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The Last Post Episode 3 Recap

As the third episode gets underway, Tony Armstrong (Tom Glynn-Carney) delivers a Christmas turkey to Honor Martin (Jessie Buckley). As Tony leaves, he runs into Yusra (Ouidad Elma). They speak briefly about reindeers. Joe (Jeremy Neumark Jones) chats with George (Toby Woolf) about Father Christmas. Once George leaves, Harry (Ben Miles) tells Joe that they’ve captured Kadir Hakim (Aymen Hamdouchi). Harry admits that the military is worried about Martha Franklin (Essie Davis) and her pictures. Joe makes an excuse to leave Honor at home. Paul Stoneham (Louis Greatorex) gets dressed up and meets with Martha. Before he can settle in, he is given an item and told to leave through the back. Joe enters and sits with Martha.

jessie buckley the last postJoe tries to convince Martha to give him the film. When she gets up to leave for a second, Joe looks in her purse. He is surrounded by locals and called a thief. Martha manages to calm everyone down. She promises to give Joe the film, as long as he meets her the following day. Ed (Stephen Campbell Moore) returns home and finds Alison (Jessica Raine) preparing wine. They chat about the past and Alison’s pain. They share a drink together, while chatting about Nick. During their conversation, Ed learns about Joe wanting Honor to stay away from Alison. Ed visits her right away. He invites Honor down for a drink. Joe returns to the base and speaks with Stoneham. He tells Paul that the journalist is just using him. Paul reluctantly gives up the film. Joe doesn’t destroy it though. He sticks it in his pocket.

joe martin the last postYusra sits with George. George asks if he can visit her house sometime. She admits that it probably wouldn’t be possible. She agrees to take the teddy bear instead. Harry and Joe find Honor and the gang drinking and having a good time. At Ed’s request, Alison takes Honor upstairs. Honor overhears Joe and Harry chatting about the reporter. She becomes a little jealous. Alison and Honor speak about Honor’s marriage. She admits they haven’t done much talking. Alison and Honor check on George. Alison tells George that Father Christmas isn’t real. Honor quickly suggests otherwise. Harry speaks with Israel Orchover (Kevin Sutton) about Christmas. Israel admits he is Jewish. Israel explains that he will be preparing for a full kit inspection on Christmas. Harry learns that Page usually performed the inspection. He agrees to do it this year.

paul stoneham the last postHarry finds Mary (Amanda Drew) in good spirits. They return home together. Honor and Alison sing on the rooftop. Honor agrees to teach Alison how to sing. Alison agrees to teach Honor how to smoke. Joe hides the film in his bag. Then, he gets romantic with Honor. Harry and Mary wrap their presents. George enters and tells his father what Alison said. Harry leaves and enlists Baxter’s (Chris Reilly) help in convincing George that Father Christmas is real. Ed speaks with an informant. They’re spotted by a local man and manage to corner him. However, Ed doesn’t kill the man. In the morning, everyone gets together for songs. Tony speaks with Yusra. She explains that she was wrong and cannot do this. She gives Tony a note and pleads with him to read it the following day. The group returns home for dinner. Alison and Harry begin chatting about religion and church.

stephen campbell moore the last postThe conversation quickly spirals out of control. Then, the family plays Simon Says. Next, Honor and Joe agree to take George to the BP club. Honor encounters Harvey Tilbrook (Richard Dillane) and learns that they’re screening The Third Man. Honor and George decide to get ice cream. Harvey asks George about the journalist and their future plans. Harry gets a call and is forced to leave home. Joe speaks with Ed about Alison. He suggests that she is embarrassing herself and her husband. Ed doesn’t seem to think so. George interrupts and requests to go for a swim now. Honor congratulates Ed on the pregnancy, which he knew nothing about. Harry meets with Baxter and informs him that his father has passed away. Baxter insists it is time to get ready. While Joe and George head to the locker room, Tony spots Yusra. She tells him to leave her alone, before rushing off. She runs into Joe and George seconds later. Yusra agrees to take George to the beach. Tony watches as Joe hops in a taxi and drives away alone.

alex baxter the last postYusra goes into the women’s room and George goes into the men’s. George spots Baxter dressed like Santa crying. He turns around and leaves. Joe heads to the motel and speaks with Martha. Harry speaks with Honor and reveals that George cannot swim. They spread out and begin searching for him right away. Alison gets Honor a few drinks. Martha gets a call and leaves Joe alone. Joe returns home and learns that George is missing. He explains that George was left with Yusra. They immediately believe that the boy has been kidnapped. Harry returns home and tells Mary. Martha meets with the soldiers at the base. She tells Joe that she received an anonymous call and found a parcel on her motel bed. It contains George’s jersey. He shows Mary seconds later and explains that they’ve taken him.

harry the last post episode 3Harry leaves and prepares to search for his son. Baxter stops him. Baxter explains that he is not going home. He tells Harry to stay with Israel. Harry agrees, before Baxter and the others go on the hunt for George. Harry visits Israel and inspects his kit. He admits that George wants to be a Royal Military Policeman. Israel insists he will.


The Last Post Review

The 3rd episode of The Last Post wasn’t as good as the second, but it was still good in its own right. The Martha Franklin character is a tad bit annoying. Ed’s activities with the informant are a little difficult to follow. Other than that, I have few complaints. The series has a good combination of drama and humor. I have a suspicion that Yusra may be innocent once all is said and done. Or perhaps I am just being hopeful?

This episode forced the wives to face the reality of the war. Until this point, they were somewhat naïve. Will the men find George? I am looking forward to seeing how things work out. The episode scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of The Last Post now!

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