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The Loch Episode 2 Recap

As the second episode begins, Blake Albrighton (Don Gilet) insists they need to control the narrative to capture the killer. He also explains that they need to better understand the killer. We see Craig (Alastair Mackenzie) toss a cellphone into the lake. After the intro, DCI Lauren Quigley (Siobhan Finneran) tells her to team to speak with Naill’s pupils. She also explains that they need to recover his phone as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Annie (Laura Fraser) prints off her daughter’s ticket to Australia. She does so begrudgingly. Annie rushes outside and catches Evie (Shona McHugh). She gives her the ticket and also apologizes for the earlier fight. Then, Annie turns the conversation to the heart. She asks whether Jonjo or Kieran could’ve put it there without her noticing.

the loch episode 2 craigEvie becomes upset. She is reminded that Quigley told her not to leave the area. Annie heads to work. Quigley begins talking to her about Leighton. During the conversation, it is revealed that Leighton (William Ash) killed two men in the past. Nevertheless, Annie admits she trusts him. At home, Jonjo gets into an argument with his father. Leighton is transported to the station and questioned. Leighton explains that the locals would call him the killer, because he tells everyone the truth about the monster in the water. Annie receives a visit from her friend, who admits she likes Leighton. Annie tells her not to get involved with him, but doesn’t give up any specific details. Leighton grabs a backpack and heads for the water. Blake and Lauren pays a visit to Craig.

laura fraser the loch episode 2Craig is asked about touching the body. He admits he didn’t. He is also questioned about putting something into his jacket. He explains it must have been his phone, since he couldn’t get a signal. Then, Craig is asked about his students and their practical jokes. Leighton ties the backpack, which is stuffed with rocks, around his body and prepares to jump off of his boat. A boat approaches and he changes his mind. Jonjo plays with a bunch of pills. He tosses them out of his window, before spotting a strange car nearby. He spots the medical examiner giving a bag to a man in butcher’s clothing. At the station, the detectives watch a video of a boy, who looks like Jonjo, cutting through a fence an letting the wolf go free.

the loch episode 2 leightonKieran (Jack Bannon) and Evie watch the video filmed by Jonjo. Blake looks through the newspaper. He notices it is missing several pages. Alan Redford (Gray O’Brien) joins Leighton and tries to sell him his new sonar equipment. Leighton tells Alan that he is jealous of him. He explains that Alan has an imaginary monster under the water. As for Leighton, his monster is in his head. Evie takes the video to Quigley. The butcher that took the wolf from the medical examiner is taken into custody and questioned. Frank (John Sessions) and the others search the butcher shop. They find the wolf. Frank tries to talk Quigley out of reporting it. She agrees not to do so, but suggests that Frank will. Annie arrives seconds later. Nicole (Jenny Ryan) enters and complains that someone is trying to get them shutdown.

laura fraser the loch episode 2Annie admits she needs to speak with Jonjo. She also explains that she hasn’t been able to find him anywhere. Evie and her friends get into an argument with another student. Then, Annie arrives and speaks with Evie. Annie pays a visit to Dr. Simon Marr’s place. He speaks with Simon’s daughter and learns about Niall’s visit. Simon (John Heffernan) enters and admits that Niall was there on the day of his death. However, he explains he didn’t think it was a big deal. Once she leaves, Annie finds a dead animal on the road. She is forced to stop and call her husband. Nicole and Ken find the empty pill bottle in Jonjo’s room. Then, Blake arrives and waits with Annie. She agrees to take him to the spot where the body was found, while her husband fixed her vehicle.

don gilet the loch episode 2When they arrive at the scene, Annie finds a stack of rocks that seems out of place. She quickly pulls them apart and finds a bag with bloods and brains inside. The scene is blocked off. Leighton drives by seconds later and speaks with Annie. Blake and Quigley discuss Annie. Quigley suggests Blake only wants to get into her pants. He denies it. Nicole and her husband search frantically for Jonjo. Later, Quigley speaks with Annie and explains that she is up for a superintendent’s spot. Therefore, everything she does is being scrutinized. She agrees to add Annie to the team once again. Jordan Whitehead’s (Oliver Greenall) mother cares for him. He gasps and she adds medication to his IV bag. Evie arrives seconds later. Afterwards, Kieran and Evie steal Annie’s car.

jordan whitehead the loch episode 2At the station, it is confirmed the brain belonged to Nail. It was found in clear polyethylene. DNA could not be extracted from the blood in the bag. Ken and Nicole report Jonjo missing to Frank. Kieran and Evie nearly get run off of the road by a truck. They eventually get away from the truck. However, they’re scared half to death by Mr. McGrellish. Quigley and Blake find a clue on the newspaper. At the end of the episode, we see a man enter a locked container. Jonjo is locked inside. The man enters, shuts the door and the episode ends.


The Loch Review

I was forced to rush this one. If you find errors above, you know why. Plus, I find it difficult to put much effort into recapping The Loch, since it is so bad. The series could be good, but it isn’t in the least. I love Laura Fraser. Sadly, she should’ve stayed away from this one. The series is only three episodes, yet it hasn’t gone anywhere. I just can’t get into it. Some might like it, but I’ve lost all interest at this point. A 5.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with past recaps of The Loch now.

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