he’ll be at the boxing session. Ursula attempts to convince Matt that boxing is a terrible idea, but he believes the opposite and expands the program. Matt takes Sisi aside and puts him in the library, where he’ll be safe. Matt trades places with one of the teachers and sends him to the gym.

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Matt quickly learns that the kids are learning about Gallipoli. He speaks to the boys about conflict. During boxing, Tarek sets aside. Trevor (Oscar Redding) revamps the boxing class and gets the kids throwing punches. They wear themselves out, while Matt allows the boys to speak about their families and conflicts. Ursula discovers Sisi in the library and sends him to the food tech class. This leads to chaos and George getting socked in the nose. Kellie interrupts and helps to defuse the situation.

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Tarek is escorted to the principal’s office. While there, he tells Matt that he father hates him. Matt gives Tarek his private phone number, so he can call him, at any time. At the police station, Adam tells Kellie about Matt’s time at another school. Adam tells her that a female student complained about Matt touching her. Tarek heads to the store to buy some chips and the cashier gives him a bag of cash. The next day, Matt gives Kenny breakfast once more. He attempts to get him to open up and speak, but fails.

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Next, Sami tells Matt that his mother is stuck at home with the cops. Sami enters the office and gives Matt information about Karim’s dealer. When Sami heads into the hallway, he is attacked by Tarek. Once again, Tarek is in trouble. Kellie takes him home. Tarek pleads with her not to tell her not to tell his father about Karim’s drug dealing. That night, Matt shares a drink with Kellie. She asks him about his complaint at the previous school and he insists he did nothing wrong. She seems to believe him.

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After they exit, Matt heads back inside. He is confronted in the bathroom by another man and the pair begin making out.


The Principal Review

The second episode of The Principal was just as interesting, compelling and mysterious as the first. With the introduction of Aden Young, as Adam Bilic, the show took on another twist. Now, the show is a thriller and a mystery. It seems like every character has something devious in their pasts and their secrets are just waiting to spill out.

It is had not to like Kenny and Rahel Romahn continues to impress as the reckless Tarek. The ending revelation with Matt Bashir and his lover was a bit awkward. I hope it carries into something worthwhile and wasn’t just an attempt to shock and surprise. Otherwise, the episode was excellent and an 8 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with the previous episodes of The Principal now!

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