The Missing: Concrete Review

When the episode opens, we watch as Tony Hughes (James Nesbitt) works to clean up the murder of Ian Garrett (Ken Stott). Tony grabs some rocks and sails Ken’s boat out to see, before weighing down the body and tossing it into the water. He cleans the evidence from the boat and swims back to land. The finish touch is burying his bloody shirt into the concrete slab. Afterwards, Tony picks up Emily (Frances O’Connor) from the train station. On the ride home, Emily informs Tony that Julien Baptiste (Tcheky Karyo) had in fact investigated and cleared Ian.

Back in the present, Tony and Julien make contact with Karl Sieg (Johan Leysen), who is now going by the name of Andre Touloux and running a small bar. He agrees to provide them with information, if they give him 15,000 Euros, since his club is losing him money. At the same time, Laurence Relaud (Emilie Dequenne) shows the Hughes case file to George Deloix (Eric Godon), who grows upset with the spending of Baptiste. He tasks Laurence with discovering what they’re wasting the money on. On her way out, Laurence receives a phone call and is informed that they can finally begin investigating Ian’s property.

After Laurence informs Julien of the news, Tony and Julien spar over the money issue. Back in the past, Julien and Mark Walsh (Jason Flemyng) investigate Ian’s property. Julien discovers a strange indention within the concrete slab, which is where Tony buried his shirt. They also discover all of Ian’s pedophilia, which are to be withheld from the press. Afterwards, Julien and Laurence question Tony and Emily about Ian. Despite some reservations, Emily provides an alibi for her husband. Julien, Laurence and Mark contemplate Tony’s believability. Mark suggests Emily wouldn’t lie. After a brief argument, Emily storms out of the motel room and into the street, while still wearing her pajamas.

Next, Khalid Ziane (Said Taghmaoui) makes contact with Malik Suri (Arsher Ali). Zaine explains that Baptiste is suspicious of him and his career is basically over. Malik suggests this case is important to him because his father left behind unfinished work, an unsolved murder in Morocco and a name, Charmataines. Before the two depart, Khalid gives Malik the evidence he found at the pond, which was discovered near the end of the last episode. Also, Laurence informs Mark that their request to excavate Ian’s property had been rejected. She suggests Ian is a friend of the department and digging up bad intel on him could reflect badly on specific individuals and politicians.

Emily runs along the highway and believes she spots Oliver (Oliver Hunt). Back in the present, Tony makes contact with Emily and tells her about the situation and requests the 15,000 Euros. She argues with Mark, before admitting there is a way to get the money, which is to cancel their wedding. Julien returns to Ian’s property, where the excavations have started. Tony sends the video of Oliver to Emily, in hopes of influencing her decision over the money. Julien discovers the bloody shirt and pulls it out of the concrete.

Back in the past, Julien visits the hospital, where his daughter has overdosed. She admits to selling drugs and tried to persuade Julien into recovering her gear. Instead, he speaks with authorities. Emily is seen standing on the end of the bridge. She looks like she is out of it and prepared to jump. However, Mark shows up and pulls her back over the railing. When Tony arrives, he can do nothing but stand and watch the situation.

Back in the present, Emily arrives and shows Tony the money. The pair meet with Julien, who doesn’t like the idea of a bribe. He agrees to go through with it and tells Tony that he must speak with him after meeting with Karl. Afterwards, the group meets Karl in an expensive restaurant.

Slowly, but surely, he begins to tell them about cleaning the house and admitting to working with people within the Cide de Cite. He says he was called to Chalons De Bois, where a room needed cleaning, within Number 70.  When Karl arrived at the house, he was greeted by a man in a mask, who spoke very little. While inside, Karl didn’t see Oliver. He cleaned the basement, which had blood all over the floor. He also admits to be sent to clean up the pool, but the police were already there. He tells them seeing Khalid pick up a piece of evidence. This raises Julien’s suspicion since Khalid never turned in any evidence for the case. On their way out, Karl mentions the drawing on the wall and admits to leaving it, since he didn’t think the boy should have disappeared completely.

Next, Julien confesses that he has found Tony’s shirt, which could get him into big trouble. He speaks about his daughter, before telling Tony he has been a prisoner ever since Oliver went missing. For this reason, Julien gives Tony the shirt. Afterwards, Vincent Bourg (Titus De Voodgt) makes contact with Malik, who questions Vincent reasoning for finally wishing to speak, after so many years.

Back in the past, the worker at the motel gives Tony the drawing that Oliver has done. Tony and Emily leave the motel, as if they’re going home. Afterwards, Khalid meets with Malik again and is furious that he has never returned the evidence, which he gave him earlier. Khalid admits that he isn’t worried about the evidence, which he gave up to get Malik to go away. Instead, he seems more worried about the name Charmataines. He threatens that he’ll break Malik’s legs, if he mentions that name to anyone.

Afterwards, Julien prepares to leave the police station. On the way out, he receive an envelope from the English journalist. When he gets into his car, he is attacked by a masked man. Julien’s leg is smashed inside of the door, as the masked man attempts to steal the envelope. Mark arrives and saves Julien. When the mask is removed, we discover the masked man was Khalid.


Another intriguing episode of The Missing. At this point, I have a hard time believing anyone is innocent, besides Tony, Emily and Julien, which speaks volumes to the quality of the mystery. The action continues to be superb, with James Nesbitt leading the way. Of course, the supporting cast is also very impressive, especially Tcheky Karyo and Titus De Voogdt.

A lot happened this episode, as we grow closer to the conclusion. It was nice to see how close Tony and Julien had bonded, as Julien refused to give up evidence, which could have sent Tony to prison for murder. Who exactly was the masked man, which let Karl into the house? What exactly did Khalid pass along to Malik? And finally, what is Vincent Bourg going to tell Malik?

The show continues to impress, despite jumping from time period to time period. The show does an excellent job making it very easy to distinguish between the two, which is where many shows fail. This episode was definitely good and deserves a 9 out of 10.

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