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The Missing Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

As soon as the episode begins, Andreas (Sebastian Urbanski) discovers Nadia (Lia Williams) beaten and bloody. Jorn Lenhart (Florian Bartholomai) receives a call, while at home. His voice is recorded on his computer, as she quickly leaves. Julien Baptiste (Tcheky Karyo) calls and learns about the death of Alice (Abigail Hardingham). Eve (Laura Fraser) tells the detective how Alice set herself on fire in the shed. Eve hints that Julien’s questions were to blame for her suicide. Julien is more concerned with the fact that Alice disappeared for 3 hours and only 2 are accounted for. Julien informs Eve he will be back in town shortly.

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Julien returns and meets with Eve. They discuss their only suspect, Kristian (Filip Peeters), who has remained silent. Julien admits he doesn’t believe everything Alice told them. Julien continues pushing for a chance to speak with Kristian, but Eve tells him to go home. Matthew (Jake Davies) rushes to the hospital to check on his father, Sam (David Morrissey). Gemma (Keeley Hawes) listens as Matthew admits he locked Alice inside of the shed the previous night. Sam becomes enraged and tells him to get out. Julien goes on the hunt and speaks with the attendant at the petrol station. He learns nothing, but does encounter Jorn. Jorn admits he Googled Julien and learns all about his previous cases. They team up and first decide to check local CCTV cameras for any sign of Alice. Eve meets with Kristian at the jail. Kristian learns that his wife was attacked and is now in a coma. Eve tells the man he can only see his wife, if he tells them where Sophie is being held. Kristian remains adamant that he knows nothing.julien baptiste the missingthe

Eve comments that Kristian makes himself seem almost human. She also insists Nadia would still have her teeth had Kristian confessed. In the present, Gemma tells Eve that the girl on the rollercoaster isn’t her daughter. She admits they wanted to believe it so bad that they shut their eyes and ignored the truth. She also confirms Julien believed the same. Gemma pleads with Eve to help her investigate the theme park. She eventually agrees and plans to make arrangements for someone to watch her father, Adrian (Roger Allam). We jump over to Iraq and see that the Peshmerga has been forced to fall back. Julien and Stefan (Olafur Darri Olafsson) plan to make their escape. Daniel Reed (Daniel Ezra) guides them to safety. Eve and Gemma arrive at the amusement park. Eve asks about Dieter Ackermann (Charley Pasteleurs), before she receives a phone call from back home.

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She learns that her father’s caretaker has been forced to leave. She has no choice but to call Sam and ask him to stay with her father. Although she remains cryptic, Sam agrees to help. They speak with Dieter and learn that the cameras do not work at the park. Nonetheless, Gemma still convinces Eve to speak with the workers to see if they can remember anything. Sam arrives at Eve’s place and sits with her father. We jump back to Iraq and see that Daniel has been shot. He is flat on the ground. Julien and Stefan are escorted out, before we jump back to Germany in the year 2014. Daniel gets out of bed and leaves his girlfriend, Marlene (Anemone Valcke), behind. He leaves her a letter and heads outside. He jumps in a taxi and tells the driver to head to the airport. Back at the hospital, Gemma speaks with her husband. Their conversation quickly becomes heated. Gemma complains that Sam wasn’t around when Alice was born. She remains convinced that the girl that returned was not her daughter. Gemma rushes out moments later.

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Eve receives a visit from Adam Gettrick (Derek Riddell). Adam tells Eve that the press know about Alice and Nadia’s assault. He admits they will likely blame Matthew for the attack. Eve tells him to gather information and launch a preemptive attack to stop rumors. Adam meets with Gemma and tells her about the press. She comments that everyone likes to stop to watch the car crash and to see the blood on the road. Adam tries to convince her that failing to make a statement will only make matter worse. Meanwhile, Julien and Jorn watch CCTV footage, while Jorn speaks about his childhood parrot, Hilde, which refused to speak. Alice is finally spotted on the camera footage. She heads inside of a flower shop and walks out moments later with flowers in tow. Back in the present, Julien and Stefan are intimidated by the soldiers. Nonetheless, they agree to transport them back to Erbil.eve stone the missing

On the way back, Julien calls Jorn and asks him to find out where Mirza Barzani (Elouhabi Nabil) is staying. Sam speaks with Adrian. Adrian recalls Sam’s time in the army and also speaks about Alice. Adrian remembers a great deal about Alice, her abduction, and her love for spiders. He seems to lose his memory halfway through his sentence. Sam retreats to the kitchen to recollect himself. Gemma watches at the coaster rides around the track. She speaks with several people, but nobody is able to give her any helpful information. Gemma asks Eve whether or not she ever thought about having kids. Meanwhile, Adrian has an accident and Sam is force to him clean it up. While trying to find new clothes, Sam finds Eve’s ultrasound pictures. Adrian admits Eve always wanted a family. We jump back to the amusement park, before Gemma confronts Eve about the affair. Eve insists Sam still loves Gemma, but she doesn’t seem to care.

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On the way back into the city, Julien sees his wife, Celia (Anastasia Hille). She asks him what he is running from, before she disappears. Back in 2014, Jorn and Julien visit the flower shop. They speak with the shop keeper, who remembers Alice. She admits the girl seemed very sad. She also tells them she gave Alice directions to the graveyard. Eve speaks with Matthew at the hospital. She asks him about the attack on Nadia. He denies everything. Matthew tries to leave and knocks Eve to the ground. She insists she is fine, as Matthew apologizes. Eve gets a call about Alice’s DNA. She confronts Gemma and tells her the DNA matched Sam’s. Matthew visits Nadia’s room and stares at her from outside. Eve heads to the bathroom and finds blood all over her legs. Gemma is forced to head outside and deliver a statement to the press. She insists nobody will ever know how she feels regardless of what is written in the papers.

the missing gemma crying

Julien and Jorn search the graveyard. Jorn discovers that Alice placed the flowers on the grave of Henry Reed. Julien questions who the man is and how he was connected to Alive. Back in the present, Julien and Stefan arrive in Erbil. They head inside and speak with Mirza. The man admits Henry sent him regular payments. He insists Henry did so out of guilt for what he did to his sister. He becomes enraged and complains that Henry and his army friend came to his city, killed his father and took his sister. He identifies Henry’s friend as a man called Stone. We jump back and see Adrian Stone sleeping on the couch. Eve enters and speaks with Sam. Sam tells Eve they should probably end their relationship. He insists he cannot give her what he wants. Sam admits he wants to head to England and start all over with Gemma. Julien prepares to leave Erbil. Stefan tells him to go home and get the operation. It is obvious Julien has no intention to do that.

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Julien remains convinced there is a chance the real Alice could be alive. Gemma calls Eve and tells her she has found something. She insists there is a third girl on the rollercoaster. We jump to Switzerland. A young man serves a mysterious female. He returns to her and asks her out for a drink. The woman reveals she is taken. She turns around and shows her face. She looks eerily similar to Alice.


The Missing Review

The Missing’s 4th episode was a little slow in the beginning, but it picked up in the end. Once the pace was sped up, a great deal was revealed. We learned that Henry Reed and Adrian Stone were into something bad during their time in the army. Alice obviously knew Henry, yet she put flowers on his grave. This leads me to believe Henry was kind to her in some way. Kristian is also a mystery, but I believe he is likely innocent. The mystery deepens. A solid episode, which deserves an 8 out of 10. Keeley Hawes has been fantastic! Catch up with previous The Missing recaps right now.

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