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The Loch Episode 3 Recap

At the beginning of the third episode, Jonjo’s parents hold a press conference with the police. The family and Frank (John Sessions) plead with the public for questions into the boy’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Evie (Shona McHugh) speaks with Kieran (Jack Bannon). Evie admits she didn’t tell her mother about the chase the night before. Back at the press conference, Quigley (Siobhan Finneran) tells Blake (Don Gilet) which lab received the newspaper. While Frank tries to blame the boy’s disappearance on his bi-polar, Blake tells the attendees about a potential serial killer. After the event ends, Frank complains about his behavior to Quigley.

frank the loch episode 3Frank tells one of his officers to check out a van, before continuing to belittle Blake behind his back. Annie (Laura Fraser) speaks with Mhari (Simone Lahbib). Mhari explains that the parents are keeping their kids home from school. She intends to do the same with Dessie (Conor McCarry). Annie admits she is sending Evie. Next, Quigley asks Annie to give the team an update on the DNA. Annie reveals that the Crown Office has agreed to voluntary DNA testing for the locals. Next, Alan (Gray O’Brien) watches Annie as she visits Leighton. Annie offers to pay for counseling for Leighton. He isn’t interested. Seconds later, Annie returns to the station. She is joined by Evie and Kieran. Annie and Quigley learns about the event from the night before. It is revealed that there is a camera nearby. It may have caught the suspect’s vehicle.

itv the loch press conference episode 3Afterwards, Quigley sympathizes with Annie. She explains Annie cannot be responsible for everything Evie does, since she is now 18. Next, Annie is given a cellphone that is capable of tracing Jonjo’s, whenever it is turned back on or comes into range. Alan tosses the sonar in the water. Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t watch the screen as it passes by the dead body in the lake. Dr. Simon Marr (John Heffernan) is brought in for questioning. He becomes agitated and leaves in a hurry. Blake heads to the lab and speaks with one of the scientists. He pleads with her to speak about her methods, so he can use it in his book. Quigley calls him seconds later and leaves him a message about Frank’s anger. Annie finds Evie walking down the street. Evie explains Petrie (Alastair Mackenzie) gave her the option of joining the search or attending class.

john heffernan the lochEvie asks what has been done about Marr. She pressures her mother to arrest him as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the locals spread out and start the search. Jason Denny (Murray Fraser) visits Kieran’s house. Bea (Anita Vettesse) lets him in and shows him to Jordan’s (Oliver Greenall) room. At the school, Baxter (Euan Stamper) picks on the other boys at school. Craig eventually spots him and pulls him aside. Baxter admits he isn’t worried about his future, since he is set to take over his daddy’s souvenir shop. Bea and Jason enjoy tea and chat about Jordan. Evie sneaks into the Doctor’s house. She finds pictures on his computer with him and Bethan. Meanwhile, the news stations pile into the city.

shona mchugh actress the lochEvie is nearly trapped in Marr’s house. When he contacts the police, she makes her escape. He notices the pictures opened on his computer and tells the dispatcher that there wasn’t a break in after all. Craig sits down with another student and asks him about Niall. Blake returns to the station. He is escorted out, so Quigley can speak with Frank in private. She tells him she has no intention of removing Blake from the case. Annie visits Don McGrellish (George Anton) and his wife. Quigley argues with Blake and pleads with him not to screw up her job. Evie tells Kieran about the pictures. He doesn’t seem concerned, since Bethan was Marr’s babysitter. Don is asked about the vehicle that chased Evie. He cannot provide a description of the truck. Annie hears movement inside their house and looks around. She finds nothing of interest. Alan confronts Leighton and asks him about Annie’s visit.

laura fraser the loch episode 3Leighton explains she visited about the DNA test. Sarah (Lisa Livingstone) arrives and requests an interview with Alan. Two dirty looking men watch Leighton on television. One of the men, Oliver (Fraser James), seems to recognize him. He refers to him as Dolly. Back at the station, Quigley explains that the writing on the newspaper was likely made with a felt-tip pen. The letters were enhanced and enlarged. The team is now working to match the handwriting with that of a local. The town hall is filled with locals willing to give their handwriting. Baxter confronts Evie and Kieran. He makes a comment about the chase. Annie spots something near Don’s farm. She radios it in, before investigating closer. She finds the trailer, but Jonjo is long gone.

the loch gps trackingWhen she returns to her car, Annie finds that her phone has picked up a signal for Jonjo’s cellphone. The signal is pinging from the town hall. She calls Frank and rushes there. However, her car breaks down during the trip. She gets a ride and arrives after dark. After a brief search, Annie finds Jonjo’s phone under a van. The van’s backdoor is popped open and Jonjo’s body rolls out onto the ground.


The Loch Review

Going into the 3rd episode, I thought it was the finale. I was disappointed to find out that there was yet another episode ahead. I could speculate as to the killer’s identity. However, at this point, I really couldn’t care less. The series has become bogged down with Annie running around the same old places time and time again. Blake, Frank and Quigley feel like they’re stuck in a love triangle. Plus, I cannot believe the series is adding new characters this late into the game.

I can barely keep up with the current characters. The addition of Oliver and his friend is only going to add to the confusion. The scarecrow reminded me of Bellevue and possibly the only good thing I can say about The Loch. It is slightly better than that series. That isn’t much of a compliment sadly. This episode scores a 5 out of 10. Catch up with past recaps of The Loch right now.

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