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The Last Post Episode 1 Recap

As the episode begins, we are taken to Aden, South Arabia. The year is 1965. Joe Martin (Jeremy Neumark Jones) and his wife, Honor (Jessie Buckley), arrive in town. They begin waiting for their driver. Next, we’re introduced to Tony Armstrong (Tom Glynn-Carney). Tony speaks with Yusra (Ouidad Elma) briefly. Then, Captain Nick Page (Joseph Kennedy) hangs out with his allies. We learn that Page will be returning home shortly. Ed Laithwaite (Stephen Campbell Moore) inspects his firearm. He leaves after a quick goodbye to his wife, Alison (Jessica Raine). Alex Baxter (Chris Reilly) makes a comment about Ed as he passes by. Alison heads to the rooftop and hangs up her bra. This sends a signal to Nick. He visits Alison a short time later.

joe and hope the last postThey chat briefly. Then, their conversation turns sexual. During this time, we see local Arabic men receiving guns and ammunition. Joe and Hope wonder whether or not their driver is coming. Baxter reminds Armstrong that the new guy’s driver is late. He takes off and rushes towards the airport. Mary (Andrew Drew) and George Markham (Toby Woolf) take a Christmas tree to Alison. They also see Page leaving Alison’s house. Mary admits that everyone believes Ed should have gotten the promotion. Ed speaks with Harry Markham (Ben Miles). He is told that he should not be bitter or he will be passed up for the next promotion too. Then, they watch the interrogators leave.

ed laithwaite the last postEd visits the informant (Kal Naga). He unmasks him and lowers him to the ground. Harry enters and puts a stop to Ed’s kindness. Harry returns the hood. Meanwhile, the local Arabic men attack and kill a possible traitor. Armstrong drivers by, but the man’s body is already hid. Finally, Armstrong arrives at the airfield. Joe tries to be strict with Armstrong, but Hope finds it humorous. George says a dirty word. Mary learns that George heard Alison say it. Mary tells Harry that she doesn’t want to sew the number 8 on George’s shirt for Christmas. She believes that number will be too hard. Joe and Honor are transported to the barracks. Armstrong admits that they trusted Page with their lives.

joe and armstrong the last postEd returns home briefly. He quickly finds out that Page has visited. Then, Ed inspects the fence around the perimeter. That night, Paul Stoneham (Louis Greatorex) is put in charge of watching George. Alison heads upstairs and passes out in Joe’s new bed. Joe and Honor find her sprawled out there moments later. Ed tries to convince the others to double the guard, but they refuse to listen. Ed visits the informant again. He gives him water and nearly gets the man to speak. However, Harry interrupts and ruins his chances. Alison finally gets out of Page’s bed. She tells Joe about the going away party for Page. Stoneham speaks with George and tries to convince him to change the number from 8 to 7 or 11. Meanwhile, the Arabic men take to the mountainside with weapons. George agrees to get his haircut on the rooftop.

the informant the last postHonor is introduced to the other women. Page’s party begins. Joe enters and speaks with Ed briefly. One of the Arabic men takes a shoot at George. It goes through the boy’s hat, but nobody is hit. Armstrong tries to learn the local language. Joe tells Honor that he doesn’t believe hanging out with Alison would be a good idea. Israel Orchover (Kevin Sutton) tells Joe that he needs to win over is Orchover. Page tells him all about the man moments later. Page gets his belongings and prepares to leave. George tells his father that he was shot last night. George doesn’t understand. Honor visits Alison. Alison rushes to the rooftop to watch Armstrong drive Page away. Page manages to get control over the vehicle and he plays a joke on Armstrong.

tony armstrong and page the last postTony watches as the jeep is blown to pieces. He manages to escape, but his knee is injured. He hides out in a nearby shack. Meanwhile, Stoneham and the others learn about the incident. A young girl finds Tony. She eventually returns with Yusra. Joe and the others investigate the crime scene. Page’s body is loaded into a vehicle and driven away. Joe makes sure they drive away very, very slowly. Yusra patches up Tony’s leg. Ed snaps and attacks the informant. He admits to Joe that the informant knew and he knew as well. Joe heads outside and spots Tony in the distance. He is wounded, but he will survive. The episode ends with Joe helping Tony walk inside.


The Last Post Review

The Last Post started off a little slow. With so many characters, it was also very difficult to get acquainted with everyone. Nevertheless, it does seem like the show has plenty of potential. There is a lot going on. The main characters are very interesting in their own way. It is too early to say how things will turn out, but The Last Post could wind up being pretty good.

The opener was pretty good, but not great. It scores a 6.5 out of 10.

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