The Missing: Pray for Me Review

When the show opens, Ian Garret (Ken Stott) is working to get his construction crew to begin working on their latest project. Afterwards, he is seen entering the cabin of his boat, where he views a news report, which features the missing persons case and a heartbreaking request from information for Tony and Emily Hughes.

In the meantime, Julien Baptiste (Tcheky Karyo) and Tony Hughes (James Nesbitt) wait outside of the house, where they believe Oliver was kept. Laurence Relaud (Emilie Dequenne) emerges and says she’ll attempt to get Oliver’s case reopened.

Next, we’re introduced to Vincent Bourg (Titus De Voogdt). The man is working at a construction site, when officers arrive. Despite running and hiding, Vincent is caught and taken to police headquarters, where he is interviewed by Julien. Back to the present time, Malik Suri (Arsher Ali) makes contact with Julian and Tony. He questions them about their investigation. Tony grows visibly angry and says he wouldn’t help Malik, after what Malik did to him.

Throughout the episode, Tony has been attempting to make contact with this ex-wife, Emily Hughes (Frances O’Connor). Of course, nobody has been answering the phone. Finally, Mark Walsh (Jason Flemyng) answers and explains that Emily’s father’s condition is worsening. He tells Tony not to call back. After Mark returns to Emily, he doesn’t mention the phone call. While there, Emily’s father calls out to Mark’s son, James Walsh (Macauley Keeper), thinking he is Oliver.

During the interview with Vincent, Julien is unable to get anywhere. Despite being arrested twice in the past for child porn, Vincent is adamant that he had nothing to do with the disappearance, even though he was in the park at the time. Khalid Ziane (Said Taghmaoui) gathers information regarding Vincent and turns it over to Malik and tells him to publish a story about it. After writing his article, Malik passes the information along to Tony and Emily, with hopes of getting an exclusive interview.

In the meantime, we flash back to modern times and see that Vincent is currently seeking treatment to prevent him from having dirty thoughts about little boys. At first, he questions the new medication. However, he has a run in with a young boy at work, which freaks him out.

Back in the past, we discover that the case will not be reopened, which sends Tony and Julien to the Mayor’s office. Despite the new evidence, the Mayor refuses to open the case citing the upcoming election. The revelation sends Tony spiraling out of control. Julien assures him he’ll continue working to have the case reopened.

Back at the police station, Julien uses Mark to scare Vincent into thinking he is going to be deported, if he doesn’t provide them with information. He requests a lawyer. Although he is scared and thinks the police have information against him, Vincent maintains his innocence. The next day, two very wealthy individuals enter the police station and give Vincent’s alibi some credence. With the new witnesses, Vincent is set free.

Ian Garrett pays a visit to the Hughes. The wealthy businessman has put up a 100,000 dollar reward for the return of Oliver. He insists he just likes to keep the past alive.

In the meantime, Julien is working to uncover a new suspect in the disappearance. He has collected all of Tony’s bank statements. He also discovers mugshot pictures of a beaten and bloody Tony. Back in present time, Julien meets with the journalist, Malik. When the Mayor enters, Julien approaches and convinces him to reopen the case. With the appearance of Julien going to the media with the new evidence, the Mayor reluctantly agrees to reopen the case, as long it is left out of public knowledge. When Julien delivers the news to Tony, the pair are elated. Tony considers informing Emily, but Julien persuades him against it.

Now that Vincent has been released, the information Zaine provided to Malik is useless. Since Malik’s article for the telegraph has been pulled, he takes his frustrations out on Zaine and blackmails him for some new, credible information.

Malik meets with Emily and tells her Tony and Julien have been trying to get the case reopened. He also threatens to uncover and reveal exactly what Tony and Emily did!

At the end of the episode, Vincent is seen wondering through a dark, abandoned warehouse. He encounters Ian Garret, who explains he paid the new witnesses to have Vincent released. He also says he was afraid Vincent would mention his name. At this point, he cuts all ties with Vincent and tells him to forget all about him.


Another intriguing episode of The Missing. The mystery continues to deepen, as we are introduced to Vincent Bourg and Ian Garrett. Is this the beginning of a possible child pornography sex ring? Tirus De Voogdt played the struggling pedophile very well. Despite his audacious behavior, it is hard not to sympathize with his conflict. Hopefully, the medication will kill his sex drive permanently.

The episode did an excellent job setting up new plot lines. What exactly does Malik suspect Tony and Emily of doing? Why was Tony arrested? What did Malik do to Tony? It appears Tony is quickly going to become a leading suspect, which should be interesting. The episode didn’t miss a beat. It deserves a 9 out of 10.

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