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The Last Post Episode 5 Recap

As the 5th episode begins, Alison (Jessica Raine) forces Israel (Kevin Sutton) to take her to the hospital. Honor (Jessie Buckley) is left alone at home, while Joe (Jeremy Neumark Jones) sits at the hospital with Alison. Joe reminds Alison that Ed is a hero. After the intro, the surgeons work on Ed. Harry (Ben Miles) speaks with Mary (Amanda Drew) at home. Paul Stoneham (Louis Greatorex) and Tony Armstrong (Tom Glynn-Carney) fix one of their jeeps. Paul asks Tony about his relationship with Yusra. He explains that Paul wouldn’t understand. Honor interrupts and learns the reason for the new jeep armor. He asks why the NLF would do this to them, before departing. Harvey (Richard Dillane) visits Harry and Mary. He tells them about a film that was delivered by the NFL. They watch it twice at Mary’s request. It taunts the family and suggests the impending execution of George.

jessica raine the last postMary notices George’s hair and explains that Yusra (Ouidad Elma) is taking care of him. Seconds later, we see Yusra with the boy. Yusra’s brother, Malik, is returned home. Harry learns from Harvey that the NLF is willing to trade George for Kadir (Aymen Hamdouchi). They agree that the rules suggest that they do not negotiate with the terrorists. Harry returns inside and tells Mary about the deal. She suggests that they should do the swap and save George. She explains that they would, if the child was a member of the royal family. Alison is allowed to see Ed (Stephen Campbell Moore). Harry tells Alex Baxter (Chris Reilly) that the NLF will soon be ending his son’s life. Baxter promises to do everything they can to prevent that from happening. Paul visits Mary and tells her how good George was.

the last post harryBaxter speaks with Joe. He explains that Harry isn’t himself. He suggests that they need another leader for the time being. Joe visits his wife and explains he doesn’t know if he can do this. He gets a hug and support from Honor. Alison causes a scene at the hospital, when she refuses to leave. She fights with the nurse and doctor, before Honor enters. Joe visits Harry and is told to pick up someone important from the airport. Mary pleads with Harry to speak out on George’s behalf. Joe arrives at the airport and picks up the important individual. He transports him to the Gordon Hotel. George experiences an asthma attack. He doesn’t have his inhaler. Yusra gets permission to visit the local pharmacy. Honor visits the hotel and speaks with Martha (Essie Davis). Martha promises that Joe has never done anything with her. Honor wonders whether she is lying.

honor martin the last postWhen Honor leaves, she runs into Harvey. He tells her that Martha is bad news. Honor pretends she was at the motel for other reasons. Yusra heads into the pharmacy. She gets an inhaler and manages to send a message to Tony. Tony rushes to the pharmacy and obtains the message. Back at the base, Harry tells Joe that he will be transporting Kadir out of the base. Harry speaks with Harvey and tries to convince him to trade Kadir for George. Harvey refuses. Joe and Tony stopped and discuss the note. They decide to disobey orders and trade Kadir for George. Tony approaches the NLF base and shows them Kadir’s glasses. He negotiates for George and Yusra’s release. They eventually come to an agreement. Kadir insists it will not make a difference.

joe and baxter the last postGeorge and Yusra leave with Joe and George. Kadir returns to his men. George is returned to his parents. Ed and Alison enjoy the view near the beach. They group celebrates the good news on New Years. Ed tells Alison that he would be happy pretending the child is his, as long as nobody knows. Tony pleads with Harry to protect Yusra and her family. Harry doesn’t seem willing to help. Joe is taken into custody as the episode comes to an end.


The Last Post Review

I enjoyed this episode, but I am getting a little annoyed with the Alison character. She wasn’t likeable to begin with, but she is getting overly obnoxious at this point. Nevertheless, the episode was mostly good. Tony and Joe decided to take it upon themselves to save Yusra and George. In doing so, they made themselves villains and heroes. I just wonder what Kadir was talking about. He stated that it didn’t matter. Does the NLF have something up their sleeves?

I enjoyed the episode and can’t wait to see how things play out. The 5th episode scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of The Last Post now!

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