The Missing: Return to Eden Review

When the show opens, we flash to 2009 or 3 years after Oliver’s disappearance and are introduced to the Duchamps family, who are enjoying a soccer game. Within a matter of minutes, Alex Duchamps (Adam Thomas Wright) goes missing. His mother, Danielle (Stephanie Van Vyve), and father, Sebastien (Erico Salamone), are left dumbfounded, as they phone the authorities.

Back in the present, Tony (James Nesbitt), Emily (Frances O’Connor) and Julien (Tcheky Karyo) visit Khalid Ziane (Said Taghmaoui), who is locked in prison. The group attempts to question Khalid about the evidence that he found at the park. It is revealed that Charmataines is Khalid’s former name last name. He refuses to give them information, unless they bring his son, Anouar Charmataines (Yassine Fadel) to come visit him. When they leave, Tony receives a threatening phone call from Malik Suri (Arsher Ali), who knows about Ian Garrett’s murder.

We see Julien and his wife, Celia (Anastasia Hillie) in 2009. Julien plays with his bees, before watching a press conference with the Duchamps on television. At the same time, Tony and Emily receive news of the new abduction from Mark Walsh (Jason Flemyng). Tony insists on returning to Eden, while leaving the now pregnant Emily home. Of course, she insists on tagging along with Mark and Tony. Next, Malik receive news that his wife is pregnant, but their son could potentially be born with cystic fibrosis. The Suris question their options, before Malik sees a newspaper, with information about Alex’s disappearance.

At the time scene, Georges Deloix (Eric Godon) and Laurence Relaud (Emilie Dequenne) take over the investigation. Georges insists they might be able to do what the great Baptiste could not. Tony, Emily and Mark arrive at the police station and hope to get information on the case. They meet the Duchamps and Emily gives them her sorrows. Tony and Emily head to the motel and book room 6, instead of their original room 7. The pair begin to fight, before Emily leaves to book a room at another motel.

Back in the present, Tony receives another call from Malik, but ignores it. They make contact with Khalid’s son, but he seems to hate his father, as it is revealed that Khalid kills his wife. Tony pleads with the boy to help, by insists that everyone should know their father. The boy leaves without helping. Julien calls Mark and requests help getting to Malik, since Khalid was leaking intel to him. Mark agrees to help. Next, Julien pays a visit to Georges, who insists he is going to have to cancel the investigation. However, Julien threatens to expose his relationship with the pedophile Ian Garrett, if he does. Next, Vincent Bourg (Titus De Voogdt) is working at the restaurant, when he seems a little kid and throws up all over the floor and is sent home.

Tony and Emily share a drink, before Tony reveals that Malik knows about Ian’s murder. Tony insists he might be getting exactly what he deserves. He finally admits that it wasn’t an accident, after all. The pair head out into the show, before sharing a kiss.

Back in 2009, Emily has a chat with Mark, who questions Tony and Emily’s relationship. Emily looks at pictures of James, before leaving. Next, Emily runs into Malik, who speaks about his son. Instead of asking Emily questions, Malik sorrowfully discusses his potential son’s condition and the possible cystic fibrosis. Next, a group of well armed police storm a residence and rescue Alex from Claude Duchamps (Bernard Eylenbosch). Back at the station, it is revealed that Alex’s father planned the abduction after reading about Oliver’s case. He was attempting to prevent Alex going with his mother, as the two were prepping for a divorce.

Back in the present, Tony stops kissing Emily and insists it was a big mistake. They both apologize, before heading to their motel rooms. Afterwards, Baptiste gets a call from Anouar, who agrees to meet with his father. Next, Vincent visits his doctor, who insists the medication is making him sick. He urges her to help him and that ending treatment will make him sick in the head.

Tony meets with Julien and tells him that Malik knows about Ian’s murder. He insists on writing a statement and confessing to the crime. Although reluctant, Julien offers to help Tony write the statement, but first the pair need to meet with Khalid. When the group arrive at the prison, they await for Khalid. As Khalid prepares to to visit his son, an inmate tells him that there are pests within the prison, as an inmate runs up and shanks Khalid, who tries to get up and walk but cannot. The group leave, after discovering that Khalid has died from his wounds.

Outside the prison, Tony insists Khalid was killed, because he was going to speak with them. Julien insists there is still a tiny bit of home. Next, Mark pays Malik a visit, as he gives him son a breathing treatment. With a little convincing, Mark gets the evidence and convinces Malik to drop the story about Ian Garrett’s murder. Mark questions how Malik knew about the murder. Next, we flash to an image of some missing children’s posters, as Malik accesses Tony’s voicemail and listens to a message, in which Emily mentions the murder of Ian.

Back in 2009, Julien receives a call from Laurence. She questions how he knew the father was behind the kidnapping. He insists it was lucky and the father gave him a weird suspicion, after seeing him at the press conference. Next, Mark pays a visit to Emily and learns about the divorce.

Back in the present, Tony, Julien, Laurence and Emily wait for Mark to arrive by train. Mark shows them the evidence that Khalid gave to Malik. He also tells them that the initial lab reports on the bloodstains were inconclusive. Thankfully, the team has enough for more DNA tests. Tony looks closely at the item, which appears to be a coin. Tony insists he knows what it is and who it belongs to.


As the show begins to draw to a close, The Missing brings the emotions. Emily and Tony’s relationship seems to be improving. Meanwhile, Mark finally proves his worth, although I still do not trust him fully. The disappearance of Alex was a fun touch, which made Emily relive her nightmares, while Tony held onto hope the case would connect to Oliver’s.

Meanwhile, Vincent’s happy days seem to be gone, as his medication is making him ill. How will he cope, if he is forced to quit the treatment? It is hard not to feel sorry for Bourg. We know that the coin belongs to Alain Deloix, but is it simply a red herring? This one definitely deserves a 9.5 out of 10.

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