The Librarians: And the Loom of Fate Review

When the episode opens, Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn) awakes with blood on her hands. She is woken up by Jake Stone (Christian Kane) calling her name. Ezekiel Jones (John Kim) and Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth) attempt to solve the accent trap of death, while Jake and Eve fight off the mummies. Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle) arrives with some medallions, which turn the mummies to dust. Flynn insists this sarcophagus holds the key, which will help them bring back the Library. After the group returns to the Annex and a little crazy math from Cassandra, Jenkins (John Larroquette) insists their path leads to the void, which is the space between dimensions.

Flynn insists they can bring back the library, if they can open the door to the void, but Jenkins doubts it is possible. The group gathers all of the artifacts that they’ve collected over the past episodes, which they believe will help. The whole thing was a setup, as gas begins to flow out of the Egyptian artifact. Lamia (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and Dulaque (Matt Frewer) enter. Dulaque insists he needs a blood sacrifice, in order to open the door to the Loom of Fate. Therefore, he kills Lamia. Flynn follows him inside and winds up at the River of Time. Dulaque cuts the Loom of Fate, which transports Eve and Flynn to another time period. They’re taken hostage by a Ukraine military man (Mike Pfaff).

The Ukraine soldier insists the area is closed to all civilians, until the border dispute is resolved. He takes Eve hostage, by claiming she is a spy. Jake arrives looking like Indiana Jones and saves the pair. Flynn insists there is no such thing as magic and he seems to think he is a professor. Jake insists he watched Eve die. Jake believes he has been a Librarian for over ten years. Dulaque’s attack definitely threw time out of whack. Jack suggests Eve stopped Dulaque from taking the library, but was stabbed and killed.

The group discover some magical stones, which are capable of transporting them out of the war zone. Jack stays behind, in order to help the others escape. Next, Eve and Flynn arrive in an office building, where they run into Ezekiel, who insists he is the Librarian. Ezekiel suggests they’re in different time periods, which are slightly different. He also suggests Eve died in the past. Ezekiel reveals they didn’t put down the serial killer from the haunted house episode, which allowed her to raise a horde of ghosts. Flynn still seems oblivious to the whole concept of Librarians and Guardians and also brings up the Loom of Fate, which Dulaque cut.

The ghosts enter and begin turning people undead. With help from Flynn and Eve, Ezekiel is able to get rid of the ghosts and turn them back into normal people. The energy causes Flynn and Eve to transport to another timeline, where they discover Lamia and a massive dragon. Flynn and Eve are incapacitated and taken hostage. Lamia insists this isn’t the real Eve, since she watched her die. Cassandra shows up looking like a powerful witch and saves the pair. As it turns out, Lamia is Cassandra’s guardian. Lamia insists she killed Dulaque, after he cut the threads.

Cassandra reveals Dulaque cut the thread, but didn’t reweave it, which means they’re jumping from thread to thread and timeline to timeline. She insists history will continue to unravel, until history is completely undone. Cassandra agrees they can reweave the thread, if they have the right thread. The trio head to the annex, where Eve hunts for Jenkins. Flynn suggests splicing the threads together to allow them to access Eve’s time period, but they’re going to need some help from the Librarians.

Next, Cassandra performs a spell, which allows her to summon all of the librarians. The group ends up in Eve’s world, where they find the ball of thread. Eve and Flynn are able to return to the Loom of Fate. Flynn begins to weave, while Eve prepares for a fight. Dulaque has transformed into Launcelot du Lac (Jerry O’Connell) and insists he picked Camelot, because it was the perfect time period. Eve is stabbed in the chest, which angers Flynn. He attempts to fight Launcelot, but he is unskilled.

Jenkins, or Galahad, arrives and faces off with Launcelot, while Flynn begins to fix the Loom. Flynn is able to fix the Loom, which transforms everything back to normal, but Eve is still injured. Flynn suggests he has an idea, which is to jump. The pair return to the Annex and Flynn insists he must finish the storybook. When he does, the group enters the Library. Flynn gives Eve the magic potion, which cures her wound and brings her back to life.

Next, Flynn gives the crew their graduation gifts, which is a small version of Jenkins’s clippings book. Flynn receives a letter from Charlene, before leaving, while Ezekiel suggests it is time for a break. Jake insists on returning to visit his folks. Cassandra is headed to Peru to tackle a case. As she begins to walk out, Jake and Ezekiel join her. Meanwhile, Eve returns to Jenkins and thanks him, but he can’t seem to remember anything that happened.

After Jenkins departs, Flynn enters and confirms he can only remember pieces of the event. Flynn asks Eve on a date, which is to go fight an evil cult.


Well, the finale is finally over and it was actually pretty clever. It worked well, since it brought all of the previous episodes together and made them worthwhile. It was also fun to experience different timelines, with each cast member working as solo Librarians. The episode was successful in making it feel like Eve was in danger of death. Thankfully, she was saved and the Librarians were able to carry on. The episode deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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