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The Missing Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

At the beginning of the 7th episode, Julien Baptiste (Tcheky Karyo) puts down the knife and begins to question Nadia Herz (Lia Williams) about her time in Iraq. Julien tells the woman about Mirza and his comments. Nadia admits she has never told anyone about her Iraq experience, before she begins diving into the details. We jump back to the past and see that young Nadia (Sophie Melville) has been promoted to Major. Nonetheless, she remains boozed up and lacks discipline. One day, she receives a visit from young Adrian Stone (Thomas Arnold) and Henry Reed (Dempsey Bovell). Nadia learns about the disappearance of Adam Gettrick (Brian Vernel). The men request to search for Adam, but they are denied.

the missing nadia and julien

Nadia explains that the war was over, but Iraq remained very dangerous. She reveals Adrian recklessly took Henry to search for Adam. The men arrive at a house and speak with a Middle Eastern man. He spits at their feet and tells them to leave. He complains about finding Adam in bed with his 13 year old daughter. The man insists he forced Adam to flee and he hasn’t been seen since. Reed and Adrian return to the truck. Adrian insists they need to get a look inside of the house to confirm the man’s story. The pair decides to wait it out, until they find an opportune time to sneak inside. That night, the man Azad (Selva Rasalingam) and his daughter (Boukamia Nouhaila) emerge from the house. They argue as the young girl takes shelter on the roof of their home. Azad returns inside and the men decide to make their move.

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They sneak up to the house only to find the door locked. Instead, they climb through the window. At this time, they’re caught by Mirza Barzani (Zouity Rayane). Henry manages to calm the boy and keep him quiet. He urges him to wait outside. They make their way down into the basement, where they discover Adam chained up. Adam is beaten and bloody. He is unchained and laid on a table. The Middle Eastern man returns and is shot dead by Adrian, as soon as he enters the basement. Henry and Adam begin to make their escape, while Adrian prepares to burn the house to the ground. The house is set on fire. Adam complains about Nadia’s order. He grabs a padlock, before being escorted to the truck. We jump back to the present and Julien continues questioning Nadia.

adam gettrick in iraq the missing

Julien tells Nadia about Mirza’s testimony. After the men had escaped the house, they learned that Mirza’s 9 year old sister was burnt alive inside. Adrian tried to return to save the girl, but it was simply too late. Henry took note of the boy’s name, before leaving with the others. Back in the present, Julien discusses his suspicion that Adam Gettrick may have been involved in the abduction of Sophie and Alice. He also tells Nadia he believes her husband might be innocent. Julien wonders whether or not Adam might’ve had time to manipulate the camera while on patrol. Nonetheless, Nadia becomes enraged and forces Julien to leave. Next, Sam (David Morrissey) speaks with Gemma (Keeley Hawes) at home.

Henry Reed Iraq The Missing

Gemma finally shows Sam the rollercoaster image. Nonetheless, Sam refuses to believe it. Sam insists Gemma is destroying herself. She reveals she told Eve (Laura Fraser) to keep the baby. Gemma discusses her desire to have another kid. Sam apologizes and admits he still wants to work things out. Gemma confirms it is simply too late now. Matthew (Jake Davies) enters moments later. He is confronted by his parents, who see his bruised knuckles. Matthew rushes off without answering any questions. Next, Julien meets with Adam Gettrick (Derek Riddell) at the garrison. Julien tells Adam he has been clever and has managed to disguise himself to everyone. Julien pleads with Gettrick to tell him whether or not the real Alice is still alive. Adam denies everything.

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Julien reveals he knows about Adam’s time in Iraq and his preference in women. Adam becomes visibly distraught, as the cops arrive outside. Eve (Laura Fraser) enters with several officers. Julien pleads with the cops to take Adam as well, but they refuse. Julien is questioned at the police station. Police Director Engel (Bernhard Schutz) accuses him of attacking Adrian, but Julien denies everything. Eve watches from outside and places a call to Celia (Anastasia Hille). Gemma and Sam attend a party for the soldiers, who will be redeployed soon. During the event, Gemma runs into Eve. Eve learns about Gemma planning to end the relationship with Sam. And, Gemma learns about Eve’s father. Eve admits she doesn’t know who is responsible for the assault.

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During this time, we see that Adam has packed his belongings and has fled. He drives down the road with Lucy (India Watson), who complains about leaving her stuffed animal behind. Adam reassures her everything will be fine, while they continue towards their destination. Back at the party, Gemma tells Sam about Adrian. She immediately places the blame on their son. They return home and confront Matthew. Matthew deflects the blame and insists Adrian could’ve be involved in the abduction of Alice. He admits he would be a hero if that were the case. He also lashes out at his father for sleeping with someone else, before storming out. Back at the police station, Celia arrives. She complains that Julien has been selfish and has neglected those that love him.

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Celia tells Julien he is dying and needs to come home. Julien finally seems to accept the truth, while Sam and Gemma arrive outside of the station. As they prepare to head inside, Julien and Celia exit. Julien asks to speak with Gemma, but Sam steps in and refuses. Celia goes off on Sam, while explaining how much Julien has given up to help his family. Julien explains the Adam connection. Sam refuses to listen. He lashes out and takes off in the vehicle. Julien tells Gemma that Gettrick has likely fled by now. They agree to visit his home together. Sam heads to the cemetery and looks at Alice’s gravestone. Julien and Gemma arrive at the Gettrick home. They head around back and Julien breaks in. They venture upstairs and find Lucy’s room and the doll she left behind. Around this time, Adam and Lucy arrive in Switzerland.

lucy and adam the missing

They stroll into a store in an attempt to find a replace for Lucy’s doll. Adam discovers he has left some of his money at home, before spotting a monkey in the window. They decide to buy it. Next, they meet with Alice (Abigail Hardingham) at the cabin. After a brief embrace, Adam asks Alice for help unloading the vehicle. We jump back to the Gettrick house. On the way out, Julien notices something on the ground. He uncovers a hidden compartment, which is locked with the padlock Adam had in Iraq. At the cabin, Adam and Alice unpack. Adam unveils the monkey doll. She confirms Lucy will love it. However, Adam admits it isn’t for her.

the missing adam and alice

He heads over to a locked door and recalls she used to talk about these dolls. He also reveals her brother used to try to seal it from her all the time. Adam also admits the girl was good in the boot of the car and remained quiet during the whole trip. Adam speaks into the darkness and tells someone they can have the doll, if they behave. A woman crawls out from the darkness to retrieve the doll. Adam calls the woman Alice (Chelsea Edge) and asks her if she will be good. She promises to be good, as the episode ends.


The Missing Review

Oh boy, what an episode of The Missing. While this season has been good throughout, the 7th episode was definitely the best. We learned about the truth in Iraq. Despite the horrendous actions of Adrian and Henry, their actions were a little understandable. Yet, it is likely more is left to come. Why did Alice leave the flowers on Henry’s grave? Were Adrian and Henry aware of Gettrick’s actions after they returned from Iraq?

Is Sam hiding something or is it just easier to believe the lies? Will this season be the end for Julien? Will he sacrifice himself to finally uncover the truth? We can only hope the answers will be revealed in the upcoming episode. This episode was great and the final twist was spectacular. A 9.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of The Missing now!

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