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The Missing Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

The episode starts in present day Eckhausen, Germany. We see Adam Gettrick (Derek Riddell) dispose of Jorn’s body. He returns home that night and speaks with the young girl, Lucy (Indica Watson), in his home. He tells her that the bad men are everywhere. Adam is asked to read the girl a story, but he refuses. He encourages the girl to go back to sleep, before leaving. Back at home, Gemma (Keeley Hawes) looks through the photographs and prepares to tell Sam (David Morrissey) the truth. She is stopped in her tracks, as Sam tells her that Eve (Laura Fraser) is pregnant with his baby. Gemma scolds her husband and insists he approaches everything like it is army. Meanwhile, Eve gets a visit from Julien Baptiste (Tcheky Karyo). He tries to convince Eve to get him the files related to the 1991 Gulf War.

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Julien tells Eve about his conversation with her father and his mention of a 3rd person. The conversation is stopped when Julien sees a man he remembers from his Middle East travels. He attacks the man and quickly realizes he was simply seeing things. Julien is told to leave and never return. Instead, he pays a visit to Jorn’s house. Adam is trapped inside with Jorn’s belongings. Julien calls Jorn’s phone. Adam breaks the phone, so it will stop ringing. Back at home, Gemma tries to iron Sam’s shirt. She becomes distracted and leaves behind a big burn stain. She comes to her senses when Julien arrives at the door. We jump back to 2015 and witness Gemma watching news reports about her daughter’s abduction. Sam arrives home and tries to convince her to tell off the television and return to work. Sam implores Gemma to see someone, but she ignores his advice and tells him to get out of the way.

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We jump to the hospital and see that Nadia Herz (Lia Williams) is scheduled to be discharged. Her paperwork is finalized, before she receives a visit from her nurse. Nadia is hassled by reporters as she is escorted to her vehicle. She returns home and discovers her bloodstain still on the floor. The package she received on the day of her attack remains on the table. She opens it and finds a camera. She looks through the stored images and discovers one of a young girl. Later, Matthew (Jake Davies) and the Adler twins drive around while getting drunk. Sam receives a phone call in the middle of the night and is forced to rescue Matthew. He becomes angered after discovering Matthew used his ID to get the vehicle and get into the base. Sam breaks down, while admitting to blaming everyone for Alice’s death. He apologizes and invites Matthew out for a drink, before agreeing to clean up his mess.

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Nadia pays a visit to her husband, Kristian Herz (Filip Peeters), at the prison. Nadia discusses her long road to recovery, before telling her husband about the camera. Kristian seems dumbfounded by the revelation that it was discovered in Anstrom Park. Nadia admits she has already turned it in to the police. She insists people need to know who Kristian really is. Next, Gemma receives a visit from Julien, who has just learned he is dying. Julien tells Gemma he is still convinced the young girl wasn’t her daughter, despite the DNA results. He also mentions the rollercoaster and believes he can pinpoint its location. Julian describes his search for Henry Reed and his involvement with Adrian Stone (Roger Allam). Julien admits he is dying and may no longer be able to fight for the truth. However, he implores Gemma to continue forward. After the phone call ends, Celia (Anastasia Hille) tries to encourage her husband to give up the investigation.

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Back in the present, Gemma shows Julien the rollercoaster picture. Julien asks for a copy of the picture, before revealing his motive for visiting. Matthew overhears the conversation, as Julien accuses Adrian Stone of somehow being involved in the abduction. Matthew interrupts and ridicules his mother for believing such nonsense. He storms out moments later. Julien tries to coerce Gemma into obtaining the 1991 war files. Matthew meets up with the Adler twins (Stefan and Tobias Schonenberg). They learn about Julien’s suspicions. Ulf tells Matthew they need to get Adrian like they got Nadia. Matthew is hesitant and ponders whether or not Adrian is really guilty. Ulf insists they were probably all in it together and admits there is only one way to find out. Julien sits on a bench and looks at the rollercoaster picture. He imagines his wife beside of him encouraging him to give up and come home.

