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The Loch Series 1 Episode 4 Recap

As the 4th episode begins, Jonjo’s body is examined at the morgue. Frank (John Sessions) tells DCI Quigley (Siobhan Finneran) that he cannot believe this is going on in his town. The medical examiner explains that the boy was likely hit with a hammer twice. Jonjo’s parents enter and the waterworks begin. Jonjo’s father ridicules Frank for not protecting his son. After the intro, Quigley speaks with her team about the case. She contemplates why the killer would suddenly change his protocols. Frank suggests there might be more than one person involved, but Blake (Don Gilet) doesn’t believe so. He explains that the killer is likely trying to cause chaos. Then, Quigley explains that the handwriting put Craig Petrie (Alastair Mackenzie) at the scene. She asks about the phone records and learns there has been a legal problem with the phone company.

actress siobhan finneran the lochSeconds later, Leighton (William Ash) receives a visit from Oliver Tench (Fraser James). Leighton doesn’t seem happy to see his old friend. Evie (Shona McHugh) stops Annie (Laura Fraser) and wants to know why she doesn’t feel anything. Annie suggests she is in shock. Craig is escorted back to the station for additional questioning. Annie transports her daughter there as well. Evie sits beside Kieran (Jack Bannon). Evie is soon questioned by Quigley and Blake. She admits Petrie was friendly with Jonjo. Meanwhile, Tench tells Leighton that he saw him on television and wanted to connect after 20 years. Leighton admits he is worried that they could go to jail, if caught together. Tench reminds him of their promise to look after one another, once they were released. Tench asks him about the recent murders in town. Leighton swears he had nothing to do with them.

fraser james the loch episode 4Craig is asked about the handwriting. He suggests that the killer might’ve copied it to frame him. Quigley refuses to let Craig leave the station, since he is suspected of killing Niall. Craig reminds her that she can only hold him for 12 hours. Bea Whitehead (Anita Vettesse) prepares to give Jordan (Oliver Greenall) more medication. She finds him outside wandering the streets in a trance-like state. At the station, Blake secures permission to join the search of Craig’s house. He breaks into a locked room and finds a computer. On the computer, he discovers weird interviews with Craig and his students. He copies the videos and other files to a thumb drive. Then, he meets up with Quigley and tells her about the videos. He insists the videos prove that Craig loves playing God. Meanwhile, Oliver makes lunch for himself and Leighton. A visit from Annie interrupts the romance.

actor william ash the lochOliver prepares to attack Annie from behind. However, Leighton’s quick thinking gets her out of his house and to safety. Once Annie is gone, Leighton throws together a plan to get rid of Oliver. Evie gets a message to meet with Kieran. Alan Redford (Gray O’Brien) finds Oliver at the dock. This throws a curveball into Leighton’s escape plans. Oliver returns to Leighton’s home, while Leighton stays with Alan. Craig is interviewed once again. This time, he has a lawyer. He explains that he ran across several people on the day he discovered the body. One of them was Leighton Thomas. When Leighton returns to Oliver, he learns that Tench wants to take out Alan. Leighton gives his old comrade nearly three thousand dollar to leave. Tench heads to the beach, gets drunk and burns the money. He sobs all the while. Evie hangs out with Kieran. Evie is forced to rush along, so she doesn’t get caught by her father.

oliver tench itv lochWhen Evie leaves, Dessie Toner (Conor McCarry) shows up and speaks with Kieran. He explains that he is hunting a wolf for Don McGrellish (George Anton). Dr. Simon Marr (John Heffernan) tries to catch up with Evie. He explains he wants to talk and sort out the problem. She ignores him and runs away. Quigley gets Niall’s phone records. Craig is asked why he called the man so frequently. Craig tries to suggest they were talking about a student. Blake and Quigley do not believe it. Alan finds Oliver on the beach. He speak with the man, but leaves in a hurry when Oliver turns awkward. Annie heads to Baxter’s (Euan Stamper) shop and looks at the ledger. She is surprised to discover that Leighton’s name is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Alan researches robberies in the area. He finds a case involving two young boys, who resemble Oliver and Leighton. Craig explains that Niall was worried about one of his students, but he never said which one.

laura fraser the lochCraig insults Blake and his books. He implies that Blake is somewhat responsible for his little sister’s death. Blake becomes enraged and attacks Craig. Annie runs into Alan. Then, she explains to Quigley that Leighton turned in last year’s ticket stubs. That destroys his alibi. Leighton gets a call from Oliver, who explains he is going to sort out Alan. Blake returns to the motel and watches Craig’s interviews again. Meanwhile, Leighton rushes to stop Oliver from doing something stupid. Annie catches up with Leighton and handcuffs him. Together, they form a plan to save Alan. Alan ignores Annie’s call, before he is attacked by Oliver. A scuffle ensues. Leighton manages to convince Annie to remove the cuffs, so he can help. With Leighton’s help, Annie takes Oliver into custody. She tells Leighton that he saved a life and that will not be forgotten.

alan and annie the lochAnnie rushes to Alan’s side. He apologizes and admits he lied, as he is escorted to the hospital. Craig receives a mysterious letter at home. It tells him to leave money where he used to meet Niall Swift. Annie reviews surveillance footage at the station. She spots the van that contained Jonjo’s body. They get a good picture of the driver’s face. He is unrecognizable. The man in the water is shown, as the episode ends.


The Loch Review

I simply cannot get into The Loch. I love Laura Fraser and I enjoy Siobhan Finneran most of the time. Sadly, The Loch is just disappointing. I’ve lost all enthusiasm for the series and do not care one way or the other. I am really shocked that the writers decided to drag it out more than 3 episodes. It could’ve ended a long time ago and I doubt anyone would’ve cared. I’ll punish myself by finishing the entire season, but I do not see it getting another one.

The episode scores a 5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of The Loch now.

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