Burn Gorman Man in the High Castle

The Man in the High Castle TV Show Recap Episode 3

When the episode begins, Juliana Crain (Alexa Davalos) is taken back to the motel and given alcohol to help her calm down. Joe Blake (Luke Kleintank) tells her that he once killed a man and explains how it feels. She also discovers that Joe has read her letter. He attempts to convince her to go back to California, but she refuses. Still, Joe admits they cannot stay put, as someone will likely come looking for the murdered man. Frank Frink (Rupert Evans) finally makes it home with the assistance of Ed McCarthy (DJ Qualls). Afterwards, Juliana wakes up and discovers Frank’s drawing is missing. They decide to check out and head out separately. Juliana decides to return to the restaurant and continue with her job.

DJ Qualls man in the high castle

Ed McCarthy wakes Frank and hands him a letter, which was found outside of his door. Frank reads the letter and is forced to go and identify the bodies. Afterwards, Frank and Ed watch the television and witness the arrival of the Prince and Princess. Meanwhile, John Smith (Rufus Sewell) scours over the pictures of the shooting. He calls Joe and tells him to leave, as the contact likely is going to make contact with him. Juliana manages to get ahold of Frank on the phone. A click on the phone tells them that they’re being monitored. Juliana professes her love for Frank, but he hangs up without returning the gesture. Next, Joe attempts to purchase gas for the truck and is introduced to do The Marshal (Burn Gorman).

Burn Gorman Man in the High Castle

The Marshal shows the gas attendant a picture of the S.D. agent and asks, if he has seen him. The attendant points him to the bookstore. Joe rushes to the restaurant and tells Juliana about the encounter. He also suggests that they need to hide the man’s vehicle. Before she can leave, Lem Washington (Rick Worthy) tells Juliana she needs to be more careful about the friends she chooses. While Joe returns to the truck, The Marshal enters the bookstore and interrogates the clerk (Rob LaBelle). Marshal learns about a petty lady, who also purchased a Bible. The Marshal reveals information, which incriminates the clerk, as a criminal, and decides that he must kill him.

Prince and Princess man in the high castle

Meanwhile, the Crown Prince (Daisuke Tsuji) and Princess (Mayumi Yoshida) are taken to a statue to pay their respects. After they get back into the vehicle, the Prince tells her Princess that they’re visit is false and that they’re are as well. He insists his father allowed his throne to shield their ambitions and that they’re presiding over its undoing. He also admits he is worried about the Nazis, who have superior technology. Rudolph Wegener (Carsten Norgaard) speaks with Tagomi (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa). Rudolph admits he needs the name of his contact. Tagomi points him in the direction of the Science Minister, Shimura (Takahiro Inoue). Tagomi reveals that he will not expose himself, until the Prince has given his speech.

The Man in the High Castle Nobusuke Tagomi

Frank waits outside of the Crothers’ door for Bill’s (Darren Dolynski) arrival. When he arrives, he breaks the news to Bill, who immediately tells him to do away. Meanwhile, we see that the Marshal has taken the bookkeeper’s finger and has hung him in the street. He stashes the finger with a few others and tells the residents not to cut the man down, until he is done here. John Smith attempts to obtain information from Doc Meyer (Geoffrey Blake) regarding the shooting. Unfortunately, Doc has been drugged with a new experimental drug. It is no help and Smith is unable to gain any insight into the shooting. Next, Juliana and Joe manages to find the man’s body and obtain his keys.

Juliana and Joe The Man in the High Castle

Joe weighs down the body and pushes it out into the water, before they depart. Meanwhile, Frank hits the bar and encounters a strange woman, who seems to know everything about him and his experience. The woman asks about Randall and what he said, but he wants nothing to do with her or the resistance. Meanwhile, the Prince and Princess meet with Ambassador Hugo Reiss (Bernhard Forcher). The Prince is informed of the Resistance and the fact that they’re stepping up their game, but he remains confidence in the Imperial guard and the Kempeitai. The Prince thanks the Ambassador for his concerns, but is adamant that he will address his people in person.

The Man in the High Castle Crown Prince

On the way out, the Princess tells Tagomi that she is happy to see him again. After they’re going, Tagomi admits he is concerned about the Prince’s safety, but he is told to know his place. Next, John Smith learns that Meyer has come out of his stupor. Next, The Marshal pays a visit to the restaurant and hounds Washington. On his way out of the restaurant, he is approached by a resident, who tells him where the S.D. agent went. Juliana and Joe manage to hide the vehicle. Inside, Juliana finds a map, which has a nearby location marked. The pair decide to go there together. Meanwhile, Captain Connolly (Neal Bledsoe) is ordered to come downstair, where he is accused of being a traitor by Meyer.

Captain Connolly The Man in the High Castle

Smith pretends to have Connolly shot for his behavior. When the gun is fired, Connolly is relieved to discover that it is empty. Afterwards, he beats Meyer badly. Frank gets a visit from Bill, who admits he visited the¬†Kempeitai. Bill immediately blames Frank for the death of his family. The Marshal visits the bridge and finds the illustration of Juliana. Joe and Juliana head to the location on the map. While there, Joe tells Juliana that he never knew his dad, before they head inside the cave. They find a dead woman and a list of names. Lem Washington’s name is found at the bottom with Trudy’s. Meanwhile, Frank shows up at work and surprises Ed.

Man in the High Castle Ed McCarthy

The Marshal returns to the restaurant and confronts Lem once more. He is shown Juliana’s sketch and admits she used to work there, but left earlier. Meanwhile, Ed finds Frank forging a real gun and not a replica. Despite Ed’s pleas, Frank seems adamant about his plans. Juliana and Joe return to the city and are confronted by The Marshal. He chases them down and traps Juliana in a building, as the episode ends.


The Man in the High Castle Review

The 3rd episode was definitely an improvement, but much of it had to do with the introduction of The Marshal. The three main characters remained fairly dull. Frank is very unlikeable. His treatment of Ed McCarthy makes him even more so. Also, the writers have turned Joe Blake into a wildcard. At times, he seems incompetent. Yet, other times he is a genius. Finally, it was very lame that the agent’s car remained untouched for such a lengthy period of time.

All in all, this episode wasn’t bad. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with previous recaps of The Man in the High Castle right now.

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