Rufus Sewell Man in the High Castle

The Man in the High Castle Recap EP9

When the episode begins, we see Joe Blake (Luke Kleintank) and Juliana Crain (Alexa Davalos) still in custody. Moments after the episode begins, Juliana is escorted out and taken into a room, where she is introduced to Taishi Okamura (Hiro Kanagawa). She is released thanks to Karen (Camille Sullivan) and Lem Washington (Rick Worthy). However, she vows to return with money for Joe. Next, we skip to John Smith (Rufus Sewell) and witness Thomas (Quinn Lord) stumble down the stairs. John heads to the hospital and speaks with his comrade Eric Raeder (Aaron Blakely). He gives him a note and tells him to get it to the Fuhrer, if anything happens to him.

Rufus Sewell Man in the High Castle

Next, Nobusuke Tagomi (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) gets a visit from Inspector Kido (Joel de la Fuente). Kido asks about the import records and admits he is going to put a halt to Okamura’s heroin imports. Juliana prepares to run home, but is stopped by Ed McCarthy (DJ Qualls) and is taken to his place. There, she speaks with Ed’s father and Frank (Rupert Evans). Juliana asks Frank for the money to help Joe. She needs $50,000 and he only has $46,000. After a brief argument, Frank agrees to go and get Joe. Next, Rudolph Wegener (Carsten Norgaard) gets dressed up in his Nazi garb and meets with the Indian Nazi, Reinhard Heydrich (Ray Proscia). Heydrich admits he knows everything, but is unable to punish Rudolph, because the Fuhrer trusts him.

The Man in the High Castle Reinhard Heydrich

Frank gets his gun, meets up with the Yakuza and manages to secure Joe’s freedom. In the meantime, Juliana and Ed attempt to formulate a plan to escape the city. The film reel is visible on Okamura’s desk. When Frank attempts to make his exit, Joe grabs the gun and opens fire. Okamura is the only one left standing. Frank and Joe make their escape. Inspector Kido immediately receives a call about the situation. He is given an intel file on Joe. Afterwards, Frank returns to Juliana. They are quickly kicked out of the McCarthy home. At the Nazi headquarters, Captain Connolly (Neal Bledsoe) asks about Smith, who hasn’t been seen. Of course, he shows up behind him moments later.

Man in the High Castle Neal Bledsoe

Ed manages to catch up with Frank and Juliana on the streets. He gives them his savings and takes the gun, which he agrees to hide away. Meanwhile, John Smith and Captain Connolly speak on the rooftop. Smith remains suspicious of his follow Nazi and forces him over the ledge to his death. Joe manages to catch up with Frank and Juliana. He passes off the film and agrees to meet them at an abandoned school later. Heydrich catches back up with Rudolph and receives a list of 10 names, which will be exchanged for his own life. He is ordered back to Berlin soon after. Meanwhile, Tagomi receives a visit from a higher up and is told about the discovery in the Science Minister’s possession, which will give them the ability to build their own bomb.

The Man in the High Castle Tagomi

Afterwards, John Smith receives a call from Joe. He tells Joe to stop messing around and kill Juliana, when he next sees her. Inspector Kido meets up with Taishi Okamura and the pair argue a bit, before Okamura admits he knows who the real assassin was. He agrees to hand over the hand, but admits it will come with a steep price tag. Next, Smith returns home to find Heydrich in his house. The awkward scene comes to an end, after Smith is invited to go hunting with Heydrich in the morning. Meanwhile, Tagomi sits around and meditates over Frank’s jewelry. Frank and Juliana arrive at the school and decide to watch the film.

The Man in the High Castle Episode 9

This time, the film is entirely different. It shows the aftermath of a nuclear bomb and several soldiers being taken hostage. Frank happens to be one of the soldiers. He is executed by a Nazi soldier, who happens to be Joe Blake.


The Man in the High Castle Review

The episode was ultimately a letdown and infuriated me to no end. Each of the characters is beyond stupid and this episode exemplified that perfectly. Juliana asking Frank for the money and him agreeing to the arrangement was downright pathetic. The decision to cast Ray Proscia as a Nazi solider wasn’t very wise considering he sounds like an Indian.

Finally, the big film twist was cheesy. I only hope Joe accepts his mission, enters the school and eliminates Frank and Juliana. Of course, that won’t happen. A 5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of The Man in the High Castle right now.

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