The Missing: Molly Review

When the latest episode opens, Mary Garret (Diana Quick) is on a boat out at sea. At the same time, Vincent Bourg (Titus De Voogdt) speaks with a stranger on a bus (Amanda Walker). Vincent tells the woman he is going to fulfill a promise to an old friend. When we flash back to the boat, Ian Garret (ken Stott) enters the picture.

We flashback to 2006 and see Tony (James Nesbitt) and Emily Hughes (Frances O’Connor) confronting Georges Deloix (Eric Godon), with hopes of getting him to investigate the connection between Vincent and Ian. Mark Walsh (Jason Flemyng) sits in on the situation, which goes nowhere. Outside of Georges’s office building, Tony and Emily agree to take matters into their own hands.

The pair drive down to Vincent’s fishing hole, where Tony gets out and confronts Vincent. Tony gains control over Vincent, accesses his phone and discovers Ian’s number. Meanwhile, Julien Baptiste (Tcheky Karyo) speaks with Rini Dalca (Anamaria Marinca) and tells her that Leon received a phone call from Rini’s brothers, before he spilled the beans about Oliver Hughes. Afterwards, Tony returns to Emily and tells her that Vincent admitted to knowing Ian and that the pair shared pedophilia material. He also discovers that Garret paid for Bourg’s alibi. Afterwards, Bourg calls Ian and lets him know that Tony knows the truth.

Tony meets with Ian in a bar and is arrested for assault. When he arrives at the police station, he encounters Vincent, who is on his way out. At the same time, Rini is fitted with a wire and prepared to make contact with her brother. In the present, Julien walks Rini through her story and prepares her to make contact with her brother. Tony and Julien watch as Rini attempts to make contact with her brother, but turns her back and flees. She grows angry at Julien and mentions that she nearly died, when she originally tried to help Julien get information from her brother, which is why she always covers her neck. She threatens to leave and return home.

At the same time, Emily and Mark discover that Mark’s son, James (Macauley Keeper), has broken his ankle and will need a cast, which is eerily similar to that of Oliver’s injuries in the past. Tony has a run in with an artist, Monique Pelletier (Josephine de La Baume), and spends the night with her.

Back in the past, Tony is put into a jail cell and pleads with Laurence Relaud (Emilie Dequenne) to investigate the connection between Vincent and Ian. She suggests Ian will cover the bases, when he returns from Paris. Instead, Tony makes a phone call to Emily and tells her he needs her to make contact with someone, who turns out to be Mary Garrett.

Back in the past, Rini makes contact with her brother, Martin (Dragos Bucur) and an accomplice. She makes the mistake of quickly bringing up Oliver Hughes, which causes the accomplice to slice her neck. Julien and the cops rush in and subdue her brother, but his accomplice escapes. At the same time, Ian visits Tony in jail and tries to get him to stop his pursuits. When Julien and Mark interrogate Rini’s brothers, he refuses to give any information and admits to lying about the information he gave to Leon, in hopes of drawing Leon out as a rat.

Afterwards, Emily makes contact with Mary Garret, who goes off, when questioned whether or not Ian was questioned about Molly’s disappearance. Tony calls her and learns about her encounter. The pair agree that something isn’t right about the situation.

In the present day, Ian and Mary talk about their situation. Mary tells Ian to never talk down to her, after what he did and mentions him doing something to Molly. He suggests not many wives would keep a secret like she did. Afterwards, Tony returns to Julien and discovers that Rini has agreed to make contact with her brother. As soon as she enters her brothers residence, screams ensue and Martin begins to shout. Rini has her brother held, with a knife to his neck. Martin reveals that Karl Sieg is currently going by the name Andre Touloux and is residing in Brussels. With the information, Rini lets her brother go and flees his residence.

Meanwhile, Tony learns about Ian’s summer property from Emily. He goes to the property and discovers a small building and a concrete plot. He also finds a dock, with a lone boat, which he boards and enters the cabin. At the same time, Ian arrives and follows. As he looks around the boat, Tony discovers a camera, which contains pedophilia videos. Ian enters and finally tells the truth about his sexual behavior. He reveals he was molested by his grandfather and that he has 53 videos. He also admits to killing Molly, but insists it was an accident. Ian promises that he had nothing to do with Oliver, as Tony chokes him. When Ian tells Tony that Oliver was very beautiful, Tony knocks him unconscious violently.

In the meantime, Vincent makes contact with Mary and Ian. It flashes back and he is with Mary in a psychiatric unit. Of course, Mary isn’t with Ian on the boat. Instead, she has been having delusions about the entire situation and is simply delusional. Vincent tells her about her monster husband. He suggests it is sometimes better to let go and not dwell, while Rini returns home and heads to her boyfriend’s place. Meanwhile James Walsh is recovering in the cast, with Emily watching.

The episode ends with Tony sitting next to Ian’s body.


This was another thrilling, suspenseful episode of The Missing. We finally discover what Emily and Tony potentially did that Malik alleged to in previous episodes. Will he be able to uncover the murder of Ian, if he is in fact dead? Meanwhile, Vincent continues to be beat up in the past, while redeeming himself in the present. I cannot help myself from sympathizing with the pedophile played perfectly by Titus De Voogdt.

I always wondered why Rini always wore something around her neck and this episode we found out. Of course, she overcame and took control over the situation, which helped Julien and Tony discover Karl Sieg’s whereabouts and new identity, which will likely come into in the next episode.

Perhaps the craziest aspect of the episode is James Walsh breaking his leg. What exactly is the significance of this, unless it is to make Emily relive her past? This is about the third time that James has been confused or been in a similar condition as Oliver. Is there some connection there? Overall, this was an excellent episode and deserves a 9.5 out of 10.

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