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Julien pays a visit to Adrian and tries to get him to talk about his time in Iraq. Adrian lashes out at Julien and a scuffle ensues. The nurses rush in and force Julien out. As he drives away, he imagines the bearded man (Cela Yildiz) in his backseat. He slams on the brakes and gets out. Celia, Remy (Fabrice Rodriguez) and Sara (Camille Schotte) appear. They ridicule his actions, before he lashes out at the trio. We jump back to the past and witness Julien shaving his head. Sara tells him about her drug abuse and gives her father a calling card, which becomes his good luck charm. Back in the present, Gemma visits Eve at the garrison. They speak privately in Eve’s office. Eve reveals she plans to abort the child. Gemma questions whether or not that would be a good idea. She insists Eve shouldn’t give up the baby for Sam. Eventually, Eve leaves the room and Gemma uses the opportunity to obtain the Gulf War files.

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Next, Adam Gettrick is shown cleaning up the bloodstain in his house. He gets a call from Alice (Abigail Hardingham), who encourages him to get a phone for the cabin. Adam lashes out at the girl and demands that she calls him at the appropriate times. He also insists they’re closer to being together, but admits she will need to wait a bit longer. After the call ends, we jump back to the past and see a man walking his dog outside of Gettrick’s home. This startles Gettrick, who rushes inside and unlocks an upstairs room. Alice and Lucy are seen inside. Adam empties their waste bucket, while Alice insists Adam can leave the door unlocked from now on. She insists she can be trusted. Adam comments he is more worried about others coming inside. Alice complains about her living conditions and implores with Adam to pack up and leave. Sam arrives home and is bombarded by reporters.

alice webster cabin the missing

He retreats inside and finds Gemma vacuuming relentlessly. Gemma tells Sam about her conversation with Julien. Sam isn’t having it. He refuses to believe that the girl who returned wasn’t their daughter. Next, we jump back to Adam and Alice. Alice looks at a picture of Adam and his uncle, while he cuts her hair. She speaks about her desire to live in the cabin. Adam admits he has to stay until he gets his pension. Their awkward conversation eventually comes to an end. Sam heads to the bar and waits for Matthew, who never arrives. Instead, Eve appears and strikes up a conversation. They share a drink together before heading outside. The visibly drunk couple shares a kiss, while Matthew watches from a distance. We jump back to the present and see Matthew and the twins waiting outside of the retirement home.

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The trio sneaks inside and confronts Adrian. When questioned, Adrian insists he doesn’t know where he is. Matthew gives him a brutal beating. The next day, Julien meets with Gemma and gets the files. He looks through the information and quickly spots a recognizable name. Eve visits her father in the hospital. He freaks out and tries to escape. Doctors rush in and inject him with medication to calm him down. In the cafeteria, Eve receives a visit from the police officer in charge. She is told about Julien’s volatile visit with her father. She calls Julien and tries to convince him to turn himself in. Julien denies the accusations, before hanging up. He arrives outside of the butcher shop, which still has the graffiti on the shutter. He enters and confronts Nadia, who grabs a knife. Eventually, Nadia is disarmed and she agrees to disclose what she knows.


The Missing Review

The 6th episode of The Missing’s 2nd season was excellent. The acting really shined this episode. Lia Williams, Keeley Hawes, and Tcheky Karyo were incredible. Even David Morrissey was great during a few of the scenes, especially during the crash scene with Matthew. Julien has been forced to overcome two obstacles, his health and the police. Will Gemma ever be able to tell Sam about her true feelings? At times, Sam seems like he refuses to acknowledge the truth. Is he hiding something or is it simply guilt?

What will Nadia Herz tells Julien? Will she lead him to Adam Gettrick? Is Alice at the cabin or is it Sophie? Is she still alive? The Missing is truly a bundle of unanswered questions. A great episode. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of The Missing right now.

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