The Librarians: And the Rule of Three Review

When the show opens, we’re introduced to Zahir (Joshua Banks), who is preparing to go to school. The boy gets stuck in position, with only a teardrop running down his eye. At the library, a book begins behaving awkwardly, which raises suspicion with Jenkins (John Larroquette). Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth) is thrilled to learn the group is headed to a science fair. Even Baird (Rebecca Romijn) is less excited. When they arrive, they get to hear from Lucinda McCabe (Alicia Witt), who speaks and announces the winners will be awarded with scholarships. Among the exhibits, The Killing’s Bex Taylor-Klaus makes an appearance.
While browsing the exhibits, the group runs into Lucinda. Jake (Christian Kane) tells her they are the librarians, which makes her think they’re the judges of the competition. Eve and Jake watch an exploding volcano, while Cassandra and Ezekiel (John Kim) continue to check out the more high-tech exhibits. The volcano works really well and nearly causes a fire. Afterwards, Lucinda takes the stage and apologizes for the event.
Meanwhile, Eve interrogates Leonard about his explosion and questions him how it did it. Leonard hits on Eve, before admitting he shouldn’t have been there. He explains a bunch of the kids fell ill, which paved the way for him. Next, Cass and Ezekiel believe magic is still at the fair, which sends them on a hunt for the magical exhibit. Jenkins shows up and surprises Ezekiel and Cassandra, before helping them.
Next, Jake and Eve find a romantic gesture from one of the kids to Amy (Bex Taylor-Klaus), before Amy gets upset and runs away. After a conversation with Lucinda, Cass discovers that no one is trying to win. Instead, they’re trying to make everyone else lose. In order to get intel on the magic, Jake speaks with Amy’s ex-boyfriend. As it turns out, everyone seems to be targeting Amy, since she is the front runner. During an interview with Amy and her overwhelming mother, Ezekiel is able to discover magic, within Amy’s phone, which contains a magical application. While investigating the app, the group discovers Amy hasn’t been using her magical app.
Cassandra lures Amy to a private location and questions her about the app. She admits her mother got the app from the Internet, but denies using it. Amy insists the app helped the students get smarter, but she just wanted to be normal Cassandra comforts her. Next, Lucinda encounters Jenkins. When Eve returns to Jenkins, she discovers Lucinda has made her way into the Library, which is bad. Jenkins identifies Lucinda as Morgan le Fay. Jenkins, who Lucinda calls Galeas, insists Morgan brought down Camelot. Morgan is able to make her escape.
While Eve attempts to track down Morgan, Cassandra and Jake try to protect the kids, by using Amy’s exhibition table, which has a pentagon drawn on the bottom of it. Since Cassandra needs five people to pull off the spell, Amy agrees to help them. Eve continues to track down Morgan, while Ezekiel steals cellphones and Jake maps out the pentagram. Eve begins beating Morgan, but it only backfires. She only has time to make one move. Will she kill Morgan or save the kids?
Of course, Eve does the right thing and attempts to save the children. With Amy’s help, the Librarians are able to get everyone into the center of the room and cast the spell, which builds a protective barrier around everyone. Since Amy is disqualified from the competition, the volcano boy, Leonard, wins the science fair!

The Librarians is certainly not a show for everyone. However, it feels like the show continues to get a little better, with each additional episode. Obviously, this was the best episode yet, especially with the guest spot for The Killing’s Bex Taylor-Klaus. Of course, the plot of the episode was fun and easy to connect with. None of the characters were awkwardly annoying, which definitely helped. The science fair ending was terrific, even if it was cheesy!
Surpringly, this was a good episode, which deserves an 7.5 out of 10.

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