The Librarians: And The Horns of a Dilemma Review

In the newest episode of The Librarians, the team goes on a solo mission, when Eve Baird is separated from the rest and forced to escape a mysterious Labyrinth.

When the show opens, a man runs through a hallway, before running into two cloaked figures, The man is pulled away, before the individuals de-robe themselves. Next, the Librarians enjoy a training session, but Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn) is too much for the others. When the group returns to the library, Jenkins (John Larroquette) tells them they have received a new page, or task. Jenkins reveals he studies and experiments on the artifacts. Eve suggests her teammates aren’t prepared.

Cassandra (Lindy Booth), Jake (Christian Kane) and Ezekiel (John Kim) discover a string of missing people. Eve questions if the team is prepared to risk their lives for Henry Birch. After the team agrees, Eva suggests they begin research the missing and their backgrounds. When the show returns, it is revealed that the missing disappeared in Boston. Using some hocus pokus magic, Jenkins sends the team to Boston.

Next, Eve makes contact with the company’s head, who tells her eight employees have gone missing. She offers Eve to speak with human resources. On their way to HR, Eve insists they know something about the situation. She suggests accessing intel from the server room. The group appears to have been transported to a strange area. Jake, Cass and Ezekiel run away, after opening a door to a room full of skulls and bones.

When the show returns, Eve is stuck inside of a room full of art and artifacts. She sends the pictures to Jake, who links the artifacts to Greek Mythology and The Minotaur. While Eve makes contact with Jenkins, Jake, Ezekiel and Cassandra begin to explore The Minotaur’s Labyrinth. Eve and Jenkins discuss ways to get the group of the maze. Next, Ezekiel (John Kim) suggests the Minotaur (Ira Kortum) was killed in the myth and wouldn’t be in the maze. Of course, they begin to hear growls coming from the Labyrinth.

Jake and Ezekiel agree to follow Cassandra (Lindy Booth). As they explore the maze, they hear Eve firing gunshots. When they get close to the shots, they see Eve and The Minotaur. Eva slides under the monster and shoots it several times. The group makes their escape thanks to Jenkins and his magical doors.

Back at the business, they mention that the intruders will likely not return. Back at the library, the group formulate a plan to get past the Minotaur and remove the thread to bring everything crumbling down. Eve suggests she cannot kill the Minotaur, but Jenkins insists she was not chosen to kill. Next, they agree they cannot save Henry and will instead give him justice. Using Ezekiel’s thieving skills and a lucky break, the group have a plan and wind back in the labyrinth, which the Minotaur in the real world. Eve contacts Jenkins, who tells her the Labyrinth isn’t a place but a lingering effect.

The Minotaur shows up and throws Eve and then Jake across the street, before the group runs away. Eve gives the Librarians orders that they cannot follow, since they’re not soldiers. Instead, they use their minds to work through their problems. They come up with the plan to go deeper in to gain access to the executive keycard, which will allow them to navigate the maze, without getting lost. Cassandra explains the concept of the labyrinth to the team, while Jake discovers the maze revolves around the number 7.

The group splits up. Eve and Jake distract the Minotaur, while Cassandra and Ezekiel head into the annex. Eve insists they’re not going to make it and attacks the monster, which gives Jake time to run away. Inside, Cassandra falls apart and requires Ezekiel’s support to push her forward. Jake steals a truck and runs into the monster, while Ezekiel attempts to break into the case, which contains the thread, but is stopped by the company CEO (Tricia Helfer).

When the show returns, Ezekiel and Cassandra are confronted by the CEO, who has a gun. When the CEO attempts to fire, Cass jumps on her from behind, which gives Ezekiel time to break into the case. Of course, it is shot first, which allows Ezekiel to escape with the thread. He unwinds the ball of thread, which causes the Labyrinth to explode into a vacuum. All Librarians escape with the ball of thread. Cass suggests sending Willis to prison, but the Minotaur is now after her.


The latest episode of The Librarians was definitely a step in the right direction, however small. It seems like things slowed down drastically and that helped. The dialogue was less cheesy and overly zany. However, it still seemed a little too wacky. On the other hand, many of the effects were bad and noticeably fake. Still, this was a better episode than the other two and deserves a 6.5 out of 10.

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