The Librarians: And the Heart of Darkness Review

In the latest episode of TNT’s The Librarians, the group discovers a crazy haunted house, which they must destroy. When the show opens, we witness a girl, Katie (Lea Zawada) bleeding and running through the woods. She runs in front of a vehicle, who happens to contain the Librarians. Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn) questions her, before Jake Stone (Christian Kane) steps in and calms the girl down. Katie tells them that her three friends are trapped inside of a nearby house. With help from Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth) and Ezekiel Jones (John Kim) the group is able to track down the haunted house, where the girl came from.

Eve calls Jenkins (John Larroquette) and questions him about the house. He explains there are magical houses, which are capable of traveling throughout the world. Eve, Jake and Ezekiel head into the house, while Cassandra, despite arguing, is forced to stay behind with Katie. Jake discovers that the house appears to be from 19th century America. When they enter, they witness all kinds of strange noises. They also see a ghostly figure.

The trio return to Cassandra and Katie, who runs inside of the home. The trio head up the stairs, where Eve suggests clearing the rooms. Jake agrees, but Ezekiel wants to get out. They begin to clear the rooms. Within one of the rooms, Ezekiel discovers a massive collection of shoes. Eve finds a picture, which displays the haunted house. Next, Eve sees a shadowy figure on the wall, which appears to be carrying a hammer. Katie runs off, after she learns that Eve saw her friends.

Eve calls Jenkins, who tells her that the house moves on, after it takes victims. He reveals she needs to look for the dark heart, which they need to destroy, before midnight. Cass has gotten Katie to talk. She tells them about a shadow man, which they saw within the house. Next, Jake begins to experience some weird things inside of the house. He tries to grab his hatchet from the floor, but it disappears. He returns to Eve and informs her that Ezekiel is missing.

Eve suggests that Cassandra take Katie and leave, since her skills aren’t helpful in this type of situation, which upsets Cassandra, but she agrees. Katie attempts to comfort Cass, who is on the verge of crying. The pair attempt to leave, but they’re confronted by the Hammer Man (Kendall Wells), who smashes the windshield of their vehicle. Back inside of the house, Jake discovers a small miniature version of the haunted house. Eve discovers Cass trying to keep the Hammer Man out of the house. Cassandra exclaims that they’ve found the dark heart.

Eve is unable to locate Stone, but finds the small house, with Jake and Ezekiel inside. Next, Eve begins to fight with the Hammer Man, while Cassandra and Katie escape. Cass stops outside and insists she needs to help her friend, but Katie needs to leave, since the house wants her. Katie begins to act increibly strange, as Cassandra puts the pieces together and figures out that Katie is a killer.

When the show returns, Cassandra returns to the house and tries to find Eve, but only finds her gun. Next, Katie enters and begins talking about the house. It turns out that the magic house is helping her kill people. Cassandra and Katie begin to fight over a knife. Katie is stabbed in the stomach, but she continues fighting. She slices Cassandra’s arm, before Katie tries to move in for the kill. The house gives Cassandra an axe, which he uses to take down Katie and make her disintegrate.

Now, the House’s spirit has returned to happy and cheerful. It wishes them well, before Cassandra drives the Librarians away.


This was definitely a much dark episode of The Librarians and actually brought a little bit of emotions, especially for Cassandra, who lacked confidence. However, she was eventually manages to overcome her flaws and save the team, which became trapped in the house. The dark, serial killer angle was definitely refreshing and made for a good episode, which deserves a 7 out of 10.

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