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The Loch Series 1 Finale Recap

As the finale begins, the man’s corpse is pulled from the water. Quigley (Siobhan Finneran) and Annie Redford (Laura Fraser) watch from a distance. Quigley tells Annie that Mhari Toner has refused to speak with her. Annie agrees to visit and speak with her. Blake Albrighton (Don Gilet) gets a visit from a journalist. He refuses to speak with her. Annie arrives at the Toner house. She is greeted by Mhari (Simone Lahbib) and graffiti on the family’s home. Mhari remains adamant that her son is innocent of the murders. She also urges Annie to bring her the truth. Annie comforts Mhari after she breaks down in tears. Meanwhile, the medical examiner reads Blake’s blog. The article is titled “Rush to Judgement”.

the loch series finaleQuigley enters and learns about Albrighton’s suspicions that Dessie didn’t act alone. The medical examiner confirms that the heart and brain belong to the man, who was pulled out of the water. Quigley gets a call from Manchester police. She returns to the station and tells the team that the police were able to identify the man in the stolen van. His name is Michael Yuill. Meanwhile, Annie drives along with Evie (Shona McHugh). Evie explains that they were nice to Dessie and therefore, she doesn’t understand his actions. She also admits that Kieran was nearly killed. Evie and Annie visit Kieran (Jack Bannon) at the hospital. Kieran is asked about being at the Toner house on the day of the shooting. Kieran admits it and also confirms that Craig was there as well. Annie calls Blake as she leaves the hospital. At home, Craig (Alastair Mackenzie) is harassed by Kristy (Shereen Martin). She wants to know if he was having an affair with Niall.

the loch finale annie and quigleyThe argument continues, unless Kristy flees. Annie tells Blake about Craig being at the Toner house on the day of the shooting. Blake believes Craig could’ve framed Dessie for the murders. Craig burns the cryptic note in the sink. At the morgue, a picture of Bea Whitehead (Anite Vettesse) is discovered in the dead man’s wallet. At home, Bea cares for Jordan (Oliver Greenall). Kieran returns home with Evie. He shows her his wound. Blake watches the interviews with Craig and Dessie once again. Quigley enters and tries to convince him to pack his belongings and leave. Annie meets Bea on the road. She transports the woman to the station for an interview. Evie and Kieran walk along the beach. Evie explains she wants to take Kieran with her to Australia.

actor jack bannon the lochBlake begins packing his bags. He stops when he hears Kieran’s interview in the background. During the interview with Craig, Kieran admits he likes to mess with Dessie. At the station, Annie learns about Jordan being in the Scots Guards. Jordan was court-martialed for stabbing a fellow soldier. Annie returns to the interview room and asks Bea, if Michael Yuill is the father of her children. Annie also asks her about stopping PC Denny from taking a mouth swab from Jordan. It is also revealed that Michael had a history of violence. Bea confirms he was violent towards her and her older child. She insists Jordan’s illness is completely legit. Quigley wonders if Jordan ever leaves home. Bea admits he does. Right on cue, Jordan wakes up and climbs out of his bed. Blake visits the Whitehead house and lets himself in. He is attacked by Jordan and left in a pool of blood.

jordan the loch episode 6Kieran and Evie make their plans, while Quigley and Annie arrive at the Whitehead house. Quigley cares for Blake, while Annie goes after Jordan. Quigley returns to the station and gets aggressive with Bea. She asks if Bea was sedating Jordan to stop him from doing more damage. Annie tracks down Jordan. Bea explains she was trying to make up for what happened. She explains that the boy was bullied at school and in the army. Jordan admits he is not Jordan, before jumping off of a cliff. She rushes to his side and learns that he is Kieran. Annie tries to get in touch with her daughter to warn her. Blake returns to the investigation against the doctor’s orders. Alan (Gray O’Brien) calls Annie and reminds her that Evie has a tracker on her phone. She tracks it, until Kieran tosses it into the water.

evie and kieran the loch finaleBlake tells Quigley that he was wrong. Craig isn’t the killer. Instead, it is Kieran. Meanwhile, Kieran goes nuts and tries to drown Evie in the water. Annie arrives in time to save her daughter, while leaving Kieran face down to possibly drown. Back at the station, Bea finally tells the truth. Jordan aka Kieran took his brother’s identity. She also admits that Jordan likely killed his father. Then, the team discusses the situation. Annie insists Kieran wanted to stop, but couldn’t. Annie visits Mhari and tells her the truth. The return of Kieran’s father is blamed for triggering the murder spree. As Quigley prepares to leave, she offers Annie a job. Then, she leaves with Blake. Evie prepares for her trip to Australia, while Alan manages to get his tour business back up and running.


The Loch Review

Unfortunately, I never really could get into The Loch. The show had plenty of potential, but the story never lived up to the enormous hype. It was even more disappointing, since it was billed at as Broadchurch replica of sorts. Plus, the casting was actually very good. Laura Fraser and Siobhan Finneran should’ve been a dynamic duo. This relationship here was just awkward and flat most of the time. The finale itself was fairly predictable.

I had a suspicion from early on that Kieran was up to no good. I am sure I am not the only one. It appears that viewership for The Loch dipped lower and lower as the series progressed. I doubt we’ll see a second series and I’d be surprised to see one commissioned. Even the brother switching in the end couldn’t save The Loch. I wanted to like it, but couldn’t force myself to do so.

The finale deserves a 5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of The Loch now!

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