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The Man in the High Castle Episode 5 Recap

When the 5th episode begins, we see the aftermath of the Prince’s death. The Crown Princess (Mayumi Yoshida) leaves with the Prince, as he is transported to the hospital. Frank Frink (Rupert Evans) manages to escape the grounds, before the others, including Rudolph Wegener (Carsten Norgaard), get stuck inside. In order to make his escape, Rudolph swallows the bullet. During the chaos, Tagomi (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) finds the necklace dropped by Frank. Frank hides the gun, before returning home and arguing a little more with Ed (DJ Qualls). Frank admits he is innocent, before the Prince is rushed into the hospital.

Man in the High Castle Rudolph Wegener

The Princess and Tagomi enter right behind him. That night, Juliana’s (Alexa Davalos) bus is stopped and everyone is ordered off. After a brief stop, she makes it home to Frank. Juliana reveals Ed told her about the situation, but Frank tells her very little. Tagomi speaks with the Princess and tells her to try and get some rest. She insists she is rested, before Tagomi confirms that they will bring the shooter to justice. Juliana pays a visit to her parents and learns about Frank’s sister and her children. Meanwhile, Joe Blake (Luke Kleintank) returns to New York and visits Obergruppenfuhrer John Smith (Rufus Sewell). Back at home, Juliana coddles Frank and gives her condolences for his family.

Frank and Juliana

Afterwards, Tagomi visits Rudolph and tells him he’ll help him escape from the Pacific States. Rudolph seems uninterested in the offer and remains loyal to his mission of framing the Science Minister and trying to prevent a war. Frank returns to work and is confronted by Ed, who angrily tells Frank that he isn’t responsible for his current situation. Next, Frank speaks with his boss and admits he is no longer working on the jewelry. Inspector Kido (Joel de la Fuente) speaks with Sergeant Yoshida and admits they’re going to have problems, if the shooter isn’t apprehended. He tells Yoshida that he will become his successor, when he performs his Seppuku.

Man in the High Castle Inspector Kido¬†Juliana returns to her dojo and learns that the police had been there looking for her. Her colleagues send her to the police station. While she is grilled by the police, Joe is grilled by John Smith (Rufus Sewell). Despite some hiccups along the way, Juliana and Joe manage to talk their way out of trouble. During the interrogation, Juliana is shown a picture of Randall. She is also told that her life will never be the same. As for Joe, he is invited to John Smith’s house for a celebration. Juliana rushes outside, finds Randall’s address and heads to his house. Once inside, she finds a picture of Randall and Trudy, before she is confronted and grilled by one of Randall’s friends.

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Afterwards, Frank and Ed attend the funeral. They speak with Bill (Darren Dolynski), before the event begins. After an outburst from Frank and the funeral has ended, Frank is introduced to Mark Sampson (Michael Gaston). Sampson tells Frank where he lives and invites him over. Meanwhile, Juliana learns that Trudy and Randall were probably setup. Juliana receives a business card, which Randall mailed out on the day he was arrested. The business card is a visitors pass to the Nippon building, where Juliana will be interviewed for a job. Afterwards, Inspector Kido speaks with Tagomi, who asks when the guests will have their passports returned. Kido is adamant that they will be held, until the identities of the guests have been confirmed.

Joel de la Fuente Man in the High Castle

Next, we see that Rudolph has finally managed to recover the bullet. Tagomi warns him that the detectives are headed his way. They rendezvous and Tagomi provides him with a passport, which will get him out of the Pacific States. On their way out, they see the Science Minister speaking to a man, who knows Rudolph. Despite the potential of getting caught, Rudolph approaches and slips the bullet in the Science Minister’s pocket. He is questioned by his colleague, but leaves without difficulty. Next, Juliana visits the Japanese Authority Building and makes her way inside with the pass.

Man in the High Castle Amy Okuda

Inside, she meets with Christine Tanaka (Amy Okuda), who is also there about a job. Moments later, Juliana is introduced to Mr. Eto (Richard Ching). He seemingly forces her to perform sex acts on him, in order to secure the position. Juliana rushes out of his office and runs into Tagomi in the hallway. The necklace hits the ground and Juliana picks it up. She runs out of the building, as the episode comes to an end.


The Man in the High Castle Review

The 5th episode of The Man in the High Castle wasn’t much of an improvement over the previous. The series continues to be plagued by actions, which are simply too convenient for the writers. Juliana and Joe’s simultaneous interrogations was very cheesy. Also, it was somewhat awkward that the Japanese investigated the dojo, but failed to visit Juliana’s family. If Rudolph was ultimately going to fulfill his mission, what was the point in dragging it out? The Science Minister conveniently being in the hotel lobby was another convenient coincidence, which is too difficult to ignore.

Finally, the episode ended with a clash between Juliana and Tagomi. That was a little too convenient as well. Also, it going to be very lame, if The Marshal drops into the void. Another 6.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with other recaps of The Man in the High Castle right now.

